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Echinoderms Spiny Skin. Echinoderms movies. Echinoderms Are:. Starfish Sea Lilies Feather Stars Basket Stars Sea Urchins Sea Cucumbers Sand Dollars. There are 5 characteristics:. Radial Symmetry Spiny skin Internal skeleton Water vascular system Tube feet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Echinoderms Spiny SkinEchinoderms movies

  • Echinoderms Are:StarfishSea LiliesFeather StarsBasket StarsSea UrchinsSea CucumbersSand Dollars

  • There are 5 characteristics:Radial SymmetrySpiny skinInternal skeletonWater vascular systemTube feet

  • The internal skeleton of an echinoderm is made of calcium carbonate bony plates that are bumpy or spiny for protection.

    An echinoderms water vascular system is a system of canals that carry food and oxygen and remove wastes.

    The water vasuclar system also helps an echinoderm move.

  • Echinoderms have tube feet used for moving and getting food.Tube feet movieTube feet movie 2

  • ReproductionSexualLarva StageReproduction Movie

  • 5 Class of EchinodermsCrinoidea- Sea LilliesOphiuroidea- Brittle StarsEchinoidea- Sea Urchins and SandollarsHolothuroidea- Sea CucumbersAsteriodea- Starfish

  • Crinoidea (kri-NOID-ee-uh)

    sea lilies and feather starssessile and mobile5 arms extend and branchtube feet filter feed and respiremouth faces up

  • Ophiuroidea (OH-fee-yoor-OID-ee-uh)long narrow, flexible arms move quicklybasket stars

  • Echinoidea (EK-uh-NOID-ee-uh)

    sea urchins and sand dollarsendoskeleton called testsea urchins eat by scraping algae with jaw-like Aristotle lanternSand Dollars live along seacoastsshort spines used for locomotionsand dollars

  • Holothuroidea (HOH-loh-thuh-ROID-ee-uh)

    Sea Cucumbers soft bodyArmless, they burrow Tube feet around mouthSea cucumbers movieSea Cucumber movie 2

  • Asteriodea (AS-tuh-ROID-ee-uh)

    sea stars5 to many arms

  • A starfish is able to re-grow its arms.

    A starfish uses its tube feet to move and to open its food (bivalves).

  • Digestive GlandReproductive Gland/Gonads

  • Starfish EatingCanals and Stomach

  • Water Vascular System

  • Kingdom of Animals InvertebratesPorifera SpongesFlatworms Turbellaria, Trematoda,,CestodaRoundworms- NematodaRotifersMollusks Gastropoda, Bivalves, CephalopodsAnnelida- Oligochaeta, Polychaeta, HirudineaCnidarians- Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, AnthozoaArthropods Crustacians, Arachnids, Myriapods and InsectsEchinoderms Crinoidea, Ophiuroidea, Echinoidea, Holothuroidea, Asteriodea.

  • Invertebrate ExamBe able to identify organisms by Phylum and Class/Order name.Know characteristics of organisms reproduction, eating, body plan, special features, etc.Be able to identify structures off of dissections we have done.


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