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  • 8/10/2019 Council: Jan. 6 Agenda


    C I T Y O F J A C K S O N


    January 6, 20156:30 P.M.

    *!A O""#r$un%$y &%$' MnDOT a$ 5:30 P.M.*1. Ca(( $# Or)r

    2. +#(( Ca((u#ru-: A(( #un%( --/r "rn$ "$2a. Oa$' # O% Wayne Walter, Dave Cushman, Ken Temple, Brandon Finck, Mike Handevidt

    3. Pu/(% 4ar%n:

    . 7%) L$$%n

    5. O"n 8#ru-: The Open Forum is a portion of the Council meetin !here a ma"imum of three persons !ill#e allo!ed to address the Council on a su#$ect !hich is not a part of the meetin aenda% &ersons !ishinto speak must reister in person !ith Dave Maschoff, Council 'ecretary, prior to the meetin% (nscheduleduests are limited to t!o minutes each% The Council may not take action or reply at the time of the

    statement #ut !ill ive direction to staff at the end of the meetin reardin investiation of the concernse"pressed.A. 9C4EDULED GUE9T9:

    )% Chris Bo!er, &ro$ect Manaer !ith MnDOT* TH + Bride &ro$ect (pdate

    ))% 'usan -eiter of Coffee Choices* Discuss eliminatin . hour parkin limit in the do!nto!n #usiness district

    7. UN9C4EDULED GUE9T9:

    6. C#nn$ An)a: /ll items listed under the Consent /enda are considered to #e routine #y the CityCouncil and !ill #e enacted #y one motion and an affirmative vote of a ma$ority of the mem#ers present%

    There !ill #e no separate discussion of these items unless a Council mem#er so re0uests, in !hich event theitem1s2 !ill #e removed from the Consent /enda and considered separately #y the Council under 345#elo!% These Consent /enda items !ill also include motions approved #y committees, commissions and#oards of the City Council%

    . C#un%( D%u%#n I$-/% Move the second reular City Council meetin from 6anuary .7 to Tuesday, 6anuary .+, .78 at 9*:7 &%M%B% 'econd -eadin and /pproval of Ordinance ;o% 4: < Fees, -ates, and Chares for .78C% =lection of Mayor &ro Tem

    ;. O$'r:

  • 8/10/2019 Council: Jan. 6 Agenda


    % Finance Committee 'pecial Meetin Minutes > Decem#er .?, .7@.% (tilities Commission Meetin Minutes > Decem#er , .7@:% /irport Commission Meetin Minutes > ;ovem#er .8, .7@@% 'treet Committee Minutes > Decem#er 9, .7@8% Aetter from MDH -eardin .7: Water Fluoridation uality /!ard9% Memo -eardin /udit =naement Aetter+% Memo -eardin Hirin of &art

  • 8/10/2019 Council: Jan. 6 Agenda


    9T+EET COMMITTEE +ECOMMEDNATION: =liminate the 'ide!alk Display &ermit re0uirementand the associated E8 annual fee% 1/ll fees paid to date for .78 !ill #e reim#ursed%2

    6% /merican Aeion &ost :7 Temporary Ai0uor Aicense -e0uest9TA88 +ECOMMENDATION: /pprove one day temporary li0uor license for the 6ackson /mericanAeion &ost :7 for the 6ackson 'peed!ay Ban0uet on 6anuary .@, .78 at the 6ackson ;ational uard/rmory%


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