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Agnes: GRUUUU!Gru: Agnes! What do you need?

Agnes: I want to have an ice cream party with the minions! Ice cream party! Ice cream party!Minions: YAY!Gru: Okay, okay guys... Agnes, how many minions do you want to invite?

Agnes: Well, theres Dave and Kevin and Carl!Agnes: Well, theres Dave and Kevin and Carl!Dave and Kevin and Carl: YAY!Other minions: Aww!

Gru: Guys! Get back to work! Okay Agnes. Go get dressed and we can get ready!Agnes: IM READY!

Gru: Okay Agnes, you need enough of everything for 3 minions. How many bowls does that mean you will need?Agnes: Well lets see 1 2 3! I need 3 bowls!

Gru: And how many spoons do you need?Agnes: Hmm 1, 2, 3! 3 Spoons!

Gru: But wait, you forgot one for yourself Agnes!Agnes: Oh no! But we just counted out 3 bowls and spoons! How am I going to know how many I need now?Gru: Well, Agnes dear, you will need to add 1 more to the 3 you already counted. So lets do the math!

Agnes: OkayGru: So, we need to know what 3 + 1 is.

Agnes: Hmm well that means we need to go 1 more past 3 and the number that comes after 3 is 4!

Gru: Great job Agnes! I will go get you 4 bowls and 4 spoons!Agnes: And dont forget 4 ice creams!

Gru: Oh sweetie, you do not need 4 tubs of ice cream; but that will be a lesson for another day!

Agnes: Ice cream party time!

Minions: Gelato! Gelato! Gelato!