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  • George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling, Storytelling & Activism Symposium 2015

    Getting our stories on the map

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    pic from Arizona or of throwing away stories

  • Project Goals

    Sister Judy Donovan, Industrial Areas Foundation

  • It becomes public, it makes something new.

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  • Stories


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    Garner and Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter Protest, Seattle Photo by Scott Lum

  • Targeted audiences, Clear purposes, Concrete actions

    Social Change Storytelling

  • Stories as Constructed Objects

    Happenings become experiences when they are digested, when they are reflected on,related to general patterns, and synthesized. Saul Alinsky (1971)

  • Stories as Codes Problem Posing What is happening in

    this story?

    Why is it happening?

    How can we relate to it?

    What can we do

    about it?

  • Peer Education Voter Education

    I see that if I dont vote, then other people are going to keep on making decisions for me. This gives me a chance to have a say in whos going to be making those decisions.Participant in Better Questions, Better Decisions Workshop

  • Stories as Bridges

    Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Cape Verdean Youth from Dorchester, Massachusetts

  • Mapping Our Voices for Equity

  • New Storytellers New Leaders

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    Uninsured Population, Palm Beach County

    Contextualizing Data with Stories

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    Contextualizing Stories with Data

    View the StoryHub

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    Telling Our Lives Digitally

    Springfield, MA WGBY/Project TOLD

  • Stories as Tools for Change

    It (stories) can even teach, conserve memory, or alter the past. Jerome Bruner, Acts of Meaning, 1990

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