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Effectively Managing Your LinkedIn Presence


<ul><li> 1. Effectively Managing Your LinkedIn PresenceAugust 27 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. C&amp;G School of Professional DevelopmentEffectively Managing Your LinkedIn PresenceAug. 27, 2014, Noon - 1 p.m.Presented by:David J. Kearney | Cohen &amp; Grigsby, P.C. Tina L. Richardson | Elias/SavionDirector of Technology Services Vice President of Communications2 3. Program LinkedIn Overview Cohen &amp; Grigsby Page Engage Your Network Professional ProfileQ&amp;A3Effectively Managing Your LinkedIn Presence 4. LinkedIn OverviewLinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network onthe Internet More than 300 million+ members in over 200 countries andterritories Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members More than 3 million companies leverage their Company Pageto promote content and build relationships4 5. LinkedIn OverviewConnect the worlds professionals to makethem more productive and successful5 6. LinkedIn OverviewWhy LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for you: Developed for professionals. Direct way to enhance your brand and promote your skillsand experience. Forum for making new connections and strengtheningexisting connections. 7. LinkedIn OverviewWhy LinkedIn is the preferred socialmedia platform for you: Creates an online personal brand. Positions you as a thought leader inyour industry. A way to follow legal and business trends. 8. LinkedIn Overview3,435 employees; 10,245 followers903 employees; 2,069 followers543 employees; 1,037 followers281 employees; 625 followers215 employees; 455 followers 9. Follow Cohen &amp; Grigsby, P.C. Tells the firms story Showcases opportunities Drives word of mouth Information posted oncohenlaw.com, JD Supra, orother external sources thatcontain C&amp;G, are posted onthe company profile page.9Firm Page 10. 10Firm Page Company updates are key to building relationships withfollowers. When your followers engage with your updates, itspreads your message to their professional networks andprovides greater reach. Updates can be seen on your Company Page as well as onfollowers newsfeeds (across all devices including mobile). Calls to action will drive professionals to your ownedproperties. Share content with your networks to increase reach. 11. Engaging your networkBuild network Follow people and companies. Identify people you know, connections of colleagues, etc. Import contacts from your e-mail accounts to discoverconnections on LinkedIn. When reaching out, send a personalized message. 12. Engaging yEoNuGrA nGeEtw: oCrokmpany Research Conduct research on target companies. Search for key executives. Find a way you might be connected. See if one of your connections might be connected tosomeone with the target company. Consider starting a dialogue with someone at thecompany by introducing yourself through LinkedIn. 13. Engaging your network Status updates are key to building relationships withyour followers. Produce content consistently to keep attention. Like, share interesting articles, news or videos. Respond to timely events. Include personal insights on the content you share. Stand out in the feed by using multimedia. Links have 45% higherengagement than those without. Find relevant content to share (Pulse); LinkedIn Bookmarklet13 14. Engaging your network Participate in discussions taking place inestablished groups 100,000 members join new groups every day. Find communities in the Groups Directory. Connect with individuals in a target industry or sector. Joining lets others contact you via group message feature. Increases your profile visibility. Enables you to establish new connections. 15. Take advantage of tools15Engaging your network 16. Maximize yourpresence on LinkedIn16Professional Profile 17. Ten ways to maximize your presence on LinkedIn1. Include a professional photo to vastly improve your chances of being viewed.2. Personalize your profile URL to help people find you.3. Write a headline that sums up your brand and drives your target audienceto dive deeper into your profile.4. Use the summary area of your profile to provide a snapshot of yourprofessional journey and aspirations.5. Have a total word count of at least 40 words, and incorporate industrykeywords, to help people find you via search.20Professional Profile*Source: LinkedIn 18. 6. Add past and present work experience to provide context, and upload(or link to) rich content like websites, blogs, presentations, and videos tocapture your full body of work.7. Get recommendations from colleagues, employers and customers who canspeak to your abilities and contributions.8. Use LinkedIn search to find and connect with past and present colleagues,business partners, and other contacts who can speak to your skillsand experience.9. Share interesting articles, news, or videos through status updates. Includepersonal insights on the content you share.10.Engage with connections posts by liking, commenting, sharing.21Professional Profile*Source: LinkedIn 19. Identify your goals Brand awareness, thought leadership, strengtheningalliances, building community, etc. Define target audience Tailor your profile to speak to them. Keep your profile complete and current. Create a checklist what you need to do (monthly, weekly, daily) Schedule LinkedIn and other social time Rely on status updates,notifications tab and other tools. Visit C&amp;G Intranet for course tip sheet: Engaging with your network(like, comment, share)22Summary: Best Practices 20. 23Q&amp;A </p>