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    Friday 5 July 2013

    Britten Theatre | Royal College of Music | London

  • 3From the Director

    On behalf of the Council, staff and students of the Royal College of Music, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2013 Graduation Ceremony. For those of you here to receive awards or to support friends or members of your family, I hope that this will be an occasion that you will remember with pleasure and pride.

    I believe that each RCM graduate has a particular responsibility to be an advocate for music. Wherever your career takes you, I want you to be inspired by what you have learned and experienced here. The power of music has long been understood. As Plato recognised more than 2500 years ago: Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. Music does indeed change the way we see the world and influence how we behave. For musicians, therefore, though the responsibility is great, the possibilities are thrilling, and the rewards infinite.

    Those graduating today join generations of gifted students who have forged their creative careers at the RCM. This list includes some of the most distinguished figures in British music history: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Sir Colin Davis, John Wilson, Sir Thomas Allen, Sarah Connolly, Sir James Galway, Julian Lloyd Webber, Sophie Bevan, Jonathan Lemalu, Elizabeth Watts and Alina Ibragimova.

    Our students are members of the College and this membership does not cease at graduation. Please keep in touch and remember to mention the RCM in your biographies. We will look back with pleasure on the ways in which you have contributed to the life of the College during your student days here: we hope that you will want to do the same.

    Professor Colin Lawson Director

  • 4Royal College of Music

    PatronHer Majesty The Queen

    PresidentHis Royal Highness The Prince of Wales KG KT GCB OM AK QSO PC

    Vice-PresidentsThe Most Revd and Rt Hon The Lord Archbishop of CanterburyThe Most Revd and Rt Hon The Lord Archbishop of YorkThe Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of LondonSir Anthony Cleaver FRCMMr Michael Gough Matthews HonDMus, FRCM Lady Middleton FRCM Mr Humphrey Norrington OBE FRCMDame Janet Ritterman DBEMr Ian Stoutzker CBE FRCMSir David Willcocks CBE MC FRCM

  • 5CouncilProfessor Lord Winston (Chairman)Mrs Jane Barker (Deputy Chairman)Mr Nicholas Ward (Honorary Treasurer)Lord Black of BrentwoodThe Hon Richard LytteltonMr Andrew HaighMr Julian MetherellMs Gillian Moore MBE FRCMMr John NicksonMr Richard PriceMrs Victoria SharpMs Alethea SiowMr Rhoderick VorembergMr Robert WigleyMr Nigel Woolner

    DirectorProfessor Colin Lawson FRCM

    Elected membersMr Ashley Solomon HonRCM (elected by professors)Professor Vanessa Latarche FRCM (elected by professors)Miss Ann Somerville (elected by administrative staff) Mr Pablo Ortiz De Urbina (President, RCM Students Association)

    Clerk to the CouncilMr Kevin Porter HonRCM

  • 6Order of Ceremony

    12.30pm Registration for Graduands commences in the Britten Theatre Foyer

    2.00pm Graduands and guests are invited to take their seats in the Britten Theatre

    2.30pm The audience is requested to stand for the entry of the academic procession

    The Chairman opens the proceedings

    The Director addresses the assembly

    The Director confers degrees and diplomas The Chairman presents special prizes

    The Chairman addresses the assembly

    The President of the Students Association offers a vote of thanks

    The Chairman concludes the ceremony

    Graduates and guests should remain seated until the academic procession has left the theatre.

    A reception will follow in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall for all graduates and guests. Tickets are required.

  • 7Platform Party

    ChairmanProfessor Lord Winston

    DirectorProfessor Colin Lawson

    Deputy DirectorMr Kevin Porter

    Director of Programmes & ResearchProfessor Amanda Glauert

    Head of Academic Development & Undergraduate ProgrammesDr Elisabeth Cook

    President of the Students AssociationMr Pablo Ortiz De Urbina

    Processional MusicDukas Fanfare pour prcder La Pri Joseph Horovitz Graduation Fanfare no 2 (world premiere)

    Directed by Nigel BlackRCM Brass students

  • 8Graduands

    Undergraduate Programmes

    Certificate of Higher Education

    Emma Huelskamp Scholar

    Karin Nordstrom

    Erik Vardanyan

    Bachelor of Music with Honours

    James Alexander Foundation Scholar

    Alrick Archambault

    Lucy Ashton

    Benjamin Baker Scholar

    Victoria-Alina Balan

    Thomas Barton

    Gregory John Batsleer

    Stephanie Bissell Scholar

    Arthur Boutillier

    Rosemary Braddy

    Karoline Brevik

    Genevieve Brothwood

    Lindsay Bryden Scholar

    Ellen Bundy

    Matthew Buswell Scholar

    Rory Cartmell Foundation Scholar

    Rebecca Cass Scholar

    Alexander Cattell

    Elaine Chen

    Tak Man Chow

    Steffan Ciccotti

    Maia Collette

    Daniel Day Scholar

    Edward John Dean

    William Aaron Edwards

    Thomas William Ellis

    Merce Escanellas

    Samuel Espinosa

    Julian Fish

    Michael Foyle Scholar

    Pierre Frapier Foundation Scholar

    Algirdas Galdikas

    Nadine Galea

    John James Garner

    Mark Stuart Gibbs

    Arne Gieshoff Scholar

    Laura Gilroy

    Pedro Gomes

    Ricky Gore Foundation Scholar

    Mikaela Elisabeth Gronberg

    Anna Growns

    Grace Harvey

    Lifei Huang Scholar

    Sophie Katherine Hunt

    Channarong Jantararat

    Ariana Kashefi Scholar

    James Kenny

    Pavel Kolesnikov Scholar

    Gen Li Scholar

  • 9Lin Lin

    Valarie Xiao Chun Liow

    Cynthia Lomri

    Magdalena Loth-Hill

    Susanna MacRae

    Hannah Rebecca Masson-Smyth

    Miguel Mateus

    Ramina Mukusheva

    Toby Nelms Scholar

    Jude Obermuller

    Akerke Ospan

    Eunsley Park Foundation Scholar

    Sujin Park Scholar

    Oliver Patrick Scholar

    Florence Petit

    James Pillai Scholar

    Oliver Robert Poole Foundation Scholar

    Kesari Pundarika

    John Roberts Scholar

    George Ross Foundation Scholar

    Toby Street Scholar

    Aisha Syed Scholar

    Mei Hui Tan Scholar

    Louisa Miriam Tatlow

    Samson Tsoy Scholar

    Luke Tucker Scholar

    Sabina Ioana Virtosu

    Elin Maud White

    Bronwen Mary Veronica Wilkins

    Amy Williamson

    Hailey April Willington

    Laura Wright

    Sze Chun Young

    Bachelor of Music with Honours Taught and assessed jointly by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal College of Music, in Singapore and London

    Chang Tat Fai Edmund

    Chew Jun Ru

    Dong Zilu

    Shahrizan Bin Isnain

    Kartik Alan S/O Jairamin

    Samuel King Chew Leong

    Lee Ching Julia

    Lee Yu Qing

    Li Ti

    Liew Jie Ying

    Low Wei Yang

    Pan Shixuan

    Qu Xintong

    Sng Yiang Shan

    Christoven Gerard Tan Choon Keat

    Toh Kai Siang Eugene

    Kseniia Vokhmianina

    Wong Wing Kwan

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and Musical Performance Taught and assessed jointly with Imperial College London

    Lorenzo Bassano

    Ryota Ichinose

    Matthew Kibble

  • 10

    Postgraduate Programmes in Performance

    Postgraduate Diploma in Performance

    Oliver Herbert Browne

    Wing Shan Francesca Chan

    Marc Charles Montesinos

    Helen Clinton Scholar

    Feargus Egan

    Ruairi Glasheen

    Hannah Grayson Scholar

    Rosemary Patricia Lowen

    Dora Maria

    Mika Sawai Scholar

    Judith Carol Spencer

    Master of Performance

    Diego Acena Moreno Scholar

    Andrea Amat Scholar

    Jonathan Bayley

    Sanja Bizjak Scholar

    Andras Daniel Bolgar Scholar

    Wei-Ying Cao

    Margarida Castro Scholar

    Wanting Chen

    Eun Cho Scholar

    Brigid Coleridge Scholar

    Marcio Da Silva Scholar

    Zachary Deak

    Clio Erte Scholar

    Benjamin Exell Scholar

    Vittorio Ferrari Scholar

    Anna Ruth Fitzjohn

    Diana Galakhova Scholar

    Javier Garcia Aranda

    Lydia Griffiths Scholar

    Douglas Alexander Harrison Scholar

    Steven Hickey Scholar

    Alasdair Hill

    Jun Ishimura Scholar

    Yuki Ito Scholar

    Thanihan Jeyapalan

    Sarah Joyce Scholar

    Hiroyuki Kawamoto

    So Yeong Kim

    Sam Kinrade

    Yeil Ko

    Aiko Kojima

    Alexander Leese

    Mary-Jannet Nancy Christina Leith Scholar

    Wing Man Leung

    Miriam Levenson

    Ching-Hang Camilla Li Scholar

    Joana Ly

    Jens Lynen

  • 11

    Jennifer Margaret MacCallum

    Joan Martinez

    Ilya Maximov Scholar

    Patrick Anthony McEntee

    Marta Menezes

    Clara Sophia Murnig

    Adelia Myslov Scholar

    Eunji Nam

    Colette Overdijk

    Lidia Palomo

    Oscar Perks Scholar

    Olga Popova

    Poom Prommachart Scholar

    David William Scott

    Bethan Mair Semmens Scholar

    Oxana Shevchenko Scholar

    Pak Hong Sit

    Adrian Somogyi Scholar

    Victoria Stephenson

    Stefan Stroissnig Scholar

    Katherine Sullivan

    Yena Jenna Sung

    Ka-Lok Tam

    Ian Matthew Tindale Scholar

    Carrie Ka Wai To

    Julian Toha

    Amy Tress Scholar

    Lucie Marie Clementine Troger

    Mark Viner

    Christopher Weston

    Mayuko Yamashita

    Master of Music in Performance

    Wai Man Au

    Morgan Buckley

    Aidan Chamberlain

    Katherine Hart

    Kirby Haugland

    Kaya Kuwabara

    Kit Chi Lau Scholar

    Thao Le Thanh

    Richard Moore

    Melissa Parmar

    Aditya Permana


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