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Presentation on improving your Web site usability and performance - discusses content, search engine optimization, navigation and interaction


  • 1. Creating & Managing Exceptional Web sites Katie Paffhouse Senior Manager, Affiliates 07/10/09
  • 2. Using GoToWebinar 2
  • 3. Steps for Web Design 3
  • 4. Strategy Development 1. What are the overall organizations goals that my Web strategy will contribute to? 3. What are the categories of customers using your Web site? 5. What are the top 10 questions visitors will ask when they reach your Web site? How will you answer these? 7. What will you consider a successful visit on your site? 9. What reason will a visitor have to tell others about your Web site? 11. How will I attract my target customers to our Web site? 13. What are my competitors doing? 15. How will we maintain the Web site? 17. If you currently have a Web site, what works well? What doesnt?
  • 5. Additional Resource Web Strategy Recording Developing strategy Page development Defining layout Selecting provider On 5
  • 6. Web site Example
  • 7. Whats Exceptional? Current, easy-to-understand information Search engine optimized Easy-to-navigate/view Interactive 7
  • 8. Content 07/10/09
  • 9. Common Mistakes Complicated Headlines Under Construction Image Coming Soon! Never-ending Scroll Bar Last Updated/Outdated News Dead Links
  • 10. Write for Your Reader Scannable Written at audiences level What your user-wants
  • 11. Design for Your Reader Headlines Bulleted Lists Bolded Text Links
  • 12. Design Standards Web site? Website? Web Site? Visit 12
  • 13. How to Help Your Webmaster Provide Content update schedule Text in preferred format Design standards Clarify authority Ask his/her opinion 13
  • 14. Search Engine Optimization 07/10/09
  • 15. Search Engine Optimization
  • 16. Search Engine Optimization #1: Keywords Dietetics Eat Healthy Nutrition advice ADA newsletter Volunteer positions
  • 17. Search Engine Optimization #2: URLs/Links Instead Of Try . opportunity
  • 18. Search Engine Optimization #3: Metatags keyword, description, title
  • 19. Search Engine Optimization #4: Links from outside sites
  • 20. How to Help Your Webmaster Provide Keywords Requested link text (2-3 options) Meta tag details When to expect updates 20
  • 21. Easy-to-Navigate 07/10/09
  • 22. Breadcrumbs 22
  • 23. Search Field Free Resource: Google Custom Search: 23
  • 24. Menus 24
  • 25. Error Page 25
  • 26. Members-Only PROS CONS Adds perception of greater Can be difficult to login/adds member benefits additional steps If content is needed to succeed Wont appear in search engines in job, will encourage members to join/renew Allows for member-to-member Content may be available for networking free elsewhere
  • 27. Members-Only Considerations 27
  • 28. Evaluate On a monthly basis: 1. Unique visitors 2. Time on site 3. Most visited pages 4. Keyword phrases 5. Download Free Resource: Google Analytics: 28
  • 29. How to Help Your Webmaster Provide What should be members-only Identified teaser-text (with formatting!) Error page content and contact details Ask For a quote on members-only support, breadcrumb creation, search box additions. 29
  • 30. Interactive 07/10/09
  • 31. Poll: Interactive Tools Blogs Discussion Forums Processing Payments/Registration RSS Feeds Widgets
  • 32. Interactive Tools 1. Consider Your target audience Where they are/What they need 2. Plan Approach Objectives Guideline development Success metrics 3. Act 4. Evaluate How many subscribe How many view
  • 33. Interactive Tools: Blogs Tips TEST! Several bloggers Planted responders Web site embedding Targeted topics (annual mtg) Links Example: Compare free blogging software:
  • 34. Interactive Tools: Discussion Forums Tips Links TEST! Planted threads Identify experts Web site embedding
  • 35. Processing Information Tips TEST! Determine rebate procedure Determine complimentary registration procedure Links Processing payment: Paypal/Google Shopping Cart Online reg/payment: Cvent Online reg/payment: regonline Registration: Surveymonkey
  • 36. Interactive Tools: RSS Feeds Tips Determine Web site traffic Identify location on Web site BOD and Key Leaders sign up TEST! Links Example: (scroll down)
  • 37. Interactive Tools: Widgets Tips TEST! Place in easy-to-access location Key leaders subscribe Link to new window Links Examples/Create Widget: Create: Words of Advice: Business Week Article
  • 38. How to Help Your Webmaster