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Tweeting for Twits - How to create your Twitter account



2. Add: Full name Email Password Username Go to 3. Choose Your UserName = 15 characters Choose something that lets people know who you are or what you do 4. Youre in Choose your interests 5. Twitter Suggestions Choose People To Follow Choose from the people Twitter suggest based on your interests AND Search for individuals that you know You could start by typing in JoShaer And SocialMediaInUK 6. Find People You Know NO!!! Dont let Twitter Access all the people In your email inbox! Press Skip 7. Write your first tweet! Dont use an automated tweet 8. Edit Your Profile Before You Start Following People Click on your profile photo and then select View profile. Once youre on your profile, click on the Edit profile button on the right hand side of the page. 9. Edit Your Profile before you start following Let people know who you are so they can decide whether to follow you back. Add: images a bio your business location and your website address 10. Add a profile and cover photo Make sure you use suitable profile and cover photos. Use an image that represents your business such as your logo or a professional photograph. If you dont have a professionally taken profile photo, make sure you appear smart and presentable. ( not a selfie with your mates from your personal Facebook page!!) 11. Write a catchy bio The final stage of personalising your Twitter account is adding a bio, location and website URL. You only have 160 characters (including punctuation and spaces) so make sure you plan your bio out beforehand ! Add your location and your URL so you can direct your followers to your website. You also have the option to change your theme colour! Remember: You can edit your profile and cover images/ bio /location and URL by editing your profile at any time. 12. DONT FORGET TO SAVE!! 13. Lets Go Find People to Follow 14. Go to #Discover and see who Twitter suggests Click Follow Their status updates will now appear on your Home Page 15. Anything interesting you want to Retweet? 16. Sign Out of Twitter 17. 01702 476517