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Final recommendation presentation for my blog.


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  • 2. PerspectiveThe digital media industry in Canada is evolvingin extraordinary ways, largely driven by todaysmulti-platform consumer engaging with contentacross a variety of media.-Bryan Segal, vice president, comScoreCanada
  • 3. Perspective Current trends that can be taken advantage of Metrics clearly display useful results Relatively inexpensive Ability to reach a broad target market Traditional offline media is diminishing
  • 4. Overview
  • 5. Blog News worthy due to many updates Endless series to cover Many visuals (videos, websites etc.) available Interests me since I am a television lover!
  • 6. Persona Working woman Devoted mother & loving wife No time to rest and relax in front of her television!Phyllis Richardson Out of touch with the television series Resorts to the internet for guidance Loves social media
  • 7. Watch out! Bomb Girls Have ArrivedWork it Ladies and Gens! Blog Post TitlesThe Big Bang Theory: Who Says Science Cant be Fun?Phew! Saved by the bellWhat you gonna do when they come for you... Hawaii Five-OIts all about the Magic CityWe Are Family: Modern Family & The Cosby showFriends: Got to love themHouse of Lies: Liar, Pants on FireJersey Shore: GTL Anyone?Pretty Little Liars: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?The Everlasting Young and the Restless
  • 8. Facebook Page
  • 9. Twitter Account
  • 10. YouTube Channel
  • 11. Google Analytics MetricsPositive Traffic types vary Great percentage of direct & referral Time on site remained constantNegative Increased bounce rate Low levels of page visits
  • 12. Week 8 Twitter Overview Followers: 62 Following: 136 Tweets:48 Twitter user: 491, 720 Week 14: Followers: 182 Following: 349 Tweets:97 Twitter user: 10,000
  • 13. Facebook OverviewPositive At peak the pages total reach was 681 Likes increased by 6 through weeks 8-14 At peak people talking about the page was 8Negative Towards week 11-14 it was a slow climb
  • 14. YouTube Channel Overview 4 new subscribers from week 8-14 Ability to post videos and create video playlists Keeps me informed
  • 15. Pinterest Overview Did not gain any visits to my blog from Pinterest Able to pin various content in regards to my blog (i.e. Press release) Allows for more awareness for my blog
  • 16. Hubspot Grader Overview Slowly declined through weeks 8-13 Over all a negative outcome
  • 17. Business Review
  • 18. Key LearningPositive Visits: Slowly climbed from week 8 to week 14 with a total of 111 Traffic types: -High referral rate of 85% (comprised of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger) - Positive direct traffic results of 15% Time on site: Maintained itself at 33 seconds for weeksNegative Bounce rate: Decreased dramatically starting at 63% in week 8 and ending at 73% in week 14 Page(s) per visit: Viewers did not check out many pages throughout their visit (began at 2.23 and ended at 1.53)
  • 19. Indicated Actions Newsworthy - Use social media to get suggestions and polls of what is preferred to be blogged about - Include current ratings/statistics on my blogs to show the stands of the show in the eyes of the critics to ensure my viewers know the information is current Consistent - Constant blog posts - Ensure tags are related to the blog and in the first and last paragraph of the blog post
  • 20. Key LearningPositive Likes: Through weeks 8-10 there was a steady climb in likes Posts: Constant comments/likes and often conversations under my wall postsNegative Weekly total reach: My weekly total reach was 200 or lower People talking about this: For the most part I had under 6 people talking about my page (with an exception of 2 weeks)
  • 21. Indicated Actions Constant updates - Wall postings - Share wall postings from other pages to my own page Write on the wall of other pages to join in the conversation so people notice my page Have more links to my YouTube channel, Pinterest and Blogger and other websites to create versatility
  • 22. Key LearningPositive Followers: High levels of increased followers from week 8 through to 14 (increase of 120 followers) Following: An increase of 213 of Twitter accounts that I have followed from week 8 through to 14Negative Tweets: Achieved a total of 97 tweets by the end of week 14
  • 23. Indicated Actions Tweeting straight from Twitter is important Tweeting once a day is not enough, tweet more! Retweet and mention other Twitter accounts to engage
  • 24. Key LearningPositive Subscribers: Attained 4 subscribers Videos: Have the ability to create playlists and like videos which appear on constant updated YouTube newsfeedNegative Content: Not a lot of time was spent on the YouTube channel
  • 25. Indicated Actions Create appropriate playlists Like as many videos as possible related to my topic Short television updates of myself talking to encourage interaction
  • 26. Positive Key Learning Boards: Created 3 relevant boards (television shows I enjoy, things I adore and people I admire) Followers: Attained 11 followers within weeks 8-14 Following: Following 24 people that mostly are in relation to my topicNegative Pins: Throughout weeks 8-14 I pined/repined 31 things
  • 27. Indicated Actions Spend more time exploring the various pins on the site Pin related information and updates on my topic if the website has the ability to pin it Make my own pins!
  • 28. Recommendations