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  • 230 S Phillips Ave, #102Sioux Falls, SD 57104(605)

    Downtown Sioux Falls: GOOD NEIGHBOR GUIDE

  • Welcome to Downtown Sioux Falls!

    Whether youre a newcomer, a long-time resident, business or property owner in downtown Sioux Falls, being a Good Neighbor makes it possible to live and prosper together in a dynamic mixed-use neighborhood. Being a Good Neighbor means that we acknowledge the diverse uses of downtown as one of our greatest assets.

    This Good Neighbor Guide is intended to provide an understanding of what Good Neighbors are and the expectations for us to be Good Neighbors. It also provides information on resolution of conflicts that may occur from living and working in our vibrant and growing central business district.

    The preparation of this guide has been a joint effort of Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. volunteer committees and outreach meetings with the Sioux Falls Police Department and various departments throughout City Hall. It reflects the desires and intentions of the residents, business owners, and property owners to be Good Neighbors to one another, to visitors and to the City of Sioux Falls.

    About Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc.Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. (DTSF) is a non-profit corporation committed to continually upgrading and enhancing the vitality of downtown by providing excitement, activity and a positive image within the community through promotions, design, economic development and public relations. DTSF is also committed to making the downtown neighborhood the best place to work, live and play.

    For more information about DTSF, visit or call (605) 338-4009.

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    Downtown Boundaries

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  • Being Respectful To Other Residents: Recommendations For Being A Good NeighborIn order to maintain quality of life in a unique neighborhood environment, consideration of others is essential for the good of the entire community. Residents should be mindful of their neighbors, specifically:

    Trash & Recycling Everyone should be responsible for the pick-up and disposal of their debris (cans, bottles, cigarettes, boxes, etc.) from sidewalks, gutters and alleys abutting their business or property on a daily basis.

    Keep alleys clean and free of debris Many businesses rely on special delivery trucks that use our alleys to load and unload merchandise and food products.

    Snow & Ice Removal The City of Sioux Falls requires all public sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow within 48 hours after completion of each snow or ice accumulation. Call (605) 978-6900 during normal business hours, or leave a voice message after hours or on weekends, to report violations.

    Visit to get the latest Snow Alert updates from the city and subscribe to get text & email notifications.

    Expectations For Living & Working Together Successfully.

    Recognizing & Accepting DifferencesLiving and working in our dynamic neighborhood provides immediate access to a variety of unique, historic and cultural opportunities, such as;

    Historic buildings, theaters & art galleries

    Eclectic retail boutiques

    Abundant recreation opportunities

    Award-winning restaurants

    Contemporary professional businesses

    Bars, clubs and entertainment options

    Community festivals celebrating culture and diversity

    Downtown is a community gathering place. It is the historic core of our city, and it is a place where everyone is welcome.

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  • Graffiti & Streetscape Please help keep downtown an attractive place to be by reporting graffiti immediately to DTSF at (605) 338-4409 or Code Enforcement at (605) 978-6900.

    If you have potted plants outside your business or residence, please make sure to keep them healthy by trimming or removing decaying foliage.

    Noise & Security When hosting gatherings, do not over-share your security building codes. Keeping downtown safe and secure is critical to the health and vitality of the neighborhood.

    Be mindful of your neighbors by keeping the noise level down during the hours of 11pm to 6am.

    Pets When walking pets, always remember to bring plenty of bags to remove and dispose of any and all of their waste. Pet waste is toxic and is a punishable city offense if not discarded appropriately. New pet waste stations have been installed in the area. Please see the map on page 2 and look for this icon.

    Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Please be aware that riding your bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal on Phillips Ave between 14th and 9th Street, as well as between Reid Street and E 8th Street (including the board walk on 8th & RR Center). In these areas, cyclists must ride in the street and obey all laws pertaining to cycling on streets. If you have questions regarding bicycle laws or pedestrian safety, please contact the City Planning Department at (605) 367-8888. If you notice a cyclist riding in a prohibited area, please contact our Neighborhood Resource Police Officers listed on page 7.

    Moving Downtown When locating a business or establishing your residency downtown, please consider other building tenants and neighbors by being mindful of your parking needs while moving-in. If needed, you may request a parking permit by contacting Public Parking at (605) 367-8170.

    Construction & Renovations Consider the impact your construction or renovation project may have on the neighborhood before you begin your project. DTSF staff can help you identify a strategy to mitigate the impact your project may have on the neighborhood.

    Community & Cultural Events Our downtown is host to numerous events, parades and festivals throughout the year that celebrate our heritage, community and diversity. For some events, it is necessary to close certain streets during the event. For a list of events and street closures, please visit

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  • Join DTSF!Our organization brings downtown stakeholders together to provide a platform to address the challenges that face our neighborhood. Strategic gatherings such as our monthly member meetings, committees, resident mixers and task forces ensure neighbors have an opportunity to engage with each other and learn about neighborhood issues that impact them.

    Parking Downtown Its So Easy!Those who work in the downtown area should be aware of the importance of available parking for clients and customers of surrounding businesses. Please take the time to educate your staff on the importance of parking in one of the parking ramps. For further information about parking locations, rates and billing options, please visit

    Present a Welcoming AtmosphereHow you present your business to the public has a direct impact on your business neighbors and makes lasting impressions to visitors. Please make sure to keep your windows, sidewalks, and displays clean and inviting on a regular basis.

    Alcohol ApplicationsIf you have plans to expand your products to include serving alcohol, it is recommended you reach out to your business neighbors to inform them of your plans. This will help alleviate any misperceptions and address any concerns that your neighbors may have regarding your plans.

    Contact Brienne Maner, Communications & Membership Manager for more information. (605) 338-4009 ext. 12 or

    Suggestions For Preventing Conflict

    It is important to understand that differences within the neighborhood may sometimes occur. The most important step in preventing a difference from becoming a conflict is to make sure that all parties share the same definition of the situation. In order to do this, each party may first need to understand how others perceive the issue. In addition, all parties need to understand each others interest in resolving the situation. By doing this, the risk of the situation being interpreted differently is decreased, and meaningful dialogue on the resolution can begin.

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  • Resources For ResolutionWhat If We Dont Act As Good Neighbors?With the intensity of the mixed-uses in our neighborhood, there may be instances when good neighborly behavior is not practiced, or when expectations of good neighborliness are not met. In these instances, conflict may arise, and the joy of living and working downtown is threatened. Unchecked, the initial dispute may spread and become a major issue in the neighborhood, adversely affecting the quality of life and property values and the desirability for attracting future development.

    It is also important to understand that conflict may not always be prevented. Conflict brings the disagreement into the open, allowing the parties to mutually resolve their differences. Thus, attention in the neighborhood must focus on making constructive change for any conflict that may arise. In this way, conflict and its resolution may be both healthy and productive.

    Resources For Resolution #1 Person-To Person DialogueOften and early-on, open, person-to-person dialogue with the other party(ies) to the conflict is an effective means to its resolution.

    The process of person-to-person dialogue in resolving conflict includes: Identification of mutual interests and concerns of each party to the dispute What are their interests, what solution will work for all parties involved?

    Separation of the personality of the parties from the problem. Avoidance of any party