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  • Sept. 1419 2005, Belgrade,Yugoslavia

    International Conference on Envi-ronmental (Geoecological) Problemsin Karst organized by the IAH Na-tional Committee of Serbia andMontenegro. Contact: Igor Jemcov.E-mail: jemcov@eunet.yuURL:

    Sept. 2429 2005, Erlangen, Germany

    International Conference on SystemEarth Biosphere Couplingfocuses on new results of integratedgeobiology-research in the disciplinesof Geo- and Biochemistry, Paleon-tology, Sedimentology, Mineralogy,and Geophysics. Contact: Prof. Dr.Andre Freiwald, Institute ofPaleontology, Loewenichstr. 28,D91054 Erlangen, Germany.Tel: +49 (0)9131 85 26957E-mail:GV-DGG-2005@pal.uni-erlangen.deURL:

    Oct. 37 2005, Bordeaux, France

    Consoil. Contact: Forschungszen-trum Karlsruhe GmbH, Mrs. BMathes, UMWELT, P.O. Box 3640,D-76021 Karlsruhe, Germany.URL:

    Oct. 48 2005, Alicante, Spain

    International Workshop From datagathering and groundwater modelingto integrated management orga-nized by the Spanish NationalCommittee of the IAH. Contact:Margarida ValverdeE-mail:


    Oct. 1719 2005, Kyoto, Japan

    Lead & Zinc 05 InternationalSymposium on Lead & Zinc Pro-cessing provides an internationalforum for the lead and zinc process-ing industries. Contact: Eiji Okada,The Mining and Materials Process-ing Institute of Japan (MMIJ), 9-6-41 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo107-0052, Japan.Fax: +81-3-3403-1776E-mail: lead-zinc2005@mmij.or.jpURL:

    Oct. 2328 2005, Shanghai, P.R. China

    7th International Symposium onLand Subsidence (SISOLS 2005)provides a forum to scientists todiscuss problems related to landsubsidence, to present technologicalinnovations and achievements, andto exchange ideas, information andresults. Contact: Center for LandSubsidence of the China GeologicalSurvey, Symposium Secretariat,Mr. Gong Shi-Liang, SISOLS 2005,930 Lingshi Road, 200072 Shanghai,P.R. China.Tel: +86-21-56061423E-mail:

    Oct. 30Nov. 2 2005, Bremerhaven,Germany

    2nd International Alfred WegenerSymposium. Themes include: Mete-orology; Glaciology; Geosciences(geology, geophysics, (plate)-tecton-ics, palaeontology); Geothemes in thefuture; and History of science.Contact: Meeting Secretariat, AlfredWegener Institute for Polar andMarine Research, Am Handelshafen12, 27570 Bremerhaven, Germany.

    Nov. 611 2005, Mendoza, Argentina

    International Gondwana 12Conference, a joint venture betweenArgentina, Brazil and Chile focuseson Gondwana supercontinent, theprocesses at work in the past, theirsignicance to present problems, andthe search for important naturalresources.URL:

    Nov. 911 2005, Singapore

    Enviro Asia 2005 exhibition of thelatest technologies, solutions, sys-tems, equipment and services in allelds of environment managementand technology comprising watertreatment, waste management, airpollution control, clean energy,cleaning management and pest con-trol is organized by Waste Manage-ment and Recycling Association ofSingapore (WMRAS). Contact:Steven TanE-mail:

    Nov. 28Dec. 2 2005, Miami, FL, U.S.A.

    Third International Symposium onDeep-Sea Corals deals withunderstanding the ecosystem role,function, and value of deep-seacorals and associated fauna. Contact:Robert Brock, NOAA Fisheries.E-mail: Robert.Brock@noaa.govURL:



    Environ Geol (2005) 48: 280284DOI 10.1007/s00254-005-1308-0

  • Dec. 610 2005, Belgrade,Serbia and Montenegro

    6th European Meeting on Environ-mental Geochemistry (EMEC6) ishosted by the Serbian ChemicalSociety and the University of Bel-grade on behalf of the EuropeanAssociation of Chemistry and Envi-ronment, and will foster the devel-opment of innovative researchthemes through a multidisciplinaryapproach to the chemistry of theenvironment. Topics include: Sus-tainable development; Life cycleassessment; Risk assessment; Greenchemistry; Soil contamination, de-pollution technologies; Ecotoxicolo-gy; Water treatment, reuse;Biodegradation of toxic compounds;Industrial clean technologies; Wastevalorization; Atmospheric chemistry,Air pollution, Modeling of pollutantsdiusion; Marine chemistry andMarine pollution; Analytical meth-ods for Environmental Science; andSoil - freshwater - atmospheric sys-tems. Contact: Serbian ChemicalSociety (for EMEC6), Karnegijeva4/III, P.O. Box 35-08, 11120Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.Tel/fax: +381-11-3370467E-mail:

    Dec. 59 2005, Dunedin, New Zealand

    International Symposium on Sea Icefocuses on an interdisciplinary dis-cussion of the geophysics of sea iceand its interactions with the ocean,atmosphere and biosphere. The seaice of the Arctic and Antarctic Seasexerts a major impact on the regionaloceans and atmosphere, concomi-tantly aecting global climate andmodifying the global oceans. It alsostrongly inuences the ecology of thepolar oceans. Contact: InternationalGlaciological Society, Scott PolarResearch Institute, Lenseld Road,Cambridge CB2 1ER, U.K.

    Fax: +44(0)1223-354-931E-mail: igsoc@igsoc.orgURL:

    Dec. 1720 2005, Cairo, Egypt

    13th International Conference of theGeological Society of Africa onGeology and Development tries topromote the understanding andpractice of geoscience in Africa andits application to social and eco-nomic development and the envi-ronment, including the responsibledevelopment of mineral, energy andgroundwater resources. Topics in-clude: Remote sensing and spacesciences; GIS & environmentalstudies; Groundwater research; Oiland gas research; Mineral resources& research; Structures / tectonics;Stratigraphy / sedimentology;Geophysical studies; Mathematicalgeology; Geo-archeology & geo-tourism; Medical geology; andAgro-geology. Field excursions andshort courses are planned. Contact:Dr. Mamdouh M. Abdeen, 23, Jo-seph Bruz Tito St. El-Nozha El-Ge-dida, Cairo, Egypt. (P.O. Box: 1564Alf Maskan).E-mail: mmabdeen@narss.sci.egTel: +2-02-6225835/ 92

    2006, Abuja, Nigeria

    8th International Symposium onEnvironmental Geotechnology andGlobal Sustainable Developmentorganized within the InternationalSociety for Environmental Geotech-nology (Charlotte U.S.A.) conferenceseries. Contact: Dr. Victor FodekeE-mail:

    Jan. 46 2006, Dindigul, Tamilnadu,India

    IGC 2006: International Groundwa-ter Conference organized byP.S.N.A. College of Engineering &

    Technology, at KothandaramanNagar. Contact: Dr. K. Thyagarajah.E-mail:

    Jan. 1318 2006, Borneo

    International Conference on Deltas:Depositional Systems and Strati-graphic Development organizedby International GeoscienceProgramme (IGCP) and theUniversity Brunei Darussalam,Brunei. Joint meeting of 3rd AnnualMeeting of IGCP-475 Deltas in theMonsoon Asia-Pacic Region (Del-taMAP) and 2nd Meeting of CCOPDelSEA project. Contact: YoshikiSaito,E-mail: yoshiki.saito@aist.go.jpURL:

    Feb. 2024 2006,Honolulu, HI, U.S.A.

    2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting orga-nized by the American GeophysicsUnion. Suggested themes: Biodiver-sity and biocomplexity; Ocean sci-ence education of the future;Observing systems and technology;Natural hazards in the coastal mar-ine environment; Oceans and humanhealth; Mesopelagic and deep sea;Oceans role in climate; and Oceanphysics. Contact: AGU MeetingsDept., 2000 Florida Avenue, NW,Washington, DC 20009 U.S.A.Tel: +1-202-777-7332E-mail: meetinginfo@agu.orgURL:

    Apr. 37 2006,Mendoza, Argentina

    Backbone of the Americas Patagonia to Alaska organized byAsociacion Geologica Argentina andthe Geological Society of America.Backbone of the Americas will focuson three principal themes related to






  • common tectonic problems in Northand South America: Ocean ridge-trench collision; Shallow subductionsystems; and Uplift of high plateausand mountain ranges. Contact:Co-chairs, Suzanne M. or contact:Victor RamosE-mail: andes@gl.fcen.uba.arURL:

    Apr. 2428 2006, Malaga, Spain

    Aqua in Med International Con-gress on Groundwater in Mediterra-nean Countries organized by theSpanish Geological Survey andothers, and Workshop of AIHCommission on Climate Change andGroundwater will focus on ground-water and wetlands; karstic aquifers;detritic aquifers; articial recharge ofaquifers; mathematical simulationmodels; water extraction technology;legal, socioeconomic and adminis-trative aspects; water managementand joint; use of surface and groundwaters.E-mail: aquainmed@igme.esURL:

    May 2124 2006, Baton Rouge,LA, U.S.A.

    International Conference Chal-lenges in Coastal Hydrology andWater Quality and AIH 25thAnniversary Meeting focuses oninterdisciplinary research, education,management, and policy makingrelated to complex environmentalsystems in coastal regions. Centraltheme of the plenary opening session:The Mississippi and coastal Louisi-ana. Other topics include: Hydro-logic and coastal processes;Hydrological pathway from terres-trial to coastal ecosystems; Largeriver engineering and management;Fluvial processes and sedimentation;

    Flood control and disaster assess-ment; Surface and ground waterinteraction in coastal regions; Freshwater resources and saltwater intru-sion; Eutrophication and hypoxia incoastal waters; Coastal erosio