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  • Farmers Agency Websites


    Sandra Steele

    Account Director

    Lizeth Flores

    Project Coordinator

  • Got Questions?

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  • What We Will Be Covering

    Your Digital Storefront

    Local Directories

    How To Create Local Listings Google+Local



    Customer Reviews


  • Physical vs Digital

  • Physical locationPhysical location Digital locationDigital location

    Your Storefront

  • Local Directories

  • What Are Local Directories?

    Making sure your potential customers can find you when searching online

    Adding the where location

    To the what product or service

  • Traditional MarketingTraditional Marketing Digital MarketingDigital Marketing

    Why Are Local Directories Important?

  • Be Found in Local Directories for Free


    Local Listings

  • What is the Trade Off?

    Cost or Time?

    A local directories strategy is very cost effective, IF you invest your time into optimizing your listings

  • How to Create Local Listings

  • Your six must does

    Lets talk listings

    1. Claim your listing

    2. Consistency

    3. Completion

    4. Adding your website

    5. Customer Reviews

    6. Monitoring

  • Google+ Local

    Google+ Local is free & lets not forget #1

  • Google+ Local

    Step 1: Create a Gmail Account

    Step 2: Go to

    Step 3: Get Started for Free

  • Google+ Local

    Step 4: Welcome to Google Places for Business

    Step 5: Get your business on Google

    Step 6: Verify your listing by Postcard

  • Google+ Local

    Step 7: Places for Business Dashboard

    Step 8: Complete your Business Listing

    Step 9: Verify Your listing with pin

  • Bing Local

  • Bing Local

  • Bing Local

    Step 1: Bing Business Portal create an account

    Step 2: Get Started Now

    Step 3: Search

    Submit Required Business Information

  • Bing Local

    Step 4: Claim or Add new listing

    Step 5: Add your business information

    Step 6: Verify your listing

  • Yelp

  • Yelp

    The Boston Consulting Group, a leading advisor on business strategy, recently surveyed 4,800 business

    owners to learn the economic impact Yelp has on small businesses. The results are eye opening: small businesses with a free business owners account saw an average of $8,000 in annual revenue from Yelp.

  • Yelp

    Step 1: Visit

    Step 2: Complete your profile No business listed (create


    Already unlocked


  • Yelp

    Step 3: Optimize your Yelp Listing Name


    Phone Number

    Your website

    Office Hours


    Step 4: Monitor your traffic & respond to reviews

  • Hard Part is Over

    100% of your profile is updated

    Respond to reviews

    Promote awareness

    Conduct annual reviews

  • Customer Reviews

  • Customer Reviews

    Be logged in

    Positive reviews hit BIG

    Promote dont ask

    Always respond

    Empower Your Place Listings

    You cant please them all

  • Support

    One-on-one training,

    webinars, local directory

    support, and more!

    Consider us part of your team

    Aka your personal web coach

  • Wrap Up

    Your Digital Storefront

    Local Directories

    How To Create Local Listings Google+Local



    Customer Reviews


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