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  • 1. BUILDING great e-Commerce APIs@saranyan !Hacker and Tech Guy, Bigcommerce

2. THE STORY 1 3. PLATFORM 4. WHY? x x xLoyalty based appsMarketing appsAnalytics apps 5. WHO? xLoyalty based appsMarketing appsAnalytics apps 6. OUR VISIONosBe the e-Commerce operating system 7. OPPORTUNITIES 3 8. WHAT ARE MERCHANTS LOOKING FOR? Apps helping to sell moreDISCOVERYMOBILEPAYMENTCOUPONSINTENTSOCIALCURATIONSHARINGPROMOTIONSGIFTSSUGGEST PRODUCTSLOYALTYREWARDSSHOPPINGFULFILLORDERSUPSELLPOST SALEREVIEWSREENGAGE 9. APPCONOMY Number of apps1007550250 Q4 2011Q2 2012Q4 2012Q2 2013 10. MONETIZATION HubspotOrder ManagementMineful$200$0$15One SaaSEmail MarketingMailchimpOrdercupShip station$24$20$25 11. APPS WITH ROI Mobile experience19%Customer retention30%23% Frictionless Payments28%Product discovery 12. BUILD AN APP TODAY @saranyan saranyan.vigraham@bigcommerce.com 13. THANK YOU