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Located approximately 40 miles outside Montreal along Autoroute 30, is Valleyfield, Quebec, home to CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.’s new facility that is slated to open in early 2015. The Valleyfield terminal is strategically positioned on the CSXT Intermodal Network for capacity and connectivity. The terminal will serve domestic and international equipment and contribute to the reach of the intermodal system, improving the efficiency of cross-border intermodal freight bound for locations across North America. Terminal Information The terminal will offer service across the CSXT Intermodal core network, as well as to points in the Western United States and Mexico: The Ohio Valley Points in the Southeast Chicago, with connections to points west and south, such as California, Texas, and Mexico The Port of New York/New Jersey The terminal will serve both domestic and international customers 100,000 annual load capacity Unique, strategic connectivity to Eastern Canada market enabled through hub-and-spoke capability of CSXT network Visit for more information.


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2. Introducing Cross-Border IntermodalRail Service in Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldTo Qubec CityTo U.S.A.To TorontoBeauharnoisMONTRALSalaberry-de-Valleyfield(Valleyfield Terminal)Centrally Located TerminalPartner-ServedTerminalCSX Transportations (CSXT) expansive intermodal networkmakes moving freight between Eastern Canada, the UnitedStates, and even Mexico, a seamless process. With cross-bordermoves, shippers can feel confident that their freight is securethroughout its journey. CSXT has the resources available to assistcustomers with border clearance, customs processes and otherintermodal procedures.Located approximately 40 miles outside of Montreal, the city ofSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, is home to CSX IntermodalTerminals new facility. The Valleyfield Terminal is strategicallypositioned on the CSXT network to enable capacity, connectivity,and efficiency of cross-border intermodal freight bound forlocations across North America.Markets ServedThe Valleyfield intermodal facility offers expansive service, delivering scalablecapacity and sustainable savings to cross-border shippers. 3. CustomsCSXT is a trusted partner for ensuring that all customsrequirements are met when shipping cross-border freight.CSXTs team of experts is available to train new users ofcross-border intermodal and consult on best practices ofNAFTA freight flows.Truck Freight FlowsFor more information aboutthe new intermodal facility inSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, customsrequirements or drayage agents,please contact your CSXTIntermodal sales representative.Terminal InformationRegional Fact Sheet Greater Montreal population of 3.9 million people Quebec has the second largest provincial economyin Canada, which continues to grow at a rate ofabout 3 percent annually Industry sectors include aerospace, technologyand health sciencesThe Valleyfield facility provides an attractive solutionfor both existing intermodal customers and currentover-the-road shippers trucking freight across theUnited States-Canada border.Top truck freight flows in the lanes served by the newfacility are between Valleyfield and: Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Cleveland, OH Columbus, OH Dallas, TX Detroit, MI Los Angeles, CA New York, NY Philadelphia, PAThe terminal offers service across the CSXTIntermodal core network, as well as to points inthe Western United States and Mexico:- The Ohio Valley- Points in the Southeast- Chicago, with connections to points west andsouth, such as California, Texas and Mexico- The Port of New York/New Jersey Terminal serves both domestic andinternational customers- 100,000 annual load capacity Unique, strategic connectivity to Eastern Canadamarket enabled through hub-and-spoke capabilityof CSXT network Terminal is equipped with three multi-track rubbertire gantry (RTG) cranes and cutting-edge equipmentto offer fast turn times and maximized efficiency Facility is located approximately 40 milesfrom downtown Montreal on Autoroute 30 Proximity to key expressways:- Autoroutes 20, 30 and 40 of Quebec Port of Montreal 4. Boulevard des Erables, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC Canada J6T 6G3