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The American Secton's bi-annual magazine


  • A m e r i c a n S e c t i o n L y c e I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t G e r m a i n - e n - L a y e





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    S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 2

    years of excellence

    m a g a z i n e

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    What does 60 years mean? It means thousands of alumni and former students and parents; it means hundreds of former teachers and administrators; and it means countless fond memories and stories about life at the Lyce and within the Section. In the past 60 years, the Lyce International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the American Section have had an impact on so many. It is impossible to share all of their stories and memories in this celebratory issue, but what we hoped to do is create a memory timeline highlighting the Section throughout the decades by including real stories written by students, teachers, and parents past and present. Hopefully all of you can see some of yourself and some of your experience through these stories. This past February, the Section hosted the first annual FoASALI alumni and friends reception in New York City. Over 70 friends of the Section attended. Some came from just down the street, but many also traveled for the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. From students who attended the Lyce in the 1950s and 60s to students who graduated in 2011; from people winding down their successful careers to university students still trying to figure out what to do with all the choices their education has afforded them - it was such a pleasure to offer all of these people with such different stories and paths an opportunity to share their commitment to the American Section. This is the bond. I was once again astounded by the impact the Section has on its former students and parents. Teachers, both American and French, favorite hang-out spots such as Marios, clubs, Prom, fieldtrips - stories were shared and laugher was omnipresent. My history with the American Section is just beginning. As you read this issue, I will be completing my first year in the Director chair. Already, I can see why this school and Section remain so dear to so many. Two former Directors have reached out to me to share their expertise and offer their support. The other Section Directors and the French administration have made it a point to help me adjust and learn the ropes. The American Section teachers - from Maternelle to Terminale - offered me support, institutional history, and their friendship from the first day I arrived. And the parents and students have welcomed me with open arms. I am thrilled to be a new member of this vibrant, diverse, and unique community. I am fortunate enough to join the many who have walked through the gates to the Lyce International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and like those before me, I am committed to our mission - to offer the very best of American educational methodologies, programs, and cultural experiences in this multi-cultural and multi-linguistic environment. I am excited to hear more stories, meet more former students and parents, and continue the story that is the American Section.

    Kelly Herrity

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    The magazine is distributed without charge to current parents, alumni and former faculty and staff, and to many parents of alumni and other friends of the Section.

    Director: Kelly Herrity, director@americansection.orgEditor: Margaret Jenkins-Ghiglione, communications@americansection.orgGraphic design: Judy Loda, Newwalk DesignPrinter: Imprimerie Jasson-TaboureauEditorial Committee: Betsy Farhi, Sonia Lee, Siun OSullivan, Tiffany Snel-WarkContributors: Sarah-Anne Aarup, Marie Asselin, Yasmin and Francesco Ballarin, Jacques Behr, Steven Berzin, Linda Berzin Karma, Jocelyne Black, Charlotte Borde, Franois Boulet, Adrienne Covington, Mary Jean Cummiskey Young, Sami Dakhlia, Jenny du Crest, Betsy Farhi, Ted Faunce, Marc Fournier, Mary Friel, Ccile Fruman, Myriam Goldfrad, Brian Ha, Kelly Herrity, Beth Heudebourg, Scot Hicks, Margaret Jenkins-Ghiglione, Yves Lemaire, Joan Lynch, Sean Lynch, Nancy Magaud, Andrew McGovern, Michele Michel, Bill Moon, Barbara Moross, Justine Obr, Aurlie Ouss, Siun OSullivan, Sylvie Pena, Walter Putnam, Chris Rochester, Barbara Roush, Mike Scales, Carl Schoonover, Tiffany Snel-Wark, Matthew Tobin, Denise van Veen, Michael Veitch, Eric von Dorster, Anne-Lise Wolff HolahanPhotography: Grace Abuhamad, Jenny du Crest, Judith Hamery, Marjolein Martinot, Margaret Jenkins-Ghiglione, Denise van Veen and numerous Section yearbook photographers and community members. Vol. 1, Number 2Copyright 2012 by ASALI. All rights reserved. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this magazine. If you have any questions, corrections or comments please contact the editor, Margaret Jenkins-Ghiglione, at

    Founded in 1952, the American Section provides an American educational and cultural experience of exceptional quality within the unique context of the Lyce International, where 13 national sections are represented.The American Section prepares students to become lifelong learners and global citizens by fostering intellectual curiosity and self-confidence that help students realize their full potential and developing students leadership abilities and sense of responsi-bility towards others.The American Section pursues this mission through a rigorous and rewarding American curriculum which culminates in the French Baccalaureate with International Option, as well as through a broad and enriching co-curricular program including such activities as drama, community service, sports and student publications.

    Please address admissions inquiries to Director of Admissions, Mary Friel, at

    What does 60 years mean?

    It means thousands of alumni

    and former students

    and parents; it means

    hundreds of former teachers

    and administrators;

    and it means countless

    fond memories and stories

    about life at the Lyce

    and within the Section.

    4 A Word from the BoardA Strategic Plan Update 5 Primary SchoolThe Primary School Survey

    6 Middle SchoolA Brief History of the Middle School

    7 Upper SchoolFreedom from Chemical Dependency

    Celebrating 60 Years!

    8 History of the Lyce International

    11 June Milton Berzin, Founder of the American Section

    12 American Section Directors

    16 American Section Teachers

    22 Alumni - Six Decades of Memories

    25 Spotlight - Back to the Eighties

    26 Legacy Families

    28 Student Voice My American Section History

    29 Faculty VoiceThe First Time I Set Eyes...

    30 Window on the LyceAn Interview with Yves Lemaire


  • A Strategic Plan UpdateB In keeping with the theme of this second issue of Compass magazine history - setting a course or strategy for the long-term viability and success of the Section has always been one of the main goals and raison dtre of the Board. Our role is to ensure that the Section offers the best teaching practices and extra-curricular activities for both this generation and those that will follow. In years past, this was done in a less formal or official fashion. In 2009 that changed when a committee comprised of members of each of the different constituencies (board, faculty, administration, staff, parents, and students) formally developed a road map for the next five years the Strategic Plan. In the past eight months, much of this plan has been put into action. Two faculty members, Andrew McGovern and Terry Hershey, have taken on additional responsibilities related directly to the Strategic Plan. Mr. McGovern, an Upper School English teacher, is now also the Student Support Coordinator. His role is to develop and lead a wellness and advisory program that will accompany our students throughout their time in the American Section. Already this year, we have solidified advisory in Seconde, added advisory in Premire, organized a visit from Freedom from Chemical Dependency (for more details see the Upper School area of this issue), and met regularly to discuss ways we can best support our students. In the next few years, we plan to develop a more robust advisory program in the Middle School and add a life skills curriculum (presently being created by Beccy Haugen) for our primary students. Ms. Hershey, a Middle School English teacher, is now also our Global Citizenship Coordinator, and she is responsible for the development and oversight of programs that foster a sense of commitment to service and the betterment of the world. Ms. Hershey revamped both the India exchange program and the trip to India, bringing those experiences to a broader group of students through class visits and presentations. She also launched the Lunch and Learn Series whereby Upper School students or parents shared their service experiences with our Middle School students over an informal lunch. Service learning service connected directly to curriculum is in the works for the near future. Two staff members have also taken on additional responsibility to ensure that our Strategic Plan is put into place. Margaret Jenkins-Ghiglione, presently our External Affairs Officer, has worked diligently to connect with our fascinating alumni who live all over the globe. She organized the first annual New York Alumni Event held at the Yale Club and attended by over 70 graduates ranging from the class of 1968 to the class of 2011. Shortly, we plan to have a website allowing our alumni to add their contact details easily and to connect with one-another. Amy Crist, our present Librar