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PBE 60th Anniversary


  • Your Invitation to Celebrate!!!

    One MAJOR Milestone Two GIANT Events

    Equipment Demos Kubota Rodeo Contest Food Prizes Kids Activities (See inside for more info)

    June 11, 20169am 2pm

    Pine Bush, NY

    June 18, 20169am 2pm

    Newington, CT

    a supplement to Construction Equipment Guide

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    We salute you and appreciate

    our long-standing partnership.

    Congratulations on 60 Years!!

    Demos throughout

    the day will feature the iMC modelsPC210LCi-10 excavator and the D51i-22


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  • 4A married couple celebrating 60 years together might exchange gifts a diamond is traditional.

    But for Pine Bush Equipments 60th anniversary, the company isthrowing itself a party or two parties, to be precise: June 11 in PineBush, N.Y., and June 18 in Newington, Conn.

    Food, fun and prizes for the whole family including a kids activ-ity tent with crafts, games, a sand box to dig in, balloons and music will be featured at the open house events, and one lucky winner fromeach open house will go home with a Kubota Z125S zero turn mower.There also will be demonstrations throughout the days, featuringKomatsus Intelligent Machine Control, and all guests18 and older are eligible to participate in aKubota excavator rodeo, sponsored byKubota. Pre-registration is requiredfor the rodeo, with cash prizesawarded for first, second andthird place winners.

    The open houses alsowill have a Kubota exca-vator set up for the noviceoperators so they can tryoperating a piece of equip-ment.

    We love our open houseevents to show appreciationfor our customers, and equallyimportant to make it an event thewhole family can come and enjoy, saidPine Bush Equipments President, HollyBodnar.

    Pine Bush will be using its 60th anniversary celebrations as its annu-al fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

    Our vendors show their support through sponsorships, tricky trayraffle items and advertisements. We are on track to raise at least $25,000this year [2016].

    Sixty Years ... and a Lot of Hard WorkSixty years in business doesnt come without a lot of hard work and

    challenges in both good and bad times.The family business started in 1956 when Edward Ted

    Boniface and his wife, Dorothy Dot, took a chance. Ted was an excavating contractor in Pine Bush, NY, when the

    opportunity of a lifetime came along, one that he couldnt pass up.When Pine Bush Farm Implement a local Case agriculturaldealership on State Route 302 was put up for sale, the coupleknew what they had to do.

    When my dad first started this business he was an excavatingcontractor, recalled Holly Bodnar. He wanted a shop where hecould work on his equipment. He built roads, ponds, foundations,things of that nature. In the early 1960s, his focus changed frombeing an excavating contractor to being a construction equipmentdistributor. As the agricultural business declined in the area, wemoved into the construction end of it with Case in 1961.

    Together with his wife and a workforce of four other employ-ees, Ted grew the business in a big way.

    In 1964 Pine Bush Farm Implement became incorporated andchanged its name to Pine Bush Equipment Co. Inc. An expandedstore accompanied the name change and status upgrade. Ninemonths of construction began in 1966 to add much-needed spaceto the rapidly expanding business.

    The Boniface children learned early that Pine Bush Equipmentwas a family affair. Their mother also was an active participant inthe companys day-to-day operation.

    My mother played a significant role in thebusiness, always. She did everything,

    said Holly. She worked behind theparts counter, in credit and col-

    lections. Customers still tellstories about her collection

    methods. She also wouldhelp with the equip-ment, drive the dumptruck. There was noplace she didnt work.And that was in addi-tion to raising six chil-

    dren.Ted and Dot retired in

    1985, selling the business totheir children and then CFO

    Elmer Dyer, who had become afamily friend.

    The transition, however, didnt slow thingsdown. The original branch was expanded again in 1985 to

    accommodate additional shop space and a light equipment show-room. In 1988, PBE opened a dealership in Newington, Conn.,called East PBE Inc.

    PBEs growth continued in 1990, when the company openedanother store in Wappinger Falls, N.Y., which, in 2003, wasmoved to a new facility in Holmes, N.Y.

    Today, PBE serves 10 counties in southern New York and thestate of Connecticut.

    But it wasnt always easy. According to Bodnar, between 2008 and2009 Pine Bushs business dropped by more than 60 percent.

    Needless to say we found ourselves in a survival mode, which wasthe same mode that many of our customers were in. The biggest hitswere in the housing and in the commercial building. These segments ofthe market virtually disappeared. We were able to refocus some of ourresources into the heavy highway segment, environmental reclamationand pipeline building segment of the industry, but it was not nearlyenough to stop the bleeding.

    During this period we really had our hands full, said SteveBoniface, CEO. We were seeing good, long-term customers thatwere really in trouble and we knew that if we lost them permanentlywe would really have a hard time rebuilding. So, not only did we findourselves focusing on how to streamline and downsize our operation,

    Pine Bush Equipment Celebrates 60 Years

  • 5Dorothy and Ted Boniface on their wedding day in August 1941.(L-R): Steve Boniface, CEO; Simra Alfonso, CFO; Holly Bodnar, presi-dent; and Ken Boniface, vice president.

    (L-R): Dot and Teds children, Steve Boniface, CEO; Tom Boniface, former president; Holly Bodnar, president; Donna Boniface, former vice-pres-ident; Ken Boniface, vice president; and Ted Boniface, former president.



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    The Skys the LimitPine Bush Equipment has recently completed the construc-

    tion of a 1-acre field of solar panels to power the Pine Bush,

    N.Y., facility. The field, which consists of 657 panels, is a 200

    kilowatt system and is currently supplying 50 to 60 percent of

    the energy needs of the facility. The company also is in the

    process of switching over to LED lighting at its Holmes, N.Y.,

    and Newington, Conn., facilities.

    The system was designed and installed by Lighthouse Solar

    in New Paltz, N.Y.

    View of the Solar field built at the Pine Bush, N.Y., facility.

  • 7but we had to also stay focused on how we could help our existing cus-tomers survive.

    Much of this we did by helping them right-size their fleets.Obviously, their fleets were being underutilized and if they had any equi-ty in their machines at all we tried to help them divest themselves of thatequipment; at times selling pieces for them on consignment.

    And it wasnt just the customers who had to reduce their fleets.We had to carefully reduce our parts inventory, our rental fleet, and

    our new equipment fleet, Boniface said. This all had to be done verycarefully because we knew that our cuts could not impact in any way thelevel of service and support that we provide to our customers.

    In our 60 years, we have been through three major recessions, butthis was the worst by far, Bodnar said. We knew it was coming, weprepared as best we could. Thank goodness we had a lot of equity in ourfleet and comparatively low debt. Through each one of these recessionswe have come out the other side smarter and stronger.

    Another of Pine Bushs major focuses and quite frankly the most dif-ficult was making adjustments to the staff at Pine Bush Equipment,according to Bodnar.

    Pine Bush Equipment prides itself on the longevity of its employees,with the majority of them having 10 years of service or more. More thana dozen employees have 30 years of service or more.

    Deep, hard cuts had to be made across the board, including laying

    off and/or cutting back the hours of family and employees, Bodnar said.Some of our family continued to work and did not collect paychecks.Our employees agreed to take reductions in pay. Many of our employ-ees had to learn to multi-task. Many of us were wearing several differ-ent hats.

    Although family values are the core of Pine Bush Equipment Co.Inc., the success of our business lies in the dedication of our employees,Steve Boniface said. Without the diligence of our staff, Pine BushEquipment Co. Inc. would not be the success it is today.

    Now led by siblings Steve and Ken Boniface and Holly Bodnar, thereare family members in