60th anniversary - 60th anniversary slide show chairs: diana kaufmann, fern kamen committee members:

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  • Celebration 60th Anniversary

    November 2, 2019



    Temple Jeremiah was founded in 1959 by a small group of dedicated people. As our community began to grow, it was time to welcome a full-time spiritual leader, Rabbi Allan Tarshish z”l, in 1961. He oversaw tremendous growth in the congregation, leading us to the purchase of our permanent home on 5.5-acres of land in Northfi eld in 1969. Our current building was built and opened in July 1972.

    On September 9, 1972, we observed our fi rst Rosh HaShanah services in our own building. Rabbi Tarshish became Rabbi Emeritus in 1975, and Rabbi Robert D. Schreibman was installed as our Senior Rabbi.

    Th e year 2000 brought the retirement of Rabbi Schreibman. Rabbi Paul F. Cohen came on board in July 2000, ready to lead our Temple into the next century. By the early 2000’s, Temple Jeremiah had benefi tted from beautiful renovation projects that brought us the architectural award-winning Joan and Stanley Golder Chapel, the Robert D. Shreibman Sanctuary and Mitchell and Valerie Slotnick Social Hall.

    In 2010, to honor our 50th Anniversary, Temple Jeremiah fulfi lled the 613th

    commandment and wrote our own Torah. For our 60th Anniversary, we celebrated with many special events throughout the year culminating tonight with this wonderful 60th Anniversary celebration.

    Temple Jeremiah has been, and continues to be, a vibrant congregation drawing members from over 35 communities. Our membership includes more than 900 households. We thrive on meeting the spiritual needs of our members and practicing Tikkun Olam, for the betterment of our world today and tomorrow. Temple Jeremiah is committed to our future and creating a community of meaningful connection.

    Th ank you for being a member of Temple Jeremiah. Your commitment to the congregation over the past 60 years and your participation in helping to make Temple Jeremiah a warm and welcoming community focused on member connection, inclusiveness, Tikkun Olam, activism, education and Judaism in whatever form that means to each of our congregants ensures there is a place at our table for all.

    L’Dor v’ Dor, from generation to generation and strength to strength, may this year be a wonderful blessing to all our members and just a taste of the sweetness and joy yet to come.

    L’Chaim! Th e Celebration Committee


    60th ANNIVERSARY EVENTS & PROGRAMS Brotherhood 60’s Concert Chair: Bruce Zimmerman

    Sisterhood 60 Ways to Meet Your Cantor Wine and Cheese Event Chairs: Christine Kaufman, Gail Kayman, Arden Brenner Bernie’s Book Bank Event Chairs: Alisa Patterson, Lisa Schurgin

    Social Justice/ School Events Center for Learning Chairs: Jill Odzer, Jack Craven

    Youth & Family Purim Carnival Engagement Committee Chair: Avi Greenfi eld Committee Members: Melissa Field, Tanya Silverstein, Dan Vorona

    Inclusion Committee Abilities Awareness Shabbat Chairs: Caren Brown, Gail Modro

    Leadership Development Leadership Cohort Program Chair: Suzanne Sands Committee Members: Scott Levin, Iris Keene, Julie Ford

    Facilities Committee Sacred Spaces Program Chair: Michael Schack

    Caring Committee Kugel Kook-Off Chairs: Barb Kite, Patti Turim

    Spiritual Life Committee Shabbat Prayer Through the Ages Chair: Joel Kaufmann

    Special Programming Challah Baking Chair: Cathy Cohen

    Temple Jeremiah’s Amazing Race and Road Rally Chairs: Jennifer Bruns, Julie Ford, Committee Members: Dan Vorona, Susan Lorch, Gail Modro, Diana Kaufmann

    60th Anniversary Slide Show Chairs: Diana Kaufmann, Fern Kamen Committee Members: Carol Maxon, Sheila Schlaggar, Mike Kamen

    60th Anniversary Video Chairs: Julie Weinberg, Ernie Schubert Committee Members: Rob Morhaim, Stephen Miller, Julie Ford

    L’takein Olam Composed for the 60th Anniversary of Temple Jeremiah Words: Adapted from Mishkan Tefi lah Music: Cantor Susan Lewis Friedman Piano and Choir Arranged by: David Shukiar

    Mah Jongg Maddness Chairs: Lori Kash, Stephanie Victor

    Julie Ford, Chair and Past President Cantor Amy Zussman, Cantor Emerita

    Fern Kamen, Executive Director Emerita Diana Kaufmann, Past President

    Daniel Glassman, Executive Director

    Cathy Cohen Lisa Schurgin

    Tanya Silverstein Valerie Slotnick

  • TEMPLE JEREMIAH Rabbi Paul F. Cohen, D.Min., D.D.

    Rabbi Rachel L. Heaps Rabbi Robert D. Schreibman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus

    Cantor Susan Lewis Friedman Cantor Amy J. Zussman, Cantor Emerita

    Rabbi Dr. Allan Tarshish, k"z Founding Rabbi Daniel A. Glassman, Executive Director

    Anne M. Lidsky Ph.D., RJE, Director of Religious Education

    OFFICERS President Barbara Miller Executive Vice President Scott Levin Vice Presidents Caren Brown Alene Frost Avi Greenfi eld Gary Kash Jill Odzer Michael Schack Treasurer Steve Kleiman Recording Secretary Linda Stolberg Legal Counsel Ed Shapiro

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jeff Berg Alisa Patterson Paul Chaiken Greg Richards Jon Fellman Amy Rubinstein Richard Geline Sarabeth Salzman David Goroff Doug Shabelman Randi Gurian Tanya Silverstein Christine Kaufman Mark Sulkin Phil Krause Sue Weitzman Scott Mendel

    BROTHERHOOD President Dan Bellows

    SISTERHOOD Co-Presidents Alisa Patterson & Lisa Schrugin Board Representative Babette Sanders

    JeTY Co-President Taylor Chaiken Co-President Brie Katz

    PAST PRESIDENTS Fred Henschel k"z Barbara S. Bleckman Robert B. Cook k"z Jacqueline M. Slavick Robert W. Powell k"z Herbert Horn Robert H. Goldberg k"z Michael Pollak Edgar L. Cadden k"z Diana Kaufmann Meyer M. Israel k"z Mitchell L. Slotnick, Ph.D. k"z Marvin H. Coleman k"z Howard Lanznar Stanley C. Golder k"z David Golder James R. Foster Julie Ford Joan J. Golder Ken Lorch Ronald A. Sandler Joel Africk



    7:20 HAVDALAH Tarshish Lounge

    7:30 WELCOME TOAST AND HaMOTZI Mitchell and Valerie Slotnick Social Hall

    7:45 DINNER, MUSIC, AND DANCING Live Orchestra, Not For Profi t Band Mitchell and Valerie Slotnick Social Hall

    8:15 60th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION VIDEO Mitchell and Valerie Slotnick Social Hall

    8:45 DANCING, DESSERT, COFFEE, AND PHOTO BOOTH Mitchell and Valerie Slotnick Social Hall and Tarshish Lounge

  • We are proud to support Temple Jeremiah! Looking forward to a bright future.

    Together, We Care, We Honor, We Remember

    Shalom Memorial’s beautiful grounds, and modern chapel, create a uniquely peaceful sanctuary of Love and Memory.

    Our mission is to welcome and serve the entire Northshore Jewish Community through the life-cycle experiences of passing, mourning, and memory,

    with personal care, compassion, and support.

    Congratulations to Temple Jeremiah on celebrating 60 years.

    We are proud to partner with you.

    Absolute Computer Systems 2031 22 Ave., Suite #2 Kenosha, WI 53140 Phone: 262-942-8572 Email: support@acskenosha.com

  • Celebrating 45 years

    at Temple Jeremiah!

    Fern and Michael Kamen

    & Family

  • Congratulations on 60 years of service to the community and members of


    of which the SCHREIBMAN FAMILY proudly participated since 1975

    Bob, Patti, Debra, Daniel, and Tamar Shreibman

    It has been a place of love, compassion, and warmth.

    May these examples increase as you grow in strength and wisdom.

  • Congratulations to Temple Jeremiah for an

    incredible 60 years!

    Looking forward to celebrating

    with this wonderful community

    for many years to come.

    The Golder Family

  • Temple Jeremiah Happy Anniversary!

    You are our spiritual home,

    social hub, and a signifi cant part

    of our family’s lifestyle.

    Thanks for always being there.

    Cheers to the next 60!

    The Ford Family

    Jim, Julie, Rae, Dan, Dana and Mike

  • Congratulations Temple Jeremiah!

    We are so blessed to be a part of

    this wonderful community.

    Here’s to the next 60 joyful years!

    Rabbi Paul, Cathy, Jacob, Eli,

    Anna and Hope Cohen

  • The Joy of Belonging to

    Temple Jeremiah has been

    my mantra for 50 years.

    Thank you, Temple Jeremiah,

    for being an integral part

    of my life, and now ours.

    May you continue to bring

    that joy to others.

    Sheila Schlaggar and

    Earl Abramson

  • Celebrating 60 years of meaningful milestones

    and memories

    Laura and Bruce Zimmerman

  • Temple Jeremiah Sixty Strong

    And in no small part to these

    amazing committee members,

    our friends

    Amy Zussman Fell

    Fern Kamen

    Diana Kaufmann

    Valerie Slotnick

  • My family and I celebrate

    Temple Jeremiah and the many years

    we have enjoyed belonging.

    Diana Kaufmann and Family


    Temple Jeremiah on 60 years!!

    We have been blessed with

    40 wonderful, joyful years as

    family in this special congregation.

    Anne and Jerry Lidsky

  • Happy Anniversary

    Temple Jeremiah

    From Mike Pollak

    Many thanks to Rabbi Cohen,

    Rabbi Heaps, Cantor Friedman,

    and Dr. Lidsky fo


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