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  • English LanguageGrade FourSeasonsLesson : Reading(Pages 38, 39 and 40)

  • Objectives of the lesson

    Pupils get to know that there are remarkably different periods of a year called seasons.

    Pupils to understand the changes that occur in each season.

    Pupils read a list and sort out the types of clothes suitable for each season.

    Pupils improve their reading skills.

  • Seasons

    The seasons in Europe are different from the seasons in Sri Lanka.

    European countries have four (4) seasons.

    Do you know what they are?

  • SeasonsThere are four seasonsAutumnSpringWinterSummer

  • Autumn

    The hot weather of this season is milder than in summer. The nights become longer. The green leaves on trees take many shades as they wither. The leaves blown off by the wind, cover the gardens and roads.

  • Autumn (contd..)As time passes the weather becomes much more cooler. Colourful soft petals are no more. The birds begin to look for warmer climates. People get ready for winter.

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  • WinterWinter comes after autumn. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. Leaves, flowers, fruits disappear. Birds leave their homes looking for warmer countries.

  • Winter (contd..)As days passes snow flakes come down. They settle on roof tops, window panes, roads, gardens and on all open places. Life becomes difficult.

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  • SpringThe winter snow begins to melt. The days grow longer and the nights grow shorter. New green leaves come out. Spring flowers bloom.

  • Spring (contd..)The red-breast robin begins to sing. Birds who left in winter return home. Rabbit and other small animals come out of their hiding places. We know that spring has come.

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  • SummerThe days are longer than the days in spring. The nights are much shorter. Summer is the hottest season of the year.

  • Summer (contd..)You put on very light clothing. You play outdoors and go swimming. Flowers are in full bloom. Trees and vines are bent with fruit.

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  • Lets learn these new words.Melt become liquid through heatingBloom produce flowers Wither become dry/dead Petals delicate leaf like divisions of a flower Disappear vanish Snowflakes small ice crystals that fall as snow Gloomy dark or unlighted

  • Assessment


    These are dress items. Read them and complete the table correctly.

    gloves / woolen stockings / cotton shirts / over-coats / sweaters / woolen trousers / cotton banians / short sleeved shirts / cotton trousers / boots / ties / sandals / long sleeved shirts /

    sleeveless blouses / woolen gowns / scarves / straw hats

  • Good for summerGood for winterGood for both seasons

  • The endGoodbye

  • Presented by :

    H.S.P.JayaratneBed, National Dip in Teaching (English)

    Email: sarathpinnawala@gmail.com

  • AutumnThere is fruit for everyone,Sweetened by the sun.Return to lesson

  • WinterSnowflakes are lovely,But the skies are gloomy.

    Return to lesson

  • SpringRobin returns to sing,To welcome the spring.Return to the lesson

  • SummerBright days are here,Joyful sounds are here.Return to lesson



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