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David Smith: Praxis - A step forward in learning games http://youtu.be/CppIYs5i948 Praxis is an educational adventure game with RPG elements. The game aims to assist with learning science whilst analysing student actions to create a picture of how well they understand certain concepts. In this presentation David will discuss the processes that we went through in developing the game, how making a game educational differs from making a non-educational game, the common pitfalls (the majority of which we managed to avoid), and how integrating information allows for improvement of the game experience in addition to changed teacher practice.


  • 1. PraxisA step forward in educational gamesDavid Smith

2. Year 7 & 8Science 3. Engagement Gap 4. Games 5. Kidsknow abad game 6. 91% 7. Successful Games 8. SuccessfulEducation al Games 9. ProblemSolving 10. Classroom Work 11. DataTrackin g 12. Stepping Stone