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This presentation was made to middle and high school members of the Black Achievers program. Provided an overview of the engineering profession and highlighted the accomplishments of past and present minorities.


  • 1. Past, Present, FutureWalnut Street YMCA Black Achievers Program Presented on February, 16th 2013

2. IntroductionWho is an Engineer?Why Engineering?Past EngineersPresent EngineersFuture EngineersGetting an Engineering DegreeWrap-Up 3. Allow me to re-introduce myselfBachelors of Science: Electrical EngineeringMaster of Engineering: Systems Engineering 4. 5. An engineer is a professional practitioner ofengineering, concerned with applying scientificknowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to developsolutions for technical problems.From Latin: ingeniare ("to devise) ingenium ("cleverness") 6. Chemical Bio-molecular / Molecular, Materials, ProcessCivil Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, TransportElectrical Computer, Electronic, Optical, PowerMechanical Aerospace, Acoustic, Thermal, AutomotiveOther Agricultural, Biological, Energy, Industrial, Mechatronics, Nano, Nuclear, Petroleumand more 7. Problem Solvers Take what Science has discovered and make it work in real-life Make things, Faster, Better, Cheaper 8. Patented an improvedSewing MachineG. A. Morgan Hair RefiningCompanyInventor Gas Mask 3-way Traffic SignalGarret Morgan 9. Railroad Car RestroomAir ConditionerWorked on patents for Telephone (Alexander GrahamBell) Incandescent Light Bulb(Thomas Edison, Hiram Maxim)Lewis Latimer 10. Registered 60+ Patents Steam Boiler Furnace Telephone Transmitter Trolley Wheel Multiplex Telegraph 3rd Rail System for TrainsGranville T Woods 11. The List Goes On.. Elijah McCoy Jan Matzeliger 12. 13. Medical Doctor Choreographer 1st African American woman in Space Actress 1st Astronaut to appear on a Star Trek episodeDr Mae Jemison 14. Dennis Weatherby 15. Angela Barbee-HatterGuion Bluford Mark E. DeanBattery System for the Chevy Volt 1st African American in Space Broke the 1Ghz BarrierAngela Barbee-Hunter: Bluford: Mark E. Dean: 16. YOU 17. You are needed365,000* of you between 2010- 2020* From the National Engineers Week Foundation 2012 Bulletin 18. 19. What Does it Take? Decide to Never Give Up Find a Mentor Leadership Discipline Play Well with Others Learn to Overcome Failure Have Fun 20. Google Earth view of an accomplishment of the earliest Civil / Structural Engineers The Pyramids 21. 2012 Computer Science / Engineering Career ClusterDavida Baker Melissa BordleyJames GroomAni Ifon