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Beaded Jewelry Evaluation Formular CZ


<ul><li><p>LLP Leonardo da Vinci Partnership </p><p>JEWELRY FROM BEADS FROM TRADITIONAL COSTUME TO THE MARKET </p><p>(BEADED jEUwelry) </p><p>POST EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE </p><p>1. What were your personal learning objectives and expectations before the mobility? </p><p> Learning objectives Expectations </p><p> Comment: </p><p>2. How do you assess your personal performance in terms of achievement of your learning objectives? 1 = passive 5 = very active, participatory </p><p> 1 2 3 4 5 </p><p> Comment: </p></li><li><p>3. What is useful for you personally and professionally from knowledge gained from the presentation about the Czech folk jewelry and study visits in the glass beads factory and the museum which could be useful for your? </p><p>4. What value has from your point of view the non-formal education and link to the market in this partnership? </p><p> FOR THOSE WHO TOOK PARTIN THE NFE EXPLORING EVENING: What are your findings about the non-formal education and its methods? </p></li><li><p>5. Was the introduction of the Inscape manual and the practical example useful? </p><p> YES NO </p><p> Comment: </p><p>6. How did you use the space/take initiative/experiment/contribute/take action during the free style beading workshop? (e.g. putting in practice proposed redesign patterns, creating own redesign style of the necklaces from my or other countries? </p></li><li><p>7. FOR COORDINATORS: How efficient was the meetings related to the next steps of the partnership and its results? What are the main outcomes of the coordinators meetings? </p><p>8. Which concept of re-design is the most acceptable and closest to you and your connection to the beading jewelry? And/or which concept are you going to apply in case of making redesign beaded jewelry? </p><p> to change the design </p><p> to revise in appearance </p><p> to revise the function </p><p> to revise the content </p><p>+ from following reasons: Comment: </p></li><li><p>9. What belongs to the positive aspects fo the exhibition and what are the suggestion? </p><p> Comment: </p><p> 10. Your personal/organizational learning outcomes </p><p>from this mobility: </p><p>Positive aspects/success Suggestions </p></li><li><p>11. General evaluation: (taking into consideration all partners had a choice of the selection of the accommodation and restaurants, development of the programme with the coordinating organisation </p><p>Evaluation (1 - 5) Comments </p><p>Meeting in general </p><p>Accomodation </p><p>Board </p><p>Programme and its flow </p><p> Working spaces </p><p>Study visits </p><p>Group of participants and cooperation </p><p> Any other comments: </p><p>Thank you very much for taking time to complete this form! </p></li></ul>