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CERN‘s 60th Anniversary. Sascha Schmeling, CERN Coordinator. 60 years of Science for Peace Scientific Discoveries and the way ahead International Cooperation – Science as a motor for international dialogue 60 years of progress in Science and Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

CERNs 60th AnniversarySascha Schmeling, CERNCoordinatorKey Messages60 years of Science for Peace

Scientific Discoveries and the way ahead

International Cooperation Science as a motor for international dialogue

60 years of progress in Science and Technology

Science Education and Training Modern Science for EveryoneEventsCentral Celebration EventsJuly 1stCelebration of the Anniversary of the Signature of the Convention at UNESCO in ParisSeptember 29thCelebration of the CERN Anniversary with highest level representatives from the MS, AMS, OBS, at CERNOctober 7thCelebration of the Anniversary of the First Council Sessionat CERNNovemberMeeting Science for PeaceMember State CelebrationsCERN invites its Member States to celebrate the Anniversary in their countries

CERN offers to help with a central coordination team and with communications and exhibitions

A coordination with other CERN-related events in the Member States is desirable

Each Member State has nominated at least one national contact by nowOf course the invitation to celebrate CERNs 60th Anniversary includesObserver StatesAssociate Member StatesNon-Member States7CERN-related Events AbroadA series of exhibitions is planned.CERN Accelerator SchoolCERN Accelerator SchoolICHEP 2014 with CERN Travelling ExhibitionTwo confirmed exhibitions, at Athens and ThessalonikiEuropean School of High Energy PhysicsCERN Travelling ExhibitionCERN School of ComputingAsia-Europe-Pacific School of High Energy Physics

8Celebratory EventsLocal Events

Strong relations to the local area around the Laboratory exist

Create a series of neighborhood events together with the local communitiesInternal Events

Series of historical, scientific, and technological colloquia

Modest reception for the CERNois9ColloquiaHistorical Series

1949-1954 The Founding Years1954-1964 The SC and the PSMaria and Giuseppe Fidecaro1964-1974 ISR EraLeslie Camilleri, Pierre Darriulat1974-1984 SPS EraCarlo Rubbia1984-1994 LEP IHerwig Schopper1994-2004 LEP IISteve Myers, Dieter Schlatter2004-2014 LHC EraLyn Evans, Peter JenniScientific, Technological, and Social Series

Accelerator Technologies

Detector Technologies

Information Technology

Medical Applications

Science and Society

The World Wide Web

Arts and Science10Other Celebration Events and ActivitiesEvents at Geneva

Several Inaugurations

Beamline for SchoolsSCool LabSynchrocyclotron Exhibition

Neighborhood Events


CERN-related Films Screenings in Cinemas

Events elsewhere

Educational Events

Arts Events


CERN Historical FilmPublicationsStampsCoins

11DisclaimerThe proposed events have been presented to the CERN Council in September or have arisen from the discussion there.

Please note that only half of the central events are confirmed by now.

The further decisions on the remaining two as well as the available support for all other events depend on budget availability and will be taken in due course.

Events outside CERN and the Central Events need to be financed where they happen. Only limited support can be given from CERN, mainly in terms of communications support.

Relevant Anniversaries in 2014/15CERN-related Events25 yThe World Wide Web30 yNobel Prize for Rubbia and Van der Meer50 yESRO European Space Research OrganisationICTP The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical PhysicsOther Anniversaries for Information40 yJ/ Discovery50 yInitial publications on spontaneous symmetry breakingInitial publications about quarks by GellMann and Zweig135 yAlbert Einstein200 yThe Swiss Academy of Sciences450 yGalileo Galilei13OrganisationWorkloadOrganisation ofEvents at CERN

Co-Organisation ofEvents at UNESCO, UNOG, UNHQ,

Coordination ofEvents in Member States and othersEvents in the local areaCentral CoordinationGeneral CoordinatorSascha SchmelingDeputy General CoordinatorMarkus NordbergProject Safety OfficerYann LechevinAssistantEva TolosaCommunicationJames GilliesMarie BugnonLocal Events SupportIulia PascuSteering CommitteeMaurizio BonaJames GilliesRolf LanduaMarkus NordbergSascha SchmelingEmmanuel TsesmelisRdiger VossWorkpackagesUNESCO EventAngela Ghring-CrinonYann LechevinAnniversary CelebrationBernard PellequerN.N.First Council Session CelebrationBrigitte van der StichelenUN EventN.N.N.N.Neighbourhood EventsN.N.Colloquia SeriesMichael DoserYellow ReportGian GiudiceBeamline for Schools InaugurationN.N.SCoolLab InaugurationGerfried WienerSC Inauguration / EPS CeremonyBernard PellequerMarco SilariExhibition SupportRolf LanduaTEDxClaudia Marcelloni de OliveiraFAMELABAntonella del RossoCommunicationHow do we proceed?To relay the key messages and the values of the event in an efficient way, we need to remember the central theme in all our communication tools in order to have a well known identity and a certain unity.

To have an accurate balance between the international and local communication, we need to underline the universal values of CERN, with some degree of cultural adaptation for each country.

One story to tell + a shared graphic design (designed by Fabienne Marcastel)=A consistent and unique identity across the countries


60 years of Science for PeaceEN / FR SEARCHMain eventsCountry


25 years of the webEXPLORE


International Event

21Design GuidelinesThe Design Guidelines can be found on

Design GuidelinesCustomizations will be done by the Graphics Design Office

Please do not make last-minute requestsBranded Ideas

Next StepsJust Being DoneInvitations to Heads-of-State Country Contacts query for planned events

Near FutureRound-Table on Cultural EventsPresentation to ECFA (November 21st) Timeline of Celebration EventsFinal Presentation to CERN Council (December 12th)

2014The Celebrations start


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