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2. What is the difference betweenGlobal Warming and theGreenhouse Effect?Global warming refers to a rise in thetemperature of the surface of the earth An increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases leads to an increase in the magnitude of thegreenhouse effect. (Called enhancedgreenhouse effect) 3. The Greenhouse Effect is aGOOD THING!GREENHOUSE GASES REGULATE OUR CLIMATE BY TRAPPING HEAT AND HOLDING IT IN A KIND OFWARM-AIR BLANKET THAT SURROUNDS THE PLANET. WITHOUT IT, OUR AVERAGETEMPERATURE WOULD BE COLDER BY 54 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TO COLD TO SUSTAIN OUR CURRENT ECOSYSTEM! 4. The Enhanced GreenhouseEffect THE PROBLEM WITH THEGREENHOUSE EFFECT IS WHEN HUMAN ACTIVITIES DISTORT ANDACCELERATE THE NATURAL PROCESS BY CREATING MORE GREENHOUSEGASES IN THE ATMOSPHERE 5. Greenhouse Gases CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) Source: Fossil fuel burning, deforestationh Anthropogenic increase: 30%h Average atmospheric residence time: 500years hMETHANE (CH4) Source: Rice cultivation, cattle & sheepranching, decay from landfills, miningh Anthropogenic increase: 145%h Average atmospheric residence time: 7-10years 6. Greenhouse Gasesh NITROUS OXIDE (N2O) Source: Industry and agriculture (fertilizers)h Anthropogenic increase: 15%h Average atmospheric residence time: 140-190 yearsWATER VAPOR (H2O) THE MOST IMPORTANT GREENHOUSE GAS!!SOURCES: EVAPORATION ANTHROPOGENIC INCREASE: 35 % 7. More greenhouse gases meansmore heat trapped which increasesthe Earths temperatureBURNING NATURAL GAS, COAL, OIL RAISES THE LEVEL OF CO2 INTHE ATMOSPHERESOME FARMING PRACTICES AND LAND-USE CHANGES INCREASES THE LEVELS OF METHANE AND NITROUS OXIDE MANY FACTORIES PRODUCE LONG LASTING INDUSTRIAL GASESTHAT DO NOT OCCUR NATURALLY AND THOSE GASES ENHANCE THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT 8. Even more ways these gases are added to the atmosphere! DEFORESTATION: TREES USE CO2 AND GIVE OFF O2 IN WHICH HELPS TO CREATE THE OPTIMAL BALANCE OF GASES IN THE ATMOSPHERE. AS MORE FORESTS ARELOGGED FOR TIMBER OR CUT DOWN TO MAKE WAY FORFARMING, THERE ARE FEWER TREES TO PERFORM THIS CRITICAL FUNCTION. IN ADDITION WHEN THIS WOOD IS BURNED IT PRODUCES EVEN MORE CO2 IN THEATMOSPHERE. 9. Population GrowthAS MORE PEOPLE USE FOSSIL FUELS FOR HEAT, TRANSPORTATION AND INDUSTRY, THE LEVEL OF GREENHOUSE GASES CONTINUE TO INCREASE. ASMORE FARMING OCCURS TO FEED MILLIONS OF NEWPEOPLE, MORE GREENHOUSE GASES ENTER THEATMOSPHERE 10. How do scientists measure theincrease of greenhouse gases?ICE 11. Effects of Global Warming due to theunbalance of greenhouse gasesIncreased Temperature Rising Sea Level 12. Effects of Global Warming due to the unbalanceof greenhouse gases Changes in water supply;Habitat Damage andcontamination of fresh Species Extinction water 13. Effects of Global Warming due to the unbalanceof greenhouse gases More severe storms;Droughts, changes inhurricanes and floodsweather patterns 14. Some Proof of Global WarmingPortage Glacier Portage GlacierAlaska then.Alaska now. 15. Some Proof of Global WarmingColorado River, Az Colorado River, AzJune 2002 December 2003 16. What can we do to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? 17. Educate and Use!!Wind PowerSolar Power 18. Educate and Use!!CompactFuel Efficient CarsFluorescent 19. Today you can.TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER OR THE TV WHEN YOURE NOT USING IT.TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS. HEATING WATER USES ENERGY.KEEP ROOMS COOL BY CLOSING THE BLINDS, SHADES, ORCURTAINS. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE A ROOM.USE COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS


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