Crowdsource Delivery System - Improving traditional delivery systems

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  • Crowdsource Delivery System

    Improving traditional delivery systems

    Elvis Saravia

  • The problem Traditional delivery systems may sometimes take few

    days to deliver items.

    Delivery process is inefficient in large geographic areas and also in metropolitan areas.

    How expensive is it? Are you getting value for your money.

  • Proposed Solution

    We use the most powerful resource we have for our delivery system:


    use the crowd to deliver goods.

  • Motivation Reliable, efficient and automated.

    Selling items should require unnecessary human effort.

    Delivering process should be automatic (too much small steps)

    No limitation as to what and how much can be delivered.

  • Background (eBay case)

  • Proposed System DesignA crowdsource delivery system that depends entirely on the crowd to operate.

    Step 1. Sellers post their products online and specify delivery price.

    Step 3. Products are delivered fast and efficiently.

    Step 2. System notifies and find runners to deliver products.

  • Users



    Runner (in charge of delivering)

  • Posting your products online

    Details of the item (price, condition, model, etc...)

    Location of the item.

    Delivery fee

  • Consumers


    No worries about delivery fees. This is paid by the seller to the runner (deliverer). User can offer tip to qualify runners service (this information is also stored).

  • Location information

    This feature is the most important to power the delivery system.

    Keep track of runners (tracking system). Calculate other information (directions, distance, etc)

    Challenge: Not many people are willing to share their location information. This may present some security issues.

  • Recommendation System (products) Location information will be

    able to fuel recommendation system

    In turn, this will propel more successful deliveries and sales.

  • Reputation system How can we trust who delivers the products


    Reputation system can be used to help build a more trusted and reliable platform. How???

    More tips and reviews to runners means that they earn points and in turn build their reputation.

  • Social and Fun

    Is there any need for money to be involved?

    Make it a meetup social network?

  • Business model?

    Personalized Advertising

    Commission from deliveries

  • Demo (Technologies used)

  • Conclusion We proposed a crowdsource delivering system that can

    help to improve the traditional delivery systems; not replace them.

    There are many challenges but the opportunities outweigh them all. (Reputation, Recommendation, Social, etc..)