Digital Storytelling: Harness the power of student social media

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  • Digital Storytelling: Harness the power of student social media

    Rachael Capuano, CISabroadFrancesca Schenker, Sacred Heart University

    Zachary Macinnes, Trinity CollegeKaren Carswell, CISabroad

  • Agenda Introductions Learning objectives Audience survey Overview of social media platforms Institution profiles Case studies Successful initiatives Brainstorming session - challenges & solutions

  • Presenters

    Rachael Capuano, CISabroadNew England University


    Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram

    Francesca SchenkerSacred Heart UniversityAsst. Dir. Global Affairs

    Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram

    Karen Carswell, CISabroadMarketing Manager

    Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram

    Zachary Macinnes, Trinity CollegeOutreach Coordinator and Short-

    Term Study Abroad

    Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram

  • Learning Objectives1. Understand and identify key social media platforms that

    students use while abroad.

    2. Identify ways to generate, collect, and distribute student content for marketing and educational purposes. #generationstudyabroad

    3. Learn about current social media initiatives in the field

    4. Understand the concept of a social media editorial calendar

    5. Create a social media marketing plan on how to use social media to recruit students at one's own university/IEO.

  • Audience Survey

  • Balance

  • So, what do your students use?

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube

  • Institutional Profile: Trinity College

  • Office of Study Away: Trinity College

  • Case Study: Trinity College On-Site Global Ambassador Program

  • Case Study: Trinity College Rome Campus 45th Anniversary Long-term collaboration with other offices:

    Communications, Development, Admissions

  • Institution Profiles: Sacred Heart University Independent Catholic institution in Fairfield, CT

    4,200 Full time undergraduate students, 2,800 graduate students

    Mission: assist in the development of human beings and of society by preparing its students to live in and make their contributions to the global community.

  • Office of Global Affairs

    3 full time staff: Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Global Campus Recruiter

    2 international campuses in Dingle, Ireland and Luxembourg

    Partner schools (Rome, Australia, London, and more), faculty-led programs, and some providers

    300 students abroad annually, mostly short-term programs

  • Social Media Facts

    Twitter Created January 2015 July 2015: 156 October 2015: 176

    13% increase in 2 months

    Instagram September 2014: 300% increase in a year

  • Case Study: Sacred Heart University

    Posts of Big Red abroad

    Global Ambassador of the Week

  • Successful InitiativesStudent Blogs

    Marketing & Communications Dept.

    Marketing & Communications

  • Institution Profile: CISabroadWho are we?

    Since 1999, CISabroad, Center for International Studies, has been providing college students with the opportunity to do a year, semester, summer, or internship abroad to gain international experience, cultural immersion, and internationalize their undergrad degree.

    2,000+ enrolled students in 2014-2015

    44 U.S. based staff, 1 Marketing Manager

    70% of our students receive CISabroad scholarships

    North AmericaHawaiiCentral AmericaCosta RicaSouth AmericaEcuadorPeruArgentinaEuropeUK (England, Ireland, Scotland)FranceGermanySpainItalyCzech RepublicGreece

    AfricaGhanaSouth AfricaMorocco (Multi-Country)AsiaChinaOmanThailandTurkey (Multi-Country)AustraliaTownsvilleMelbourneNewcastleSydneyGold CoastNew ZealandWellington, North IslandDunedin, South Island

  • Case Study: CISabroad#1 Takeaway: Prepare students for their digital journey and utilize on-site staff &

    students for their authentic experience!

  • Travel Blogger Scholarship

    Successful InitiativesPhotojournalist/ Videojournalist Scholarship

  • Instagram Takeover

    Successful InitiativesOn-site Photo ContestAlumni Ambassadors

  • Takeaways: Tips for Successful Student-Led Media Empower

    Students: youre the expert Resist the urge to post on their behalf Create and share platforms that are easy to use

    Educate What are their goals? Why should they be investing time in doing this?

    Guide Policies are important - write it down!

    Monitor Mechanisms for delivering feedback and arranging for periodic check-


    Control Carefully document and access and record log-in information Use any office funds as incentive for students. $50 gift card = 50 photos!

  • Tips for Successful Cross-Campus Collaborations

    Understand the Big Picture How does study abroad fit into your

    campus culture? Get to know other offices - goals,

    personalities, processes, etc.

    Articulate and Educate Develop an office elevator pitch Why should they be investing time in you?

    E.g., total revenue generated, contribution to fulfillment of your institutions mission, etc

  • What will work for YOU? Brainstorming session.Identify the challenges and opportunities at your institution.

  • Marketing Strategies and Tools

    Coupon: HOOT415IN1 (60 day trial)

    About $10 a month

    Social Media Editorial Calendar FREE

    Work study/ ALUMNI FREE

    Dropbox FREE

  • Editorial Calendar Date Channel Message Link Notes

    Monday, Nov 2 FB, Twitter, Instagram Study Abroad Application Deadline

    post every year

    Tuesday, Nov 3 FB, Twitter, Instagram Travel Tip Tuesday!Send a postcard to your study abroad office.

    Image of a postcard Get on popular hashtags on campus!

    Wednesday, Nov 4 FB, Twitter, Instagram What does Study in Study Abroad really mean?

    link to blog article, current student testimonial

    Thursday, Nov. 5 FB, Twitter, Instagram Meet the Staff! Come into the office - we dont bite.

    Link to blog

    Friday, Nov 6 FB, Twitter, Instagram Ready to survive a long plane ride?

    Link to a buzzfeed article/ matador network

    Promote China

  • Questions?

    THANK YOU. Shukran GRACIAS grcies (GRAH-syuhs) TAK merci DANKE mahalo GRAZIE Xixi KOP KHUN


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