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Downtown Sioux Falls Campaign . Kirsten Hastings, Briana Schultz, Ali Ramsley . Problems . Infill in DTSF Filling unoccupied, developed space with residential and/or businesses in Downtown Sioux Falls Safety in DTSF Inconvenient Business Hours Is this affecting potential businesses? . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Downtown Sioux Falls Campaign

Downtown Sioux Falls Campaign Kirsten Hastings, Briana Schultz, Ali Ramsley Problems Infill in DTSF Filling unoccupied, developed space with residential and/or businesses in Downtown Sioux FallsSafety in DTSFInconvenient Business HoursIs this affecting potential businesses? Goals and ObjectivesOverall goalIncrease infill efforts downtownClearing up empty, unoccupied space Promoting safetyDetermine a solution that would allow residents and consumers to enjoy business amenities by implementing longer business hours Research Current trends Government research has shown that moving towards to the city core has already become a trend. This will be helpful reinforcement for the message of our campaign and will also reinforce the communication theories we plan to use to strengthen our message.EPAExpand housing choicesMake neighborhoods livelierincrease the tax basesafeguard rural landscapes; protect natural resourcesreduce infrastructure costs

Research ContinuedSafety downtown2013 Sioux Falls Survey City of Sioux Falls77% said they felt very or somewhat safe from violent crimes80% felt very or somewhat safe from environmental hazards.Downtown Sioux Falls91% of people felt safe when being downtown during daytime hours.47% said they felt safe when being downtown at night.

Research ContinuedInconvenient Business Hours College Professor scenario Majority of DTSF businesses close between 4-5 p.m. Brienne Maner- Membership Coordinator of DTSFNo policy on business hours First Friday of every month Other cities downtown business hours 6 p.m.Events every other Friday

Publics Infill Triangle Businesses, residents, consumersBusinesses- variety of services stronger city core encourage infillResidents- more residents more consumersBaby boomers- looking to downsize, while still wanting access to restaurants, entertainment, etc Wealthy business professionals (20s-30s)Publics Continued Consumers High number of consumers increase in business profit keeps businesses running decrease the amount on unoccupied, developed space available College students, middle aged, older adults Possibility that the consumers would look toward becoming residents of DTSF if they have a positive experience downtown.

Our CampaignOverall goal- promote infill 3 different strategiesFundraising and EventsGym CrawlSafetyGood Neighbor PolicyInconvenient HoursHappy Hour

Gym Crawl Event Exercise incentive eventFitness classes and weight room activitiesReceive prizes for donated servicesAffect on businesses downtownHelp consumers determine what they like

Communication TacticsTexting serviceSigns to tell people to text a number to get updates about news and events downtown. Advertisement in the DTSF newsletter describing our texting service Older generationsMail an event calendar once a year

Good Neighbor PolicyAgreement to provide safety and support to their community to the best of their abilities.Businesses and residentsOpen door policy- looking out for one anotherA written agreement- renewed every time you sign a new lease. Increase infill efforts downtown by creating a sense of community between businesses and residents. Affects consumers because they could count on the Good Neighbor policy agreement between businesses and residents.

Communication TacticsWindow signs assurance of Good Neighbor PolicyInformation packetAdvertises the amenities that DTSF has to offer, while emphasizing the Good Neighbor PolicySpecial insert about the Good Neighbor policy that describes the policy and statistics about safety downtownDistributed when potential residents tour the residential communities, visit on Loft Tour days, or have them in real estate offices. Happy HourNot just directed at drink and appetizer specialsEvery Wednesday afternoon from 4pm - 7pm. Businesses encouraged to remain open and offer deals for their various services. Hopefully increase sales for businesses and attract more customers to the downtown area. Eventually, businesses possible would extend their hours of operation on Wednesdays in addition to Fridays.

Communication TacticsSmall handouts to place on peoples cars Check out your favorite businesses this Wednesday to get some great deal!,Facebook and TwitterFocused statuses and tweetsCalendar and BudgetBudget- 5,000Fundraising/EventsSafetyBusiness HoursTexting service-Information packets- 500 x 3 = $1,500Car signs- 500 x .15= 75Event calendar- 500 x 5 = $2,500Facebook/Twitter- priceless CalendarAs soon as possibleGym Crawl- late August

Effectiveness Campaign definition- does not need to be successfulDTSF Campaign Increase in sales for downtown businesses along with more of the residential spaces occupied with new residentsTo consider the campaign successfulIncrease in the number of people utilizing downtown.Increase awarenessEvents may not appeal to everyoneSurvey What they would like to seeTool in future planning


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