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  1. 1. Edgar Allan Poe has written many short stories which share the same themes of Revenge (betrayal) and freedom & confinement however though time is at the essence so I will be talking about the Cask of Amontillado and last but not least Hop-Frog.
  2. 2. NUTSHELL HOP FROG Hop frog is a jester not only is he a jester he is a triplicate treasure meaning he was a dwarf, a cripple and a fool all in one. . Hop-Frog is a light weight, he cant drink . king forces Hop-Frog to drink more then the fool can handle, and in the moment of uncertainty king gets flustered and throws the wine at the fools girlfriend Trippeta . Hop-Frog gets angry and decides the only logical course of action is to dress the nobility including the king as orangutans and suspending them in mid air and setting them on fire.
  3. 3. NUTSHELL-CASK OF AMONTILLADO .The narrator, Montresor, opens the story by stating that he has been insulted by his acquaintance, Fortunato, and that he seeks revenge. .He wants to exact this revenge, however, in a measured way, without placing himself at risk. He decides to use Fortunatos fondness for wine against him so leads him down to Montresors vault where he will then proceed to seal Fortunato alive in a crypt.
  4. 4. What they have in common? Alcohol Revenge Freedom and Confinement
  5. 5. The analysis of Motley and Jesters
  6. 6. Analysis of Cask of Amontillado
  7. 7. Analysis of Hop frog