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1. Contrasting career artists Including Dyers and Neguss perspectives Kristina Dubrovskaya and Sophie Blank 2. Taylor Swift (synthetic artist) Taylor Swift is an interesting example of starting her career by being purely organic artist but then changing the star image by adopting the synthetic approach a little bit about her success: Taylor Swift is a seven-time GRAMMY winner, and the youngest recipient in history of the music industrys highest honor, the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year. She is the only artist in history to have an album hit the 1 million first-week sales figure three times 3. Starting her career She was very successful when had an organic ideology of creativity. For example, She became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Tree publishing house and later, the release of Ms. Swift's self-titled debut album in 2006 debuted at No. 3 and 39 weeks later, it hit the top of the charts and has sold more than 2.5 million copies. Also, her third single, "Our Song," made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a No. 1 song on the country chart. Country Songwriter Playing the guitar 4. Teardrops on my Guitar 2006 Taylor referred to as a composer of this song we can see the instrument- guitar that she used to played on it is clearly a pure beauty, no special effects, natural environment. the music was targeted to the teenage girls 5. 2012 In this year, the changing of Taylors style started to appear I knew you were trouble - noticeably different genre and different Taylor We are never ever getting back together- more dance music where you can hardly notice country influences she changed her fashion style she began to be involved in bigger amount of scandals 6. BAD BLOOD Swift began teasing the music video in May on Instagram by posting photos of each character. The video broke Vevo's 24-hour viewing record by reaching the maximum views in its first day of release. she is very different in this music video and clearly it is more about action than her talent. There are not only sexy elements that were already been in her previous music videos (such as we are never getting back together) but also a Rebellious element (there is a battle between her and other characters). She is shown to be powerful, story and VERY different to initial Taylor with guitar and lovely curls. Instead of cute dresses, she wears revealing outfits in this music video. 7. Richard Dyer stars are one of the ways in which conceptions of such persons are promulgated Her image has changed: before 2012, she gave this innocent image of country-songwriter According to Dyer, in order to achieve success, artists need to have some common values of music stardom. before 2012 - youthfulness - Originality - Creativity/talent after 2012 - Rebellious - Sexual magnetism - Originality (questioned) - Aggression/ anger (last music video show these) Taylor Swift 8. 8 DIGIPAKS He emphasized the role of stars in film, TV and music. A star is an image, not a real person that is constructed out of a range of material such as video, artwork, performance, media appearance etc. Stars depends upon a range of subsidiary media- magazines, TV, radio, the internet- in order to construct an image for themselves which can be marked to their target audience. 9. 9 There are two main paradoxes that make the stars image incomplete in order to built an audiences interest to complete the image. Paradox 1 the star must be simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary for the consumer Paradox 2 The star must be simultaneously present and absent for the consumer but unfortunately for her fans, she doesn't really noticed and remember them 10. Keith Negus Identifies two distinct ways of thinking about potential artists from within the music industry. These ideologies (either organic or synthetic) shape the way in which the artists images and careers are developed, and the way that they are marketed towards specific target audience 2006 ORGANIC natural look she wasnt involved in any scandal situations had an naturalistic approach to her star image (e.g. natural looking hear; elegant, country style in outfits etc) she was a songwriter and plays the instrument by herself she didnt aim to be everywhere and all the time to create word of mouth She wasnt change hugely by the record label. She was given freedom to be who she wanted she was given freedom to explore oneself the albums were advertised more then merchandise stuff 2015 SYNTHETIC She became a more commercially-orientated star moved from country to popular pop However, she is still involved in composing her songs Firstly her songs were clearly targeted to the teenage girls, but now looking at her music video it is hard to say that her initial target audience haven't changed. she changed her style completely in order to create a more bright and pop based star image her style was reconstructed in order to meet the the majoritys preferences Emphasis now is put mainly on single sales. merchandise rather than promoting the album itself Taylor Swift 11. Bob Dylan (organic) Bob is Dylan is an American singer songwriter, artist and writer Singles: Mr.Tambourine Man (1965), Hurricaine (1976) influential in popular music and culture for more than five decades 12. DIGIPAK 13. Bob Dylan has a naturalistic approach. He is known for his distinctive voice, depressing yet witty lyrics, lyrics about important social issues, harmonica, curly hair, lyrics inspired by real life events, often dresses entirely in Black, often wears a stetson hat, thin moustache, his seemingly personal but often mysterious and nebulous lyrics, low rasping voice People loved his originality and uniqueness Hurricane (1976) 14. Record labels: 1961- Columbia signed him to a contract and then released his first album, containing two original songs. 1962-"The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" appeared, with all original songs including the 1960s anthem "Blowin' in the Wind." 15. You could argue that his albums were aimed at older or more sophisticated consumers Dylan increasingly evolved but had the time through out his career Incomplete picture artist