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I used this presentation to overview digital storytelling for my students


1.Digital Storytelling Pinnacle Studio Student Overview2. 3. What is Digital Storytelling? 4. What is Digital Storytelling? Digital storytelling is the process of writing about a story, and adding the multimedia elements of voice, imagery, and music to create a visual story. 5. The Creative Process 6. Visual Grammar Shot = sentence Scene = paragraph Establishing shot = topic sentence Effects, fades, etc. = transitions Pans/zooms = run-on sentences 7. Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling David Jakes 8. Lab Session Hardware and Software 9. Capture Tab 10. Edit Tab 11. Storyboard View 12. Timeline View 13. Text View 14. Make Movie Tab 15. Task Pane - Video 16. Task Pane - Transitions 17. Task Pane Text 18. Task Pane - Images 19. Task Pane DVD Menus 20. Task Pane - Sounds 21. Task Pane - Music 22. Clip Editing Menu 23. Clip Editing Menu 24. Clip Editing Menu 25. Clip Editing Menu 26. Clip Editing Menu 27. Clip Editing Menu 28. Clip Editing Menu 29. Audio Editing Menu 30. Audio Editing Menu 31. Audio Editing Menu 32. Audio Editing Menu 33. Audio Editing Menu 34. Audio Editing Menu 35. Studio 10 Launcher Open Pinnacle Studio 10 Launcher 36. Self-Paced Tutorial Click Studio 10 Launcher 37. Online Tutorials Pinnacle Studio 10 Online Tutorials Lab Session Part 2 The Art of Digital Storytelling 39. AFI Resources Glossary of film terms Storyboard format Screenplay format Film shots Safety procedures Three-point and stage lighting 40. 41. Video Composition Atomic Learning Tutorials Rule of Thirds Video shots Storyboarding FramingVideo examples 42. Online Image Editors Phixr Picnik Fauxto 43. Online Video Editors Eyespot


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