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    Gemstone/birthstone necklace collection NG-N-GF-SET - Gold Plated Charm/14k GF Chain, Set of 12 - $204

    NG-N-SS-SET - Pewter Charm/SS Chain, Set of 12 - $204 NG-N-MM-SET - Mixed Metal, Set of 24 - $408

    DISP-004 - Wooden Block w/ Slots, Handmade in USA 14-1/16"W x 7-1/2"D x 1-5/8"H - $28

    *Ordering of specific necklaces available as re-order only. Each necklace is $17.

    gemstone/birthstone collection

    Each necklace features a pendant cast from an antique button, paired with one of

    12 birthstone/natural gemstones.

    Letterpress story card includes metaphysical properties of each natural stone,

    but does not list the birthstone month, so it can be merchandised based on the month or the properties

    the stone represents.

    These necklaces are sold in sets of 12: one of each gemstone with pewter charm/18” sterling chain, and/or 12 of each gemstone with gold plated

    charm/18” 14k gold filled chain.

    Pewter Pendant, Sterling Silver

    Chain. *Shown enlarged.

    Gold Plated Pewter Pendant, 14k Gold

    Filled Chain. *Shown enlarged.

    Necklace displayed on letterpress story cards.

    Story cards in our handmade wooden block display. Display is available for purchase on page 32.

    Small signage to place with display listing the birthstones

    & coordinating months.

  • Alphabet 3/8” hand stamped alphabet charms come in 3 different fonts.

    Each alphabet charm hangs on an 18” chain. See the whole alphabet below. We also have opening package deals and can suggest best selling letters.

    Assembled 18” Necklaces: ALPH-N-GF - 14k GF Charm/14k GF Chain - $21 ALPH-N-SS - Sterling Charm/Sterling Chain - $17

    ALPH-N-BR - Brass Charm/Gold Plated Chain - $14 *specify which font when ordering, see font choices below.

    best seller

    Sterling Silver Brass

    Stam ped Collection


    2mm Swarovski birthstones SWV-GP - Gold Plated Wire, Set of 12 - $30

    SWV-SS - Sterling Silver Wire, Set of 12 - $30 SWV-GF - 14k Gold Fill Wire, Set of 12 - $35

    Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr.

    May June July Aug.

    Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.

    Birthstone add on 2mm Swarovski crystals make a great up-sell

    to the Alphabet necklaces! Perfect to put in a small dish by the necklace

    display. Quantity discounts available.

    3/8” Stamped alphabet charm only ALPH-CH-GF - 14k GF Charm - $10 ALPH-CH-SS - Sterling Charm - $8 ALPH-CH-BR - Brass Charm - $6

    Alphabet Charms 3/8” charms with jump rings. Available in 3 fonts and 3 different metals. These are also perfect

    up-sell items. Keep them in a dish with the necklace display. Quantity discounts available.

    best seller

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y zTypewriter Font - Block Font -

    Jaque & Giles Font -

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    Assembled 18” Necklaces (Charm & Chain): MNT-N-GF - 14k GF Charm/14k GF Chain - $27 MNT-N-SS - Sterling Charm/Sterling Chain - $20

    MNT-N-GP - Gold Plated Charm/Gold Plated Chain - $15 
 MNT-N-PEW - Antique Pewter Charm/Sterling Chain - $15

    1/2” Stamped MANTRA CHARMS (Charm only) MNT-CH-GF - 14k GF Charm - $16 MNT-CH-SS - Sterling Charm - $12

    MNT-CH-GP - Gold Plated Pewter Charm - $6 MNT-CH-PEW - Antique Pewter Charm - $6

    Hand stamped charms Our hand stamped charms are 1/2” in diameter

    and available in antique pewter, gold plated pewter, sterling silver, and 14k gold filled metals.

    Charms are sold individually, on our beaded bangles and crystal bracelets, or on a chain in the metal

    of your choice!

    Get Shit Done

    Fuck It Bad Ass BitchKick Ass

    You Got This Be StillDo Good Things

    Be Kind Namaste BreatheFearless

    BlessedFaithLet It Go Gratitude

    Mantra Bracelets Hand stamped 1/2” charms in gold plated pewter

    or antique pewter, hanging from a crocheted beaded bangle (top) or a crystal bracelet strung on

    stretchy plastic elastic (bottom). See more info on ordering bracelets on page 4.

    MNT-BB-GP - Gold Plated Charm - $12 
 MNT-BB-PEW - Antique Pewter Charm - $12

    MNT-CC-GP - Gold Plated Charm - $12 MNT-CC-PEW - Antique Pewter Charm - $12

  • stam ped collection


    bella vita Bracelets Bella Vita Beaded Bangles and Crystal Bracelets are some of our top sellers! From plain bracelets to Mantra bracelets they are a hit! The beaded bangles are crocheted and the crystal bracelets are faceted glass strung on stretchy plastic elastic. Both styles roll on the wrist and are one size fits all. Due to the nature of the bracelets we never know what colors we will run across. When ordering, make your color request and we will match as closely as possible! You can tell us a color palette

    you like, for instance, muted colors, neutral colors, jewel tones, full rainbow, etc… To order, specify item number, mantra, & color mix you would like us to match. We also have displays on page 32.

    Keep one - Give one These bracelet sets were created with the intention of keeping one bracelet for yourself and sharing the other one with a friend that needs a little “pick me up.”

    Each bracelet set includes two charms in the mantra of your choice, two matching bracelets, and a story card with instructions on the back. Please specify color request

    and mantra choices when ordering. See above left for more info on color options.

    KG-B-GP - Gold Plated Charms, 2 bracelet set on story card - $22

    KG-B-PEW - Antique Pewter Charms, 2 bracelet set on story card - $22

    crystal bracelets Sample color ways of crystal


    Beaded Bangles Sample color ways of beaded


    best seller

    DISP-004 - Oak Block w/ Slots, 14-1/16"W x 7-1/2"D x 1-5/8"H - $28

    Made in USA

    bella Vita Bracelet Bar 32 Bracelets in the color palette of your choice. 16 crocheted beaded bangles

    and 16 crystal bracelets. Select 8 different mantras in gold plated, antique pewter, or a mixed metal combo. Display not included. See all displays on page 32.

    MNT-B-GP-PAK— Gold Plated Charms, 32 Pieces - $384 MNT-B-PEW-PAK- Antique Pewter Charms, 32 Pieces - $384

    MNT-B-MM-PAK - Mixed Metal, Set of 32 - $384 DISP-001 - 10” tall x 12” long at top - $25

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    GPS Coordinate Cuff COOR-BR-CUFF - Brass Cuff w/ GPS Coordinates - $20

    COOR-CP-CUFF - Copper Cuff w/ GPS Coordinates - $20 COOR-SS-CUFF - Sterling Cuff w/ GPS Coordinates - $34 

 *Please send the address of the GPS coordinates you wish to have

    stamped. If you know the coordinates, even better, just send those along with your order! We also need to know what font you would like. There are 2 to choose from (see above), Font A - small block, Font C - large block.

    Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelets Create your own mantra or chose from one of our favorites! We can even do

    double sided stamping (with a small extra fee). We can add a state stamp to the inside of the cuff, or a secret message. Or perhaps you want your mantra or GPS coordinate on the inside of the cuff instead of the outside. That is possible too!!!

    Small block font, shown


    Font A - Small Block Font

    Font C - Large Block Font




    Mantra Cuff MNT-BR-CUFF - Brass Cuff w/ Mantra - $17

    MNT-CP-CUFF- Copper Cuff w/ Mantra - $17 MNT-SS-CUFF - Sterling Cuff w/ Mantra - $32

    *Please specify which mantra you would like when ordering. Choose from our 17 mantras on page 3 or come up with your own. Custom mantras over 15 characters will have an additional

    labor charge. We also need to know what font you would like. There are 3 to choose from (see above), Font A - small block, Font B - typewriter, Font C - large block.

    Font B - Typewriter

  • stamped plate bracelets Available in 3 mantras: “Be Kind”, “Be Still”, & “Fuck It”.

    We also welcome custom orders. Custom orders on this style require a minimum of 6 pieces and take 3 - 4 weeks to create due to the plating process.

    These bracelets are 7” long with a 1” extender piece. Available in antique gold plate or antique silver plate. These are our top selling mantras, which is why we chose

    them for this design.

    MNT-B-GP-PLT - Antique Gold Plated Mantra Plate Bracelet - $20 MNT-B-SP-PLT - Antique Silver Plated Mantra Plate Bracelet - $20

    Stam ped Collection


    Be StillBe Kind

    Fuck It

  • DISP-004 - Oak Block w/ Slots, 14-1/16"W x 7-1/2"D x 1-5/8"H - $28

    Made in USA

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    essential oil + gemstone bracelet sets

    Each bracelet set includes one lava bead bracelet and one natural stone bracelet, each with a coordinating accent bead.

    Bracelet card packaging includes metaphysical properties of each natural stone and instructions on how