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Fostering innovation to achieve mission critical goals

Fostering innovation to achieve mission critical goalsApril 12, 2017Deanna Grady, Sr. Manager, Government Sales - LinkedIn Robin E Hunt, CoFounder and Partner - ThinkData Solutions, Inc.


2Deanna GradySr. Manager, Government from LinkedInFostering innovation to achieve mission critical goals

Welcome! to Fostering Innovation to achieve Government Mission Critical Goals. We are delighted to have you join us today and a have a power agenda today. We will share the importance in creating an environment within government agencies where employees and agency leaders are empowered to bring forth new solutions to reduce obstacles and achieve goals. We will seek to answer how we achieve innovation while operating within policies and laws. Also, in this session, instructor, developer and educator, Robin Hunt, highlights obstacles that often stall innovation within government agencies, and presents solutions to help teams nurture innovation and collaboration to achieve shared goals.

Together well explore:What innovation means in the context of a government agencyHow to build innovative practices amongst your teamWhat tools are available to help make innovation a reality

To start what is Innovation? Deannna to play Innovation video here: UP TO 1:25

AgendaIntroduction: Robin HuntInnovation in the context of governmentHow to foster innovation as a team leaderHow to innovate as a team memberHow to use technology to drive innovationTakeawaysResourcesQ&A3

I hope the video bite inspired you to innovate. We can see breakthrough and advancement disrupting the status quo. Our hope is to provide you tools to begin your journey through innovation.

Today Robin will cover Understanding InnovationFostering Innovation Finding Ways to InnovateWe will summarize what we have discussed and hopefully learned today and offer a Question and Answer session. This will give you the opportunity to ask Robin questions or myself and share how you are currently innovating in Government or what you might take away from todays webinar into your agency.


4Robin E. HuntCo-Founder and Partner, ThinkData Solutions, author, developer and educatorFostering innovation to achieve mission critical goals

Deanna: Without further ado let me introduce Robin Hunt. Robin is not only a author, has spent 17 years offering training in hundreds of organizations to 1000s of people. She is CEO of thinkdata solutions, where they use data for most innovations for their clients. Robin has contributed data solutions and training to multiple state governments. She has a heavy focus around technology and education research for early childhood.

ROBIN: Before we get started in our talk on innovation I think its important to note Innovation is sometimes just turns into just talk of innovation. People who are interested in innovation become discouraged when they face road blocks. The government has been around since George Washington, so I thought it important to establish that upfront. Innovation in an established environment can be particularly challenging. I hope today to give you some practical advice on innovation.

invSH()n/1: the introduction of something new2: a new idea, method, or device

Innovation can happen anywhere5

And how the dictionary defines Innovation. The intro of something new; is for a lot of people fear invoking because people dont like change.. But when I think about it I think about second part of the definition. A new idea, method or device. In my business life, I lean towards new ideas, and methods

Why is innovation important?By putting innovation at the center of the organization, from top to bottom, you can improve the numbers; at the same time, you will discover a much better way of doing things more productive, more responsive, more inclusive, even more fun. - Fast Company


We all understand the importance of Innovation. It's important every where and in all industries. There are so many approaches to innovation but if it is at the center of your organization you will likely see improvements to your numbers, time and effort and your responsive to the people you serve either internally or externally

Achieving mission critical goals Requires alignment across the team and agencyWorks best when goals are clearBenefits from advance planningSucceeds with disciplined project management

Customers are wrestling with mission-critical decisions, evaluating solutions that all sound the same, and struggling to achieve the value they expect, when experience has shown them that far too many solutions come packaged with a high degree of risk and a low probability of success.- Jeff ThullPrime Resource Group7

There is a lot of pressure that comes with innovation when it proves to be a mission critical task. Its also important that anything that is mission critical will face regular objections and that would/should be expected. Often times we are limited when we dont align our team and our agencies. It does take time invested in planning but spending time up front to get everyone from each agency on the same page and setting goals that are shared and clear can be one of the best ways to get off to a good start.

I think it is also important that we understand that project management can do a lot to help us through the process of anything we plan to innovate. I dont mean just having a dedicated person to being the sole project manager, but really practices project management techniques and tools that work for your team.

Mission critical tasks also likely exists already today, so i think this next quote can be inspiring. (I am not sure you need this)



Invention is about creating something new, while innovation introduces the concept of use of an idea or method.- Bill WalkerIT guy and globalization driver

I think innovation also is the ability to re-imagine things that already are.- Eric SchmidtCEO, Alphabet

I love this quote re-imagine things that already are fits in my minds eye and personal thoughts about innovation.I make my living by changing things that already are with ideas or methods that dont exist yet.

I also want to dig in a little bit deeper invention and innovation. People get innovation confused with inventions I think of inventions I think of the device part of the definition of innovation, and if you only stop right there you can miss opportunities to innovation with a new idea or new method

Robin E Hunt () - We need to swap the quotes order.Impactful inventionsLight bulb1879Global positioning1957Toilet15969

Lets talk about the Light bulb, global positioning and even the toilet. These are every day inventions and innovations that touch our life. The electric light was not invented until 1879. Edison whos credited for the invention is one of as historians debate one of as many 20 other inventors developing versions of electric light. Ultimately it beats candles I think we can all agree.Global positioning in the sputnik era using the Doppler Effect was great innovation to detecting where things are. The flush toilet was invented in 1596, that hard to imagine became more popular in 19th century.

These inventions are innovations and they have been a long time in the making and are applicable to all of us

Robin E Hunt () - Out house imageRobin E Hunt () - Satellite imageRobin E Hunt () - Light bulb image?Janet Byerlein () - yes I will add these all laterInnovation arises from inventionLight bulbEnergy efficientGPS navigationDedicated devicesToiletWater saving10

These inventions are a part of our everyday lives, so lets think about how much they have changed just in in the last two decades.

light companies continue to innovate lightbulbs that now LED is stealing the light and I know that in early to mid 2000s for Christmas I asked for A GPS for my car so i could stop making uturns for the new year.

The going to the loo has changed throughout history, but the toilet really has not changed all that much. I think the less water consumption is a pretty important innovation of our time. I think in the case of the toilet the if its not broke dont fix it mentality is one that is easier to relate too. Much of the design we use today is the same as it was in 1596. (I dont think this is true, it would seem to have changed a lot)

So I wanted to start off with the understanding that innovation does not solely mean invention, but invention is a part of innovation. And that innovation has been occuring really since the beginning of time, so there are lots of older processes that exist all around us, and in discussing innovation in the government that has been around since George Washington. So what is innovation in the context of government?

Robin E Hunt () - Modern toiletRobin E Hunt () - Smart phone nav imageRobin E Hunt () - new halogen image

How do governments innovate?11Incremental innovations occur everywhere, but breakthrough innovationsthe kind that leverage new technologies and business models to drive down costs, increase accessibility, and improve serviceshave tended to remain the province of the private sector.

Fortunately, that type of innovation is beginning to trickle into government as well. Leaders inside the public se