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<p>UNIVERSIDAD CATLICA DE TEMUCO Maryorie Chvez-Lilian NeculpnFACULTAD DE EDUCACINPEDAGOGA EN INGLSLICEO HC JORGE TEILLIER, LAUTARO</p> <p>ENGLISH DIAGNOSTIC TESTName: ________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/___Grade: _________________</p> <p>OBJECTIVE: To recognize the use of the past simple structure. </p> <p>INSTRUCTIONS: Write the correct answer in the space given.</p> <p>I. Complete the sentences with WAS or WERE.</p> <p>1. I __________happy.2. You __________angry.3. She __________in London last week.4. He __________on holiday.5. It __________cold.6. We __________at school.7. You __________at the cinema.8. They __________at home.9. The cat __________on the roof.10. The children __________in the garden.</p> <p>II. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past):</p> <p>1. Last year I (spend) ____________ my holiday in Ireland.2. It (be) ____________ great.3. I (travel) __________ around by car with two friends and we (visit) ____________ lots of interesting places.4. In the evenings we usually (go) ____________ to a pub.5. One night we even (learn) ____________ some Irish dances.6. We (be) ____________ very lucky with the weather.7. It (not / rain) ____________ a lot.8. But we (see) ____________ some beautiful rainbows.9. Where (spend / you) ____________ your last holiday?</p> <p>III. Write questions in simple past.</p> <p>1. Anna / the window / open _______________________________________2. she / home / walk _______________________________________3. you / in the garden / work _______________________________________4. you / a song / sing _______________________________________5. she / on a chair / sit _______________________________________</p>