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Contents. Search Engines Meta Engines People Directories Subject Directories Domains explained URLs explained Hypertext Language. Search Engines. Use when looking for information about a specific topic. E.g. Bastille day. When will I use them?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Search EnginesMeta EnginesPeople DirectoriesSubject DirectoriesDomains explainedURLs explainedHypertext LanguageContents

  • Use when looking for information about a specific topic.E.g. Bastille day

    Search EnginesWhen will I use them?

  • Search engines allow keyword searches on the World Wide Web.

    Information is gathered by programs called robots or spiders.

    Search Engines

    What are they?How do they work?

  • AllTheWeb Search Engines

  • Meta engines are programs which query multiple web sources (search engines, web directories and/or other specialized databases). They do not have their own databases. They send queries simultaneously to their specified web sources (varies with each meta engine). Many of them integrate the search results and rank according to various criteria.Meta EnginesHow do they work?What are they?

  • Use these engines when you want the highest recall of documents on a specific subject.Meta EnginesWhen will I use them?

  • Beaucoup Metasearch Profusion Meta Engines

  • People directories are often referred to as whitepages and include directories of email and snail mail addresses and telephone numbers.

    The information is gathered by robots or by submissions by individuals.

    People DirectoriesWhat are they?How are they organized?

  • Use when looking for email and snail mail addresses and telephone numbers.People DirectoriesWhen will I use them?

  • WhoWhere (Internet Address Finder) People Directories

  • Subject DirectoriesWhat are they?How are they organized? An index or catalog of Web sites. They are organized by humans.

  • Subject DirectoriesWhen will I use them?Use when looking for general information about a topic.

    E.g. education, medicine

    Use when looking for a list of sites which have been selected by human experts.

  • LookSmart Subject Directories

  • A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember handle for an Internet address.The domain name system (DNS) is the way that internet domain names are located and translated into computer addresses. Domains ExplainedWhat are they?

  • The DNS includes:Name of countrye.g. ca for Canadae.g. fr for FranceE.g. au for AustraliaType of organizatione.g. com for commerciale.g. edu for educationale.g. gov for governmentName of organization e.g. brown for Brown UniversityDomains ExplainedHow do they help?

  • URLs areWorld Wide Web addressesU = UniformR = ResourceL = LocatorURLs ExplainedWhat are they?

  • The URL for Brown University is:

    http://www.brown.eduTypically a WWW address includes:

    http:// - hypertext transfer protocolwww - World Wide Webbrown - name of the organizationedu - type of organization

    URLs ExplainedAn example

  • The web browser is a software program installed on your PC that lets you look at (or browse) websites. Popular browsers include:Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mosaic.Web BrowsersWhat are they?

  • The Web is based on a system called hypertext markup language (HTML). Hyperlinks are used to link information within documents and between documents on the World Wide Web.Hypertext linksWhat are they?

  • Hyperlinks appear as:IconsImagesTextText links are commonly a different color and are usually underlined.Hypertext linksRecognizing hyperlinks

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