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<p>ssvps collage of engineering dhule</p> <p> Current Innovative Retention StrategiesbyDipshree</p> <p> The Employee Retention is the process in which employees are encouraged to stay remain in the organization or the maximum period of time or until the completion of project. Employee Retention</p> <p> Employee leave Organization Job is not what employee expected!Stress of overwork!No growth opportunities!Lack of appreciation!Lack of trust and support!Compensation s!New job offers! </p> <p>Eg. 1)People who work in Recruitment Firm or consultancy or Small scale company . 2) BPO Employees.</p> <p> In small company and recruitment firm less manpower as well as targets are more. Stress are more achieve work targets in less time. </p> <p> Environment!Growth!Compensation!RelationshipSupport</p> <p> Employee Retention Involves Five Major Things</p> <p> Basic Strategies expected by Employee</p> <p> Explore innovative Strategies </p> <p> Fair offer and competitive salaries Train the front line supervisors, managers and administratorsClearly define role and responsibilitiesProvide adequate advancement opportunitiesOffer retention bonuses instead of sign on bonuses.Make some one is accountable for retention Conduct employee satisfaction surveyMake room for funProvide a variety of assignmentCommunicate openlyEncourage learning Be flexibleStress qualityOffer growthMake it friendly place.Show them the moneyGive them a planMake room for FunDevelop an effective orientation programme Show that employee you have value of them</p> <p>Importance of new strategies </p> <p> Productivity and Efficacy Increases.</p> <p>Company turnover is reduce.</p> <p>Attitude of Employee towards organization is Optimistic.</p> <p>You Cant Build a Business Without Consistency.</p> <p>Existing employees skills, talent, and values are known to the organization.</p> <p>Existing employees cultural fit, performance, attitude, etc. are already judged.</p> <p> Existing employees aspirations and expectations are clear</p> <p>Achieve company targets within deadlines Mission and goal of company achieve successfully</p> <p>Interruption in the customer service!Regaining the efficiency!</p> <p> Conclusion</p> <p>The basic purpose of these strategies is to increase the employee satisfaction boost employee moral and hence achieve employee retention.</p> <p> . References</p> <p> </p> <p>www.Citehr.com</p>


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