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  • To get started on a customized shipment using CSXT Intermodal D2D Project Freight, contact 1-800-288-8620, or visit

    Need a customized D2D shipping solution with a stable rate?Project Freight from CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal is the key.

    Short. Easy. Customized.CSXT Intermodals D2D service offering, Project Freight, makes it easy for shippers to lock in rates for customized or special shipping needs that can be met in under six months.

    Project Freight is available across the CSXT Intermodal network, utilizing CSXU containers.

    Door-to-Door. Coast-to-Coast.CSXT Intermodals D2D product provides a total intermodal solution from pick-up to delivery. Service is available from coast-to-coast thanks to our large nationwide network and trucking capability.

    And dont forget about these other CSXT D2D rate solutions:

    Spot program: A spot market solution based on daily market rates. Service is offered in key lanes given equipment availability and driver capacity. Customers are not locked into a contractual obligation.

    Committed rate program: This is a longer term pricing solution in return for committed volumes for a 6-month time frame.

    A N O T H E R W AY T O S AV E O N D O O R - T O - D O O R ( D 2 D )

  • CSXT Intermodal Door-to-Door Network

    A N O T H E R W AY T O S AV E O N D O O R - T O - D O O R ( D 2 D )


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