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#METC14 presentation talking about creating 6 word stories and then creating 6 unique shots of a video to tell that story for ANY K-12 class for ANY subject matter.


  • 1.Digital Storytelling Creating across curriculum 6 word storiesDon Goble Ladue Horton Watkins HS Broadcast Technology, Film & Multimedia Instructor @dgoble2001Don Goble

2. Proceed to slide 3 to access links 3. Proceed to slide 3 to access links 4. Crackhead mayor goes crazy once againDon Goble 5. Bieber drag race caught on InstagramDon Goble 6. We can redirect negative media narratives #medialiteracy Don Goble 7. Cant wait to play...inform...perform.Click the image to see the video 8. Digital Storytelling digital media productionsharing storiesaccomplish in any subject matterDon Goble 9. Digital Storytelling videovideo with sound, animationstill photosstill photos with audioDon Goble 10. Don Goble 11. Don Goble 12. DevicesDon Goble 13. How do I? 14. Word Stories6 Unique Shots Don Goble 15. Any teacher, in any class, can oer this lesson Challenge my students to create a video we have never created before.Don Goble 16. Goal Create a 6 word story & produce into a 6 shot video. Brevity is a virtue Inspired by Ernest HemingwayDon Goble 17. For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Ernest HemingwayThe original short short storyIn the 1920s, Ernest Hemingways colleagues bet him that he couldnt write a complete story in just six words. They paid up.Hemingway is said to have considered it his best work.Don Goble 18. Research Six word stories can say lots 6 Word Story Project 6 Words 6 Word Memoirs: Tell Us Yours 6 Word Stories Don Goble 19. Collaborative script writingDon Goble 20. StoryboardDon Goble 21. Objective Tell the story of YOU No 2 shots can be alike Must use 6 dierent anglesDon Goble 22. YouTube search: Basic Camera Shots Don Goble 23. 1. ES = Establishing shot setting, location 2. WS = Wide shot scene begins, introduces character 3. MS = Medium shot Oers some detail of action, narrows focus & character 4. CU = Close Up Oers greatest detail, reveal resolution Record EACH shot for a minimum of 10 secondsDon Goble 24. 1.ES = Establishing shot setting, locationDon Goble 25. 2. WS = Wide shot scene begins, introduces characterDon Goble 26. 3. MS = Medium shot oers some detail of action, narrows focus & characterDon Goble 27. 4. CU = Close Up oers greatest detail, reveal resolutionDon Goble 28. Click the image to see the nal 4 shot videoEach shot edited to :03 each for a total :12 video 29. Storytelling Be creative Beginning, middle and end Color & light NO to the 1st thought Dare to be DIFFERENTDon Goble 30. 4 Ps to storytelling People - Who is in the story?Places - Where does the story take place?Plot - What is the conict and the journey?Purpose - Why should anyone care? What is the meaning of your story?Don Goble 31. Don Goble 32. Audio Voiceover Royalty - Free Audio Natural SoundDon Goble 33. Royalty - Free AudioDon Goble 34. Video duration < 3 seconds and > 5 seconds Total :18-:30 secondsDon Goble 35. Production reminders 4 things to consider BEFORE picking up a video camera Video Production Tips 5 Deadly Sins of Amateur Video Don Goble 36. Post-Production Publish to Embed to Weebly Blog 5-10 sentences Full page of student examplesDon Goble 37. Told one lie, trust was brokenClick the image to see the video Don Goble 38. Literacy Outcomes Media Digital Writing Reading Math Reection Don Goble 39. Assessment StoryPlanning storyboardbeginning, middle & endscript4 Ps clearresearch Audio Video design6 clearly dierent shotscolorproper volumeenhances storytimingMet deadline Don Goble 40. I might be a little crazyClick the image to see the videoDon Goble 41. Life begins with a blank canvas.Click the image to see the videoDon Goble 42. Chinese American, dierent cultures, same personClick the image to see the videoDon Goble 43. What is yourword video story?The#powerofvideo changes livesDon Goble 44. free iBook is coming!Don Goble 45. Q&A Connect with me: follow me on Twitter @dgoble2001Don Goble


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