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Eric Jordan PO Box 952 u Ashland, VA 23005 u (757) 817-2559 u Offering 25 Years Experience and a Proven Record of Success with Progressively Increasing Responsibilities PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2002 2007 1997 2002 BOATSWAIN'S MATE CHIEF, United States COAST GUARD, USA. e t atte e t ainin ani ati n e ett Trained and assessed USCG training team personnel on navigation and seamanship skills (towing, anchoring, line handling, small boat recovery, shipboard navigation, chart plotter systems (COMDAC/VEGA), abandon ship skills) to assure they were in compliance with USCG policies, procedures and regulations. a i ati n ea ans i ie id ett eatt e Responsible for leading the Navigation Division through 6, month patrols on a 378 foot Coast Guard Cutter to assure safe navigation. s it s ain s a at id ett eatt e Led a boarding team of 6 in the pursuit, seizure and boarding of vessels transporting illegal narcotics or illegal aliens.i e t e e id ett eatt e Responsible for safety of ship and accountability of crew while in port and at sea. s ain eni nst t ainin ente t n t n Certified Senior instructor of Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, Boat Forces Division. Instructed and trained Coast Guard personnel on the use, maintenance and emergency procedures of the 41-foot utility boat and 25-foot rigid hull inflatable boat. BOATSWAIN'S MATE 1ST CLASS, US COAST GUARD, USA. BOATSWAIN'S MATE 2ND CLASS, US COAST GUARD, USA e ti e ett i e ids t a i ati n a t n ads Responsible for 3 unit assigned vessels used in the maintenance and repair of aids to navigation within the Chesapeake Bay, ames River, Intracoastal aterway and attached tributaries. Additional responsibilities include the service and care of 3 lighthouses, 6 range lights and more than 900 navigational aids to navigation. 1997 2002 BOATSWAIN MATE 2ND CLASS, US COAST GUARD, USA. BOATSWAIN MATE 3RD CLASS, US COAST GUARD, USA 1993 1997 e e is a d ts t In charge of 16 Coast Guard personnel responsible for deck maintenance and upkeep of a 270ft Coast Guard cutter. Additional responsibilities included cross training personnel on small boat pursuit operations.tati n i e t e e atte as n et ast a d tati n a e a e In the absence of the Commanding Officer, I was in charge of the Coast Guard station and it's personnel. Also qualified coxswain on all unit assigned small boats that were engaged in law enforcement and search and rescue. Boarded civilian recreational boats and commercial fishing boats to assure they were in compliance with all federal laws and regulations. SEAMAN, US COAST GUARD, USA 1991 1993 ea an ast a d a d essen e a ti e Uniquely qualified as a coxswain on a fire patrol boat and a port waterways boat. A position rarely afforded to a Seaman in the U. S. Coast Guard.Secret security clearance held and maintained for the majority of my Coast Guard career 1993-2015E. Jordan 2 TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS n aste a tain s i ensewith towing endorsement201 ainin ente eta a stan e se e enti n ea Command Drug and Alcohol Representative 2010 tte ainin a i i ati n Damage Control Training Team Member fire fighting, pipe patching, dewatering, shoring, damage control 2010 int a iti e ainin ente n iant esse s it Pursuit Coxswain Certification 2009 Officer of the Deck (in port/underway) 2009 a iti e a n e ent on lethal eapons Training 2009USCG tte ainin a i i ati n Navigation & Seamanship Training Team Member 2008 a an ie nit e e ist i t a iti e a n e ent Navigator Senior Quartermaster 2008 ainin ente t n Certified Instructor 2008 ati na t i e at t i e at s ain Heavy Weather Certification Basic and Advanced 1994 ainin ente eta a a iti e a n e ent Boarding Team Member/Officer 1994 ea ns i ien Beretta 9 MM (Expert), Sig Sauer . 0 caliber (Expert), M16 Rifle (Marksman),Mossberg 12 gauge riot shotgun (Marksman)EDUCATION d e ea nin nstit te n easin an e ti eness se 2008 ast a d ie ett i e ade 2008 and nt n inee in ente Command Display Control Integrated avigation Operator 200 eade s i and a it nstit te Leadership & Management School 2005 nst ti na ste s Instructor Development Course 2004 asi ids t a i ati n Minor Aids Maintenance ATON Servicing Technician Aids to Navigation Positioning AC Minor Aids to Navigation Technician Tower Climbing (100 feet) 2000 E. Jordan 3 ese e ainin ente t n Coxswain C School J a eant e n ds nit e e Richmond, VA ene a t dies e i Richmond, VA i i a ni n i ita ade Fork Union, VA ie tenant AWARDS Commendation Award d nd t a ds onor, Respect and Devotion to Duty 199 201 ie e ent eda Superior performance of duty Exceeding typical boat station coxswain by more than 20% Displaying exceptional instruction and mentoring skills Spearheaded a team of instructors chartered to review a new charting system Reorganizing and managing 70 coxswain, engineer, and crewmember training records 2008 i it e en e a d Updating and improving the Coxswain C School curriculum 200 ie e ent eda Demonstrating superb professional skills & leadership Improving 5 major waterways Overseeing operational orders Exceeding all operations inspections Providing safety and security after 9/11 terrorist attack 2004 ie e ent eda Demonstrating consummate seamanship and outstanding leadership skills Excelling in duties as leading petty officer Responsible for the safe transfer of over 75 illegal migrants Successfully lead a team that rigged and towed a USCG patrol boat for 980 miles Can do approach to extensive maintenance project saving $15,000 Reorganizing all Deck Department records Setting a high example of dedication and performance 2000 tte a d ai t e ea 1999 USCG Cutter Forward Sailor of the Quarter 1999