Recruitment and Retention Strategies. Recruitment Strategies.

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  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies

  • Recruitment Strategies

  • TARGET AUDIENCESVR Staff (Include Administrators)Students in Rehab ProgramsService Providers including Psychologist, Therapist, Doctors, Vendors and CRP StaffCommunity Service BoardsEmployment NetworksSimilar Associations

  • Display BoardDevelop a traveling display that can be showcased at different conferences and meetings to attract new members.Keep the information current, to the point and relevant to your target audience.

  • Make Personal ContactsIn-person meetingsE-mailTelephonePhysical MailSocial Networks

  • Goodie BasketCreate a goodie basket for new members to welcome them as a valued member of the association.This adds value to their membership in the association.

  • Develop Local ContactsInvite potential members to meetings of your local chapter or division. Attend meetings of other associations and groups.

  • Introductory PortfolioCreate an introductory portfolioInclude a letter, a membership application, a brochure/flyer outlining the benefits of NRA/KRA membership, an issue of Contemporary Rehab and an information sheet with highlights.

  • Highlights SheetNational, State and Local ProjectsProfessional NetworkingLegislative Information and AdvocacyProfessional TrainingAffiliation with other AssociationsThe value of research published in the Journal of Rehabilitation

  • Retention Strategies

  • Maintain ContactStay in regular contact with new and current members.The first 3 to 6 months is critical for new members.Current members need regular contact to feel part of the association.Regular contact with members adds additional value to membership.

  • Members ForumHold a members forum as part of the annual conference.Ask members to share ideals and issuesFollow up on the ideals and issues provided by members.

  • CRC CreditMarket the opportunity to obtain CRC and other professional credits.Training events sponsored by KRA, divisions and affiliates.

  • Training NeedsAsk members about their training needs.Offer topics that correspond with their specific requests.

  • Special Interest GroupsCreate special interest groups for members who dont have a division.Rehab Tech staffCommunication SpecialistRehab Counselors for the DeafRehab Counselors for the BlindMentorsPrivate Rehab

  • Tracking MembersAnnounce lapsed member names at board meetings.Ask the Board to personally follow up with these members.

  • Past PresidentsCreate a Past Presidents Committee to use their talents as resources.Examples may include: strategic planning and recruiters of new leadership.

  • Match MakingTeam new members with experienced ones when establishing committees and projects.Give new members a chance to shine!

  • Cost SavingsOffer no cost services to membersOffer no cost events to membersOffer discounts with VendorsOffer discounted bundles Offer contests with cash prizes

  • Maintain ContactSend renewal reminders 30 days before the membership is due to lapse.Send members a yearly newsletter to help them keep track of activities, events and projects.

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