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From the eCommerce Summit in Atlanta June 3-4, 2009 where Nate Gilmore with Shipwire shares how merchants can sell globally but ship locally. Find out more at


  • 1. Is Your Business Ready For International Expansion? Sell International Ship Locally
  • 2. Look Abroad For Growth U.S. brick/mortar retail sales are down; e-commerce up U.S. Dollar fluctuations make International look attractive Key markets to look at are Canada and Europe/UK Large markets and established marketplaces Good transportation modalities Growing online and e-commerce penetration Key questions How to sell internationally? Risks and rewards of entering these markets What to sell in these markets? How to build a business engine in these markets? 2
  • 3. Where to Sell? Follow Internet usage. What nations are wired. Source: ComScore Canada Opportunities 4/09 3
  • 4. Retail Metrics for Retail/E-commerce Retail around the world (ComScore World Metrics 2009) 1 2 3 4
  • 5. Internet Usage World-Wide Consumer Internet usage world-wide Source: ComScore Canada Opportunities 4/09 5
  • 6. What to sell overseas Comscore US Market Q1 09 E-commerce by market Parallels global buying patterns 6
  • 7. How to Attract Buyers Canada, U.K. and key European markets have established marketplaces Canada and U.K. populations heavily rely on Search (Source: ComScore Canada Opportunities 4/09) Take your U.S. best practices on search and apply to local markets 7
  • 8. Expand Overseas Two models for expansion Direct shipping Move products in bulk to local market and sell locally Set goals and roadmap your expansion Product selection Prepare In advance Sell Internationally Deliver Locally Testing the market 8
  • 9. Direct Shipping from U.S. is Complex Good for merchants with DEEP catalogs that cant focus on best sellers Expensive shipping & returns nightmares Long time delays for buyers and CDT issues on buyer You will not look local to the buyer Save with: Consolidators, zone skipping 9
  • 10. Fortune 500 model Goods stored locally Save cost and time on import Competitive local shipping options Fast delivery times Less customs, duties and tax implications on buyer Local returns handling 10
  • 11. Set Goals Past sales review What have you sold internationally? What buyers did you turn away? Focus your international product catalog Pick one market and focus Focus & local research What marketplaces will drive buyers to your website or listings? Any local keywords or phrases that describe your products? Pay-Per-Click prices for regional keywords Directories and marketplaces to seed your keywords Local comparison shopping sites 11
  • 12. Focus on Select Products Questions to ask yourself How complex is your product catalog? What are your top sellers? Will your top sellers do well overseas? Start small and focused Identify the top 5-10 products in your catalog Reduce your inventory requirement Higher value products that are hard to get 12
  • 13. Get Products Into Market Move a small amount of product into the local market Move products in bulk through customs Trusted National customer broker Customs, duties and tax Know your fully landed product cost Send to your outsourced order fulfillment provider in the local market Preparation Customers, duties and tax Business registration (aka Tax ID) Tax advisor if necessary 13
  • 14. Power of Local Fulfillment Focus on growth Happy customers Known shipping rates No surprise Duties Faster delivery Local Returns Scale without hassles No infrastructure investment Pay for what you use Keep cash in your pocket Scale or retreat sales as needed Build a machine and repeat in new marketplaces 14
  • 15. Small Business Retail Revolution 1996 Home business re-invented 2000 Instant online store introduced 2002 Online payments start getting easier 2003 Finding new customers made easy 2005 China trade barriers reduced Imports by SMBs surge: 5000 containers/day into LA port Storage & shipping is still do-it-yourself! 2008 Storage and shipping solved 15
  • 16. Elegant Process Simplifies the Complex 16
  • 17. Fortune 500 model Immense cost savings Delight buyers Local Carriers Returns Storage An engine for GROWTH 17
  • 18. Resources Full write-up of Go International Ship Local International-Deliver-Local-Part-1 International-Deliver-Local-Part-2 Shipwire would like to advise your expansion 888-SHIPWIRE 18