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  • Diy crafts jewelry-learn to make beaded jewelry bracelets

    The beaded jewelry bracelets are easy to make if

    you put your heart in it. You only need some seed

    beads and some other supporting materials,

    simple and decent diy craft jewelry will present in

    front of you.

    Materials you need while making the beaded jewelry


    4mm blue seed beads

    2mm white seed beads

    Lobster claw

    Crimp beads

    Bead tips

    Nylon wire


    Flat nose plier

    How to make the diy craft jewelry:

    Step1: fix the nylon wire Step2: add beads

    A tutorial of diy craft jewelry will teach you to make beaded jewelry bracelets and it will be a good start for

    those people who newly contact the beading diy because it is easy to make and can increase their


    Prepare enough nylon wire, fold it and put the

    crimp beads and bead tip in the middle of the

    thread, clip tight with flat nose plier.

    1. String a white bead on both of the two

    nylon wires.

    2. Slide a blue bead and two white beads on

    the left wire in order, as to the right side one;

    we should string two white beads and then a

    blue bead in order.

    3. Add a white bead on the two lines, so we

    have finished a unit.

  • Step3: make more units

    Repeat the above step and make more units until the beaded jewelry bracelets are long enough.

    Make an overhand knot and then string the crimp beads and bead tip as the first step shows.

    Snip off the excrescent part.

    Here is the whole guidance of how to make beaded jewelry bracelets. Have you mastered it?

    Tips: while you are repeating to make the units,

    pay attention to the position of left and right nylon

    wire, and the sequence of the bead sliding.

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