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<ul><li><p>Now its time to go over the 3-step process in detail. </p><p>MOVING MAN METHODLINK BUILDING CHECKLIST</p><p>The Moving Man Method is one of the most powerful white hat link building strategies on the planet.</p><p>Because The Moving Man Method is an advanced SEO technique, the steps in the process arent super-straightforward, like submit your site to directories or publish a press release.</p><p>That being said, its not rocket science. </p><p>Just follow the steps in this checklist and youll find yourself with more link building opportunities than you know what to do with.</p><p>FIND AN OUTDATED RESOURCE1Your first step is to find a web resource like a brand, tool, guide or service that no longer adds value. </p><p>For example, you can use a resource that recently:</p><p> Changed names</p><p> Moved to a new URL</p><p> Stopped offering a service</p><p> Stopped updating a resource</p><p> Shut down</p><p>As long as the resource doesnt provide value anymore, its a good fit. </p><p>For example, when SEOMoz rebranded to Moz (and changed their domain from to, I knew there were thousands of links still linking to the old domain name. </p><p>So in that case, was the outdated resource that I used. </p><p>THE 3-STEP MOVING MAN METHOD PROCESS</p><p>STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3</p><p>Find an outdated resource</p><p>Find sites that link to the outdated </p><p>resource</p><p>Reach out and get your links</p></li><li><p>Google News is a treasure trove of information about companies that close, rebrand or change domain names.</p><p>Just head over to Google News and use one of these search strings:</p><p> Chapter 7 (Chapter 7 means the company dissolved. Chapter 11 means the company is restructuring) </p><p> Business closes</p><p> Has closed</p><p> Out of business</p><p> Rebrands as</p><p> Bankruptcy</p><p>Sometimes for one reason or another a business shuts down a feature on their site (like Google recently did with Google Reader).</p><p>Here are some search strings that you can use to find them:</p><p> service not available</p><p> page no longer exists</p><p> this website is no longer updated</p><p> this page is no longer updated</p><p>no longer available</p><p>website closed</p><p>service no longer available</p><p>TACTIC #1: SEARCH GOOGLE NEWS ABOUT BUSINESS CLOSINGS, REBRANDS AND MERGERS</p><p>TACTIC #2: SEARCH GOOGLE NEWS ABOUT BUSINESS CLOSINGS, REBRANDS AND MERGERS</p><p>Another example:</p><p>You probably heard that movie rental giant Blockbuster closed its doors late least year.</p><p>Because Blockbuster Video is a household name, their site generated A LOT of quality backlinks over the years</p><p>Thats just one of several thousand authoritative links still pointing to</p><p>If youre in the entertainment niche, is an absolute gold mine of Moving Man Method link building opportunities.</p><p>How can you find these outdated resources? </p><p>Here are two simple tactics that you can use and 2 bonus tactics that I dont mention in the post. </p><p>WEBSITE CLOSED</p></li><li><p>And if the closed business had a website, Yelp lists the URL here:</p><p>You can find parked pages using this search string: </p><p>This page is parked FREE, courtesy of + domain is for sale</p><p>This brings up parked GoDaddy sites that are for sale.</p><p>When a business shuts down, Yelp keeps the page up. But they add Yelpers report this location has closed to the page.</p><p>For example, if you wanted to find closed book stores in Philly, youd search for:</p><p>Just use this simple search string to find them: intitle:closed city + business type</p><p>TACTIC #3: MINE YELP FOR LISTS OF LOCAL BUSINESSES THAT HAVE SHUT DOWN NEAR YOU</p><p>TACTIC #4: PARKED PAGES</p><p>BONUS</p><p>BONUS</p></li><li><p>FIND SITES THAT LINK TO THE OUTDATED RESOURCE2</p><p>This step is important:</p><p>Now that youve found a site that recently re-branded or a site feature thats no longer there, its time to find the links pointing to that page.</p><p>Just grab the URL of the outdated resource and put it into your backlink checking tool of choice.</p><p>(I prefer to use, but Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer also work well)</p><p>And export all of the backlinks pointing to that page or site to an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc:</p><p>When you do, youll have a spreadsheet with fistfuls of link opportunities:</p><p>And youre ready to move onto step #3...</p><p>You also can find niche-specific opportunities with the search string: domain is for sale + inurl:keyword.</p><p>Most of the results will be sites that are for sale, like this one:</p></li><li><p>REACH OUT AND GET YOUR LINKS3</p><p>At this point youve found an outdated resource in your industryand the sites linking to that resource.</p><p>Nice work. </p><p>Now its time to email the people that are linking to the outdated resource. </p><p>Heres the exact word-for-word email script to use:</p><p>And youre set. </p><p> Subject: Question about (SITE)</p><p>Hi (NAME),</p><p>I was searching for some information on (TOPIC) today when I came across your article: (ARTICLE TITLE).</p><p>Great stuff!</p><p>However, I couldnt help but notice that you mentioned (OUTDATED RESOURCE). You may have heard that (REASON THE PAGE IS OUTDATED).</p><p>You may want to remove that link from your article.</p><p>Also, I recently published a (BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR ARTICLE):</p><p>(YOUR URL)</p><p>Might make a nice addition to your page. Either way, keep up the awesome work! </p><p>Cheers,</p><p>(YOUR NAME)</p><p>HERES WHAT TO DO NEXT</p><p>Send me a message to my personal email address to let me know what </p><p>you think of this guide. </p><p>1 2 3Follow me on Twitter where I share helpful </p><p>content on SEO, conversion rate optimization and inbound marketing. </p><p>Pat yourself on the back. You just read a </p><p>5-page checklist ; )</p></li></ul>