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Dylan Johnson5427 Lakemont Blvd SEApt 721Bellevue, WA 98006(206) 304-0760Dylwilljohn@gmail.com

Objective Being offered an opportunity within a company that requires an ambitious employee with a strong ability to work for and alongside others.

Education Decatur High School Graduate. [09/2004-06/2008] B.A. in Educational Ministry from Seattle Pacific University. [09/2008-06/2012] Minor in Communications.

Work Experience: Aramark Food Services George, WA [05/2007-09/2007]Position: Vendor Supervisor Job Description:Monitoring the activity of vendors and assisting them in the distribution of soft drinks during concerts before collecting their profits at the end of the night.Skills Used: Managing coworkers Selling products Gathering RevenueReason for Leaving: Seasonal Position.

Upper Queen Anne Safeway Seattle, WA [02/2009-06/2009] Position: Barista Job Description:Preparing coffee, tea, and pastries for Safeway shoppers while sustaining a neat and orderly work environment.Skills Used: Complying with safety and sanitation regulations Professionally dealing with difficult customers Handling cash Inventory managementReason for Leaving: Relocation

Seattle Pacific University Housekeeping Seattle, WA [09/2011-06/2012] Position: Housekeeping Assistant Job Description: Keeping SPUs residence halls clean by emptying all waste receptacles and sanitizing all floors, windows, and other surfaces. Skills Used: Efficiency with a variety of tools and equipment Attention to detail General maintenance workReason for Leaving: Seasonal Position

Seattle Pacific University Seattle, WA [09/2011-06/2012] Position: Peer AdvisorJob Description: Enhancing the quality of the residence halls by administering university guidelines, planning educational events, and settling disputes between residents.Skills Used: Enforcing rules and regulations Conflict resolution Organizing events and meetings Managing peopleReason for Leaving: Seasonal Position

Wave Division Holdings Kirkland, WA [07/2012-12/2012]Position: Technical Support RepresentativeJob Description:Assisting customers over the phone with issues regarding their cable services while making notes for company records. Skills Used: Analyzing and troubleshooting a wide range of technical issues Knowledge of various software and operating systems Remaining patient with demanding customers Finding solutions to various billing issues. Data collection and managementReason for Leaving: Personal Reasons

Playnetwork Inc. Redmond, WA [07/2013 - ]Position: Client Services SpecialistJob Description:Working with clients to resolve issues with the music playing in their places of business. Skills Used: Understanding the needs of a diverse and ever expanding client base. Working closely with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on a daily basis. Staying familiar with a wide range of processes for solving various audio and billing issues.Reason for Leaving: Looking for a new challenge.


Individual SignificanceDuring my time at PlayNetwork, Jordan has worked closely with me as we have taken leadership positions within our companys two Customer Service teams. Due to both of us being senior representatives in our respective departments, its been necessary for Jordan and I to coordinate on what is best for our groups and he could definitely testify to my ability to work with and for others.

Jordan EskenaziSenior Client Services Rep,PlayNetwork Inc. Email: jeskenazi@playnetwork.com

Jacob was an essential part of the hiring process at Wave where I was employed right out of college. He provided a great deal of assistance to me when I was starting out, and could attest to both my willingness to learn new things and my enthusiasm for new challenges. He and I have continued to work together outside of Wave on in pendant film projects, and he could confirm that I am gifted in administrational areas that have been an asset to us.

Jacob GraffCell: (206) 304-0766jacobmgraf@gmail.com

Ruthie was my most committed volunteer when I worked as the Director of Youth Ministries at Life Community Church. She has seen me take initiative during moments of critical importance, and she has seen me take responsibility for different events and procedures that required improvement.

Ruthie Gronenthal Teaching Intern, Highline Public SchoolsCell: (425) 999-2700gronenthalr@spu.edu