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    Florida Delegation, Southeast U.S./Japan (SEUS/Japan), Florida-Korea Economic Cooperation Committee (FLOR/KOR) and Florida-China Association (FCA), in partnership with the City of Doral International Business Advisory Board, will jointly hold their next Annual Asian Business Conference/Networking Reception in Miami at the Marriott Doral Golf Resort & Spa this coming September 7.

    City of Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez will open the event with welcoming remarks, and Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll has been invited to deliver keynote remarks on the over-all importance of Floridas business ties with Asia. Three sequential pan-els addressing current business issues and ties with Japan, Korea and China, will feature outstanding speakers with expertise in these areas.

    The conference program will include a networking reception, and will be followed by a Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster relief fundraiser dinner from 7:15-9:00 p.m. that will include entertainment, and be emceed by Shannon Hori, the local Miami CBS 4 television news anchor. The Consul General of Japan in Miami plans to par-ticipate in the program as well.

    The City of Doral International Business Development Advisory Board is title sponsor of the event. Supporting organizations include: the Beacon Council; the Doral Business Council; Enterprise Florida; the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO); the Korea Trade-Center Miami (KOTRA); Miami-Dade County Office of Economic

    Development & International Trade; the Consul General of Japan in Miami; and the World Trade Center Miami. SEUS/Japan, FLOR/KOR and FCA work in partnership with the Florida Governors Office, Enterprise Florida and other key economic development organizations and corporations state-wide to promote trade and investment with East Asias top three economies of Japan, S. Korea and China.

    Registration for the conference and reception is $20. Individual tick-ets for the Japan earthquake/tsunami relief fundraiser dinner will be available for $150.00. The net proceeds from the dinner will be contributed to the Japanese Consulates earthquake relief program. More information is avail-able online at:, via e-mail: or by phone at 786-235-8289.

    Health Care Corner Asian Business Conference and Japan Fundraising Dinner

    Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez - City of Doral Shannon Hori - CBS Channel 4

    The conference program will include a networking reception, and will be followed by a Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster relief fundraiser dinner.


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    AUGUST 8, 2011

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  • Opening a restaurant is like an act of commitment and passion. It helps to have the entrepreneur and restaurant instinct as a family legacy. Being a University of Miami graduate, with a degree in Finance and Marketing, Bok An, owner and restaurateur, found out that he wasnt the corporate type. In January 20th, 1997 he opened the restaurant Sakura, and embarked on a journey that has led to 14 years of running a successful restaurant.

    In 2008, the opportunity to expand from being a 70-seating restaurant presented itself. Not only did Bok expand the restaurant to seat 170 patrons, but also re-launch it with a new name Soowoo Japanese Steakhouse. Soowoo stays on the top of Dorals restaurant scene by infusing it with fresh ideas, new concepts and changing the menu almost every quarter. He understands that palates and trends change in the culinary world. One thing that differs Soowoo from competitors is the full bar that has a fantastic selection of fi ne single malt scotches. From time to time, Bok invites patrons to attend scotch tasting events at the restaurant. Ideas such as this one are what leads him to have

    success during this economic landscape. The restaurant has such a strong following that it is being as successful as before the economic down turn. The lunch patrons enjoy the Express Lunch that focuses on getting you fed, happy and ready to go back to the offi ce in 40 minutes.

    Two years ago, Soowoo Japanese Steakhouse became a member of the Doral Business Council (DBC). This avenue of exposure has led others to discover this pearl of a restaurant in the heart of Doral. In 2010, a DBC After Hours was hosted there and the response was positive and energizing. Members enjoyed discovering a new place and re-familiarizing themselves with the new dcor and menu. As a member of the DBC he sees the importance of networking and the expansion of word of mouth advertising. The DBC has opened this avenue to a success that he would welcome the opportunity to host another After Hours. One philosophy he has that he infuses to his staff is, He doesnt pay their salaries, customers do. His staff knows and focuses on great customer service.

    All this work, but how does Bok An balance his personal life? Did you know he is an avid golfer? With a handicap of 8, his passion for the sport is apparent. Just

    look around the restaurant and you will see photos of Bok with the golf elite that come into town to participate in the PGA tour in Doral. When asked about his game and why he plays it, a smile will come to his face. It is his way of refocusing his energy and bringing balance to his life.

    Great food, great service, new dishes being offered from time to time, scotch tasting events for the patrons and more How can you be in the know? Come by have lunch or dinner, say hello to Bok. The food and atmosphere will speak for itself.

    TheBUSINESS FORCEFOR DORAL doralbusinesscouncil

    Doral Business Council 2315 NW 107 Avenue Doral, Florida 33172 Tel. 305-470-9597 Fax 305-591-8431

    Member Pro le

    DBC pages The Business Force for Doral coordinated and edited by the 2011 Marketing Committee:Chair: Mariangelica Alvarado, Metlife Advisor: Nubielena Medina-Gomez, NMG Consulting Inc.

    Marketing Committee: Marti Bueso, Home Financing Center; Irwin Cardenas, Dream Studio; Max Fleisher, Send Out Cards; George Mazola, Nupress of Miami Inc; Chris Perez, Reach Local; Jason Timmons, Great Florida Bank; Mariela Almanza, Navarro Discount Pharmacies

    Design by: Marcia Mendez-Vento, The VenMar Group, Inc.


    Soowoo Japanese Steakhouse:A Culinary Exploration of Asian Cuisine

    Bok An, owner of Soowoo Japanese Steakhouse

    Soowoo stays on the top of Dorals restaurant scene by infusing it with fresh ideas, new concepts and changing the menu almost every quarter

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  • The Womens Alliance Group (WAG), a committee of the Doral Business Council, is celebrating its third year anniversary! Led by its dynamic Chair, Norris Perez of Halo Branded Solutions, and Assistant Chairs Gina Perez of The Club at Doral and Alina Barrios of Victoria & Associates Career Services, the group is comprised of vibrant professional women (and men) from all over South Florida.

    The WAG was created to serve as a platform for women to develop relationships that will ensure personal and professional growth; and contribute to the success of the community by channeling resources through local charities in much need of assistance. Each year, the Group hosts a culminating event, the Signature Luncheon, created not only to celebrate women and the organizations success, but also to partner and promote a charity whose mission touches the hearts of the community.

    We meet the fi rst Friday of each month for breakfast at different venues throughout Doral, states Chair Norris Perez. They are always looking for motivational speakers to provide valuable information that

    members can use and share with the rest of their network. So far this year they have learned from community experts on topics such as Three Simple Secrets to Better Credit by Second Chance Credit; update

    on the state of the real estate and fi nancial industries by Lourdes Seda Realty, City

    THE BUSINESS FORCE FOR DORALdoralbusinesscouncil

    See PHILANTHROPY, page ?

    Philanthropy and the Womens Alliance GroupALINA BARRIOS


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    See PHILANTHROPY, page 3


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