Tell Me A Digital Story! A story with a twist!. What will I learn? What is digital storytelling? Why digital storytelling? Examples of digital storytelling

Download Tell Me A Digital Story! A story with a twist!. What will I learn? What is digital storytelling? Why digital storytelling? Examples of digital storytelling

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  • Tell Me A Digital Story!A story with a twist!

  • What will I learn?What is digital storytelling?Why digital storytelling?Examples of digital storytellingThe tools to create your digital story

  • What is Digital Storytelling? Lets Watch!MOMNOTMOM - A Story

    A personal tale (

  • What did all the stories have in common?

  • Why Digital Storytelling?a short, personal multimedia tale told from the heart (Daniel Meadows)

    form of digital expression; stories can be created by people everywhere, on any subject, and shared electronically all over the world.

  • Your ProjectChoose a person, place or event that you want to research and then tell its storyResearchWrite the storyDownload the graphicsPut it all together using storytelling software

  • ContentTells someone or something or some places story

    Told from the 1st person perspective

    NOT a report; this is their STORY

  • LengthYou only have 1 written page and 3 total minutes to tell their story

    Succinct and to the point

    Pictures display a tone, feeling, and communicate beyond what you are saying

  • ExamplesDust Bowl( Personal Tale ( Mine Explosion(

  • Tools2 column research notesStoryboard and sequencing Script Graphics NarrationMusicPhoto Story softwareCreativity and hard work!click here to go to end of showclick on words for a visual of tool

  • Music

  • Narration

  • Photos

  • Creativity!

  • Script

  • Storyboarding

  • Technology is always secondary to the storytelling

  • Tell me a fact and Ill learnTell me a truth and Ill believeTell me a story and Ill remember it forever

    **There are many definitions of digital storytelling, but in general, all of them revolve around the combining the long-standing art of telling stories with any variety of multimedia tools including graphics, audio, video, and Web publishing.

    **Open Inspiration and brainstorm

    Theme-personal, multimedia personal narrativeMusic in backgroundNarrationPicturesPhotosDrawingsPaintingsPurposeMotivation/connectionVideoTextFade to black

    *Share Youth Voices Coast to Coast blog.**This is a shift for many of us and many of our students those of us who have been coached to distance ourselves and keep to de-emotionalized perspectives.

    It is hard though to cast aside years of non-personal writing experiences and embrace creating something of a personal nature.

    But a story that deals with the fundamental emotional paradignms of death and our sense of loss, of love and loneliness, of confidence and vulnerability, of acceptance and rejection will increase the likelihood that youre going to hold an audiences attention.*In spoken work or written narrative, were operating at a high rate of closure as we are filling in all the pictures suggested by a text or words from images and memories in our brainsExample (Once upon a midnight dreary)

    With digital storytelling the images generally exist prior to a script, as in a family album.

    But theres no right way: script vs. images first. Just dont linger too long with either. The trick is to let the reader fill in some of the missing pieces.

    Example: Ken Burns effect. How long do you want to look at a person talking? Better to take a quick glance; then go to images that fill in enhance the persons story. Use Mary Tsukamoto clip**Every storyteller has his/her own pace. The story itself may dictate the pace: Fast paced can suggest urgency, action, exasperation, excitement

    Conversely,Slow-paced suggest contemplation, romanticism, relaxation, or simple pleasures.

    Pace might change e.g., race to the hospital, birth of child, the miracle of it all.**********


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