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Compelling story-telling is essential to social success. Stories are memorable, compelling and, of course, sharable. This presentation will review why story telling is critical for brands today, what makes a great storyteller, as well as thoughts on emerging knowledge on behavioural economics. Story telling is helping organizations and brands gain social traction. My 1/2 hr keynote presentation for the 2013 Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum


  • 1. Your Story, Their StoriesOntario Cycle Tourism Forum 2013LAURIE DILLON-SCHALK, Digital Planning Director, DraftFCB@LDILLONSCHALKMarch 1st , 2013To the best of my ability I have documented ALL my sources. See my notes.

2. For the love of thebikeMy grandfather George Crompton,Telegraph Messenger & 1936 Olympian[I am honoured to speak today our family has long revered the bike..Stemming from my grandfather who delivered telegrams in Toronto in theearly 30s.] 3. Being social = being interesting and interested.Source: Daniel Berkal, The Butterfly Project[social has fundamentally changed how brands talkabout themselves. A fab study boils being social to two fundamental characteristics. Brands used to be goodat being interesting.. Not so much anymore.. But enter storytelling..]Google project butterfly. Image Source: 4. Content is just a commodity without storytelling - Mark Evans[We can no longer just publish content due to multiple screens, competing noise, etc. Brands mustwork harder.. ] Source: Startups and the Importance of Storytelling, Jan 29, 2013. Forbes Magazine. - also well know image of Don Quixote reading a book. One of my favorites..] 5. Storytelling Is a natural form of communication Is quickly processed Gives a sense of personal experience[Storytelling is a very important form of communication. It is natural, more quicklyprocessed than facts or information AND allows brands to safely move closer to asocial, personal style of writing.] 6. Stories add value to objectsFor anyone who attended the Canadian Tourism Summit earlier in Jan/Feb 2013, we saw a fantastic presentations by TerryOReilly, @Terryoinfluence including the tidbit that stories add value to objects. I found a good summary on twitter see thehashtag #BOF - Rob Walker Significant Objects experiment - stories gave ordinary objects posted to Ebay meaning. Hugeincreases in value. #BOF - See more at: 7. How do we become good storytellers? 8. 1. Tell the storypeople have not heard.Anyone following @Cmdr_Hadfield? Cutting nails in space, floatingwatches.. Chris is telling stories that NASA has never told before. Also note NASA has a very successful YouTube channel.. But I digress.. 9. History Channel Titanic 100 yearsWhat can you say 100 years later on the Titanic? LOADS. One of my favorite examples is the History Channel which tweeted whatthe voyage would be like from the perspective of voyagers. Note incorrect use of hashtags in twitter.. But still over 73K follows thestory line including me. 10. BTW Think of social as acontinuous plot over a series of episodesDo you know of Twitters new VINE application? 6 second videos. Ive realized watching Adam Goldberg that VINEs successwill be in the total storyline not the individual posting. Brands often focus so much on the wall post that they forget the overallplot..Not a source but an excellent article on same concept: need to pursue more than a one-night stand with content and move toward sustaining a voice across multipleplatforms, with multiple storylines and creative bursts that pull in divergent audiences. 11. 2. Understand how your customers make purchasedecisions.This is consistently the first thing I do on any strategy project. 12. Behavioural Economics: Understanding thesocial, cognitive or emotional triggers in buying decisionsOkay there are lots of really good, pretty dry books on this subject. Start with wikipedia and start looking at various types oftriggers. I only outline one here.. Social proof -- although technically storytelling (or brand narrative) is influential in decisionmaking.. 13. Social Proof:The compelling reason todo something is becausesomeone else is doing it.Eating at a busy restaurant 14. Consumer motivations to keep up with social normsSource: BC Blog on Community Energy: Social Norms & Energy Conservation, Journal of Public Economics. June 2010 TED talk Feb 27th The Pyschology of Saving Energy Alex Laskey - 15. People trust other people & onlinemedias.Ive used this survey for over 5 years. Note the tremendous trust with people I know. Personally, I thinkthis is to the detriment of trip advisor.. I see trust in people I know will eventually trump all consumeropinons online.. Also note the trust in online medias (high) vs. offline.To find this: Google these terms: Neilsen global trust survey, look for 2012 or go to image seach. 16. Social recommendations it is coming. Get ready nowby managing your recommendations on any platform particularly those accessed by mobile.Source: 17. 3. Help people to create theirstories of your brand 18. Tell the story from the perspective of thetarget market This is a post on Facebook. It speaks about celebrating Canada Day in the US. It is appropriately directed to Canadians. 19. Research before youuse influencers There are tiers of influencers based on: Domain of credibility Ability to create message reach Relevance to your audience Timing Channel alignmentThis is a whole presentation in itself. I learned of influencer tiers fromMaureen Dennis and various journalists that Ive had the privilege ofspeaking to. The only article that I found on the matter is referencedin this slide --- see here 20. Thank You.A little more on influencers. Please recognizethe tiers. Please know that wifi is theirlifeblood. Try not to mix the tiers together.And most important share your brandobjectives & key messages. So few brandsseem to do that..Thank you. Laurie 21. PARKING LOT 22. Allow your community to be your voice


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