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WELCOME TO ONLINE SUMMER SCHOOL KEYBOARDINGOur keyboarding class is a self-paced, beginning typist course that focuses on developing proper typing skills that allow students to type with both speed and accuracy. Students will learn typing techniques and posture, practice typing using all ten fingers using the correct keys, build typing speed and accuracy through practice, and learn to type basic punctuation/grammar correctly in documents. It is up to each student to take what is learned and continue practicing the skill to become proficient.

Getting Started in Online Keyboarding

Every student taking Online Summer School keyboarding will create a Student Account. To create a Student Account please follow ALL of the steps on the next two slides.

Before you create your Student Account you MUST know which online keyboarding class from the list below you are registered for (This information was provided to you in an email sent from Mr. Grimes, the summer school principal): Matzig Online KeyboardingHavlik Online KeyboardingCoker Online Keyboarding


1. Go to the website

2. Click on the student login tab at the top right hand corner of the page

4. Create a username: Type your last name and first name without using a space. For example, smithjohn. It is important that your username is your last and first name, in that order, so we are able to identify you and give you a grade for the class. If the username you typed already exists type your last name, middle initial, and your first name in that order without spaces.

5. Create a password: Your password must be at least 4 characters and should be something you can easily remember. Type the password you created again in the Password again box.

6. Click Create Free Account

3. Use the box that says Sign Up, Its Free!

7. Click the account tab at the top of the page.

8. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Join Class. Copy and paste YOUR teachers Unique Join Code into the Join Class box and click continue. The Unique Join Code for each keyboarding teacher is listed in green below:Matzig 56C201830ABB1Havlik 572CD68D7ECE5Coker 573A062019C86

9. Next, from the drop down menu, choose your teachers Online class.

10. Click Join Class

YayyyyyyyyYou are now ready to begin the class! Now what?

Read the next few slides to learn what is expected from you to successfully complete Online Summer School Keyboarding.

What do you need to do in order to complete the keyboarding class?Complete all lessons in the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories. You do NOT do the practice category. Each completed lesson is worth one Academic Practice gradeBeginner: 14 LessonsIntermediate: 11 LessonsAdvanced: 9 Lessons

Complete the lessons in the order they are presented on the website. For example, once you complete the first lesson in the Beginner Category on the J, F, and Space keys you will move on to the following lesson on the U,R, and K keys. You may not skip to a different lesson.

The website automatically saves your work. When you log on again you can pick up where you left off.


Complete 2 Timed Typing Tests You will take the 1 minute timed typing test after you complete the Beginner category lessonsYou will take the 3 minute timed typing tests after you complete the Intermediate category lessonsEach completed Timed Typing Test is worth one Academic Achievement grade

Complete the Final Exam which is the 5 minute timed typing testThe final exam is a 5 minute Timed Typing Tests and is worth 10% of the final grade and will be taken once all other course work is complete.

What do you need to do in order to complete the keyboarding class?

How are Lessons and Timed Typing Tests Graded Graded?Grades for each Lesson and Timed Writing Test are based on a combination of Lesson Accuracy and Lesson Speed (WPM).

You may redo any lesson as many times as necessary to achieve the grade you desire. However, once you move on to the next lesson the previous lessons grade is locked.

You may take each Timed Typing up to two times. The higher of the two grades will count as the grade.

Lesson Grading ChartTo determine your grade for each lesson, locate the number of total words per minute that you keyed in the first column. Read across the top to locate your Percent of Accuracy. Then read down the column to find your grade for the assignment. Example: Total words per minute is 13 and the percent of accuracy is 89-85%. Your grade for that lesson would be a 75. Percent of AccuracyWords Per Minute100 - 95%94 - 90%89 - 85%84 - 80%79 - 75%74 - 70%69% - below0 - 5757168625753506 - 107975726661575311 - 158380777166625816 - 208885827671676321 - 259491888277736926 - 309794918580767231 +100979488837975

Order of Assignments and Estimated Dates of Completion**YOU CAN WORK AHEAD OF THE TIMELINE BELOW**Week 1: Begin the Beginner Category Lessons

Week 2: Finish the Beginner Category Lessons, take the 1 minute Timed Typing Test, Begin the Intermediate Category Lessons

Week 3: Complete the Intermediate Category Lessons, take the 3 minutes Timed Typing Test, Begin the Advanced Category Lessons

Week 4: Complete the Advanced Category Lessons, Take the Final Exam (5 minute Timed Typing Test)

**All Lessons and Timed Typing Tests MUST be completed by Friday June 24th or else you do not get credit for the course**

***Once you complete all coursework and the final exam you will receive a confirmation email with your final grade attached within a couple of days***

Proper keyboarding technique includes:

Correct PostureCorrect Arm and Hand PositionCorrect Keystroking TechniqueHome Row Keys


Body is upright in the chair sitting in the back of the chairSpine straight leaning slightly forwardCentered in front of keyboardComfortable distance from keyboardFeet flat on the floor, slightly apart

Arm and Hand Position

Arms relaxed; elbows naturally close to bodyForearms nearly parallel with slope of keyboard

Wrists and FingersFingers curved, tips of fingers resting lightly on keysWrists low, but palms of hands not resting on the keyboardHands and wrists "quiet," almost motionless

Proper Keystroking Technique

Use the tips of your fingers to operate the assigned keysUse a circular, pecking motion (down and inward)

Home Row Keys

Home row keys are ASDF JKL;HOME ROW kEYS

IF YOU DO THIS . . .You will type faster.You will make fewer mistakes.You will be able to type longer without getting as tired.It will be less likely that you will have health problems with your hands and wrists.