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  • From the Principals Desk

    Welcome back to term two everyone, a special

    welcome to our new families. A major event on the

    school calendar at this time of the year is the Anzac

    Day observance. Mr. Les Palmer, a Vietnam War

    Veteran was our special guest on the Monday

    assembly. Our school community was well represented

    at the dawn parade and town march on Wednesday.

    Lest We Forget.

    Congratulations to the 312 students who received a

    Certificate of High Attendance for term one. These

    students attended for more than for 97% of the school


    Our Year 4 students head off to Camp Kinchant next

    week. Enjoy the experience girls and boys. A big thank

    you to our staff and parents who will accompany the

    students on camp.

    Our parent teacher interviews were held recently. It

    was pleasing to see parents discussing their students

    progress with staff prior to the end of last term.

    We welcome new staff to our school from the

    commencement of this term, year one teacher Kirstie

    Dittmann and teacher aides Jayden OShannessy and

    Jacqui Bird.

    A reminder that Monday, May 7th is a public holiday,

    Labour Day.

    Enjoy your week.

    Mike Anderson, Principal

    May 2-4: Year 4 Camp

    May 7: Labour Day Holiday

    May 11: Free Dress Day

    May 8-11: Mothers Day Stall

    May 15-17: Naplan testing

    May 18: Under 8s day

    May 21- 24: Book Fair

    May 24-25: School Photos

    June 12: Yrs3-6 Field Events

    June 14: Junior Athletics Carnival

    June 15: Senior Athletics Carnival

    June 21: Mackay Show Holiday

    June 29: Last day of Term

    School contact information

    Principal: Mr Michael Anderson

    Deputy Principal: Mrs Tracey Adams

    Deputy Principal: Mr Peter Robinson

    Business Services Manager: Mrs

    Dolores Venables

    Office hours

    8.00 am 4.00 pm

    Telephone and facsimile numbers

    Telephone: (07) 4965 6333

    Facsimile: (07) 4965 6300

    School email address:



    Student Absence Line:

    49656 360

    This service is available for parents

    reporting their childrens absence

    from school. Please clearly state their

    name, class, and reason for absence.

    All absences are recorded for


    Fitzgerald State School

    26th April 2018

    ISSUE NO 6

    Diary Dates

  • Foyer Display

    This term, The Erupting Minds, aka Year2/3, are learning about fractions. Fractions show us equal

    parts of a whole. Everyone loves pizza so we painted our bases with watercolours and then added

    lots of toppings by stamping them onto our pizza. It was a little tricky and required some careful

    thought, but we worked out what toppings were on each quarter or half of our pizza. Such a

    shame we couldnt eat it when we were finished! Year 2C have been learning about Line and

    Pattern Art.

    Facebook Page

    Fitzgerald State School now has a Facebook page to keep parents updated

    with current school information and to display the great work of our school.

    Please like our page to keep yourself informed about school events. Please

    read the Department of Education Acceptable Use Guidelines that is placed in

    the notes section on the Facebook page. Notes were sent home last week for

    parents to sign for each student to allow digital media to be placed on

    Facebook, if you have not returned this form please do so, if you have any

    questions regarding the Facebook page please contact the school office.

  • Staff Profile

    Introducing Jacqui Bird - Teacher Aide ATSI Support

    Hi, my name is Jacqui Bird, Ive been appointed as ATSI Support

    Teacher Aide at Fitzgerald. I will be working at the school on Tuesday,

    Thursday and Friday, providing in-class support, working with parents

    and community members and organising and participating in ATSI

    events. Im excited to be starting this new role and I am looking

    forward to meeting all of you. Friday morning is a good time to call or

    meet with me if you have any questions, concerns or great ideas

    about how we can work together to help make school a great

    experience for your children. My email contact is

    Master Teacher

    Better, richer, more interesting writing" by Sue Hamilton-Smith, Master Teacher

    Our teachers are encouraging better, richer and more interesting writing from students across all

    of the year levels. Factual report writing requires powerful research. Persuasive writing requires

    point of view with an edge. Narrative writing requires imagination. All writing requires rich

    language. All writing needs to make sense and use appropriate writing conventions. Great writers

    are interested in people, in words and the world, they read books and keep a journal to record

    their thoughts and observations. Great writers write all the time, practicing and improving their

    craft. They seek out an audience and purpose to showcase their work. There are several writing

    competitions currently on offer for all sorts of writers. Its time to get writing!

    Student Writing Competitions by Sue Hamilton-Smith, Master


    - Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature Festival Short Story

    Competition for Years 3+

    Students are free to respond creatively and originally to a theme or

    topic of their choice and there is no limit to the number of entries

    allowed by each student. Cash and Timezone prizes. All entries

    must be submitted to class teachers or directly to Whitsunday

    Anglican School by 3pm Monday 14th May, 2018. Visit


  • Independent Education Union's Literary Competition for Years 5+

    Students (and their teachers) are invited to submit an original poem, short story or non-fiction

    prose by Friday 27 July. First prize is $150, Second prize is $100 and Third prize is $75. Organised

    by ETAQ, JCU and Penguin Books. The full details and the entry form can be found at

    Red Room Poetry Object for Years 3+

    Students (and their teachers) are invited to write a 20 line poem with an object as its theme. The

    competition prize pack includes publication in the Red Room digital library, a $1000 travel voucher

    and VIP tour of the National Museum of Australia. Submissions need to be emailed to Mrs

    Hamilton-Smith by Friday 28 September. Find out more at

    Guidance Officer News

    Understanding and managing feelings

    Ch ildrens abilities for recognising,

    understanding and managing their emotions are

    influenced by the ways the adults who care for

    them acknowledge and respond to their feelings.

    When children learn to manage their emotions

    they are also better able to manage their

    behaviour. Parents, carers and school staff can provide important support and guidance for

    childrens emotional development.

    Helpful ways of supporting childrens emotional development

    Listen and validate the childs emotional experience

    Listen to what children say and acknowledge their feelings. This helps children to identify emotions

    and understand how they work and manage them. You might say, You look worried. Is something

    on your mind? or It sounds like youre really angry. Lets talk about it.

    View emotions as an opportunity for connecting and teaching how to manage emotions

    Childrens emotional reactions provide teachable moments. You might say, I can see youre really

    frustrated about having to wait for what you want. Why dont we read a story while were waiting?

    Encourage problem-solving to manage emotions

    Help children develop their skills for managing emotions by helping them think of different ways

    they could respond. You might say, What would help you feel brave? or How else could you

    look at this?

    Set limits in a supportive way

    Set limits on inappropriate behaviour so that children understand that having feelings is okay, but

    acting inappropriately is not. You might say, I know youre upset that your friend couldnt make it

    over, but that does not make it okay to yell at me.

    To read more about how to support your childs positive emotional development, go to


  • Sporting News

    School Rugby League

    Congratulations to our Under 12 rugby league team that had a win in the first round of the

    interschool rugby league competition defeating Northview 8-4. Well done on a great team effort.

    Northern Suburbs Cross Country

    Well done to all of our Fitzgerald participants at the recent Northern Suburbs Cross Country trials.

    The following students will now represent Northern Suburbs at the Mackay and District cross

    country trials: Dayne Barker, Taj Steindl-Corrie, Ciaran Regan, Cohen Frith, Lucinda Grieger, Krystal

    Miller and Jack Johns. Extra congratulations to Taj Steindl- Corrie (1st), Jack Johns