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  • 1. Industry ProblemConvincing prospective members that an intense, unconventional style of training is possible foreveryone. You do not have to be fit to attainfitness!

2. Pain Point StoryIt is possible for everyone!Of all of the people I spoke to about the idea of joining a Crossfit gym, one wasextremely against the idea. His name is John, and he has progressively gainedweight since college ended. He has been announcing lifestyle changes for weeks andsays he is working out again. This means 2 or 3 days in the gym, with light weightsand a treadmill for 10 minutes. He complains about no results every day. Ourdiscussion about Crossfit was very short. I explained what we do, how effective it is,and that its incredibly fun. He disagrees, however, and cuts me off insisting that hecannot do the lifts that we perform. He has no desire to work that hard and climbropes and stuff. This is the perfect example of the problem facing a new Crossfitgym. John is worried and ashamed to try new, difficult ways of training, even thoughhis current workouts admittedly do not work. Convincing people to at least try aworkout might be the most difficult part. We have to empower our customers! Thepicture above says it all. We have to ask, How bad do you want it? 3. Crossfit OzonaJackson SmithWe will improve the quality of life and health of our members through challenging, intense, unique and fun exercise. 4. Strategy Viral Marketing Word of mouth! 5. MissionEnhanced lifestyle through unique fitness. 6. Values Community Determination Passion Humility Transparency 7. VisionSafe, fun community of athletes