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Comm. 494 Portfolio Presentation. By: Janelle Kluczynski Communication and Promotions Internship 95.1 WIIL ROCK/ WLIP Radio Stations Summer 2012. Internship Information. Name: Janelle Kluczynski Beginning Date: Monday May 14, 2012 Ending Date: Thursday August 16, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Comm. 494 Portfolio Presentation</p> <p>Comm. 494 Portfolio PresentationBy: Janelle Kluczynski</p> <p>Communication and Promotions Internship</p> <p>95.1 WIIL ROCK/ WLIP Radio Stations</p> <p>Summer 2012</p> <p>SInternship InformationName: Janelle KluczynskiBeginning Date: Monday May 14, 2012Ending Date: Thursday August 16, 2012Supervisor: Stu Wattles, Director of PromotionsMailing Address:95 WIIL Rock- AM 1050 WILP Radio Station 8500 Green Bay Rd. Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158,OverviewThroughout the Summer of 2012, I completed an internship with the Promotions Department at 95.1 Wiil Rock Radio Station. During this time I was able to meet many awesome people, acquire many skills through the events I helped participate in, and rock out in some of the most memorable moments in my life. Following will be some highlights of the work I helped participate with and complete throughout the time of my internship with 95 Wiil Rock!Tasks and ResponsibilitiesHelp with setups at promotion events and remote broadcastings.Contact winning listeners for prizes and gift they won.Helping with checking people in at events, and making sure things go smoothly.While at events, I had to be energetic, fun, and open to talk to every listener around. This is probably the most important task in promotions. Have fun with talking to everyone, and remaining upbeat and personable!Help prepare for remote broadcastings by gathering merchandise to be used as giveaways for each event.Complete inventory and track inventory through Excel Spreadsheets.</p> <p>Update social networking websites.Clean and organize promotions room.</p> <p>Learning Objectives Applied Most FrequentlyContexts: Identifying and practicing multiple roles within groups and organizations.Messages: Creating and critiquing messages in ways that reflect both professional and ethical decision-making. Identity: Analyzing and critiquing how human identity is constructed, reinforced, and transformed though the ways we communicate.Pick n Pull Remote Broadcast</p> <p>The picture is of a table I set up full of promotional giveaways for the listeners who came out to visit us at the event. Some of the giveaways at this remote were free cds, autographed posters of bands and/ or singers, and band and/ or music apparel .My responsibilities included: talking with listeners. I also had to complete set up with one of my bosses, Joe. The set up visually appealed to promote the radio station.**All pictures throughout this presentation were either taken by myself, or an employee of the radio station.Practiced Learning Objectives:Pick n Pull RemoteIdentityWhile talking to listeners I was able to be myself and express my personality, but in the back of my mind still reminding myself to talk to them about business. The business topics I was required to be discussing with them were future events and trips in which the radio station is promoting.At this event I transformed my identity and practiced it as both a student intern and an employee of the station. I was able to have fun being myself while still discussing business and promoting future events of the station with listeners who came out to the event to support the station.MessagesMessages also was applied when setting up the table and making it appeal in a visual manner, leaving promotional flyers up front grabbing the attention of people and free giveaways more in the back or off to the side .The banners and table set ups of the events are important to visually appeal to people, while also allowing them to know the station is there. It makes people who know who we are to stop and talk, while the people who are there who are unfamiliar with the station to stop and ask questions about us.**Both quotes were retrieved from my Report 1 (May 30, 2012).Performances in Studio EastMany times throughout the summer, a various number of bands would come to the station to perform live acoustically, and conduct live on-air interviews. I have been here for quite a few of them. My responsibilities on these days mainly consisted of being a fan, while appreciating the music and talent. I also had to operate some of the cameras for recording the visits, help direct fans who won meet and greets where to go for autographs and pictures, and help with other small tasks to help the visits go smoothly.Contexts: I believe these days where bands cam to play live in studio east directly relates to the contexts learning objective. In order to perform my job related duties, I had to adopt multiple different roles. To the bands, I had to appreciate their talent, and attempt to capture it on video. To the fans who won meet and greets with the bands, I had to adopt the role of an employee of the station, and assist with helping the process go smoothly. While being at work, I had to adopt the professional role that coincided with the stations reputation. While there were also times where I just had to appreciate the music, and enjoy the moment, as fans would do so.Taproot Performance in Studio East</p> <p>Mandy and I helped record portions of the performance to collaborate into a video to put on the stations website.We also helped direct winners of the meet and greet with the band, where to go.**The picture on the top is of Taproots acoustic performance in studio east at the station. The picture to the right is of Mandy and I with Taproot.Thousand Foot Krutch Performance in Studio East</p> <p>**To the left is a live video I recorded of Fire it up by Thousand Foot Krutch live acoustic performance in Studio East. Click on the image to watchAbove is a picture of Toni, Mandy, and I with the band that our site supervisor took.Hurt Performance in Studio East</p> <p>Above: A picture our supervisor took of Mandy and I with the band members of HurtAbove: A picture I took of Hurt during their performanceBlack Oxygen Performance in Studio East**To the left: A live performance I recorded of Insane by Black Oxygen.Click on the image to watch.</p> <p>Red Line Chemistry Performance in Studio EastTo the right: A picture I took of Red Line Chemistry when they performed live in Studio East.</p> <p>Whats it like to be an intern segment on the Tom &amp; Emily Morning Show</p> <p>**Both pictures are of Mandy, Me, and Toni (from left to right) live on air for the Tom and Emily Morning show for the Ask an Intern segment. Duco is in the background. Payroll Joe took these.Ask an Intern Live Broadcast continuedThe focus and purpose of us being on the show this day was for an Ask an Intern segment to entertain the listeners. Tom and Emily typically invite different people in for the show every Wednesday with different occupations. They will discuss their jobs, and make it open for listeners to call in and ask questions. This is an entertainment segment, so the sole purpose is to entertain and make listeners laugh. Toni, Mandy, and I all were asked questions about how it is to be an intern at the station, and were put on the spot to answer even the funniest questions asked by the listeners. Identity: When we were live on air broadcasting for the morning show, identity was reinforced. I was able to express my individual personality on air; however, I was still representing a student from Parkside and an employee at the station. I did not have to remain as professional, so the listeners could be entertained. I did have to be careful with the way I had to answer questions with spontaneity. I had to relax myself and just go with it. Although some of the listeners asked questions, kind of hard to answer when being put on the spot, I was able to be sarcastic alter my answers in ways that dont offend people, while making them laugh. I only did this when I was a little uncomfortable with answering a specific question from a listener.(Quote taken from my Report 3, June 13, 2012)</p> <p>Working SummerfestTasks included: talking to people and informing them about our station, applying temporary tattoos to people who wanted to support our station, and informing people about the stations big Wiil Rock Festival Concert coming up for their celebration of being a station for 20 years.</p> <p>Identity: My role as an employee of the station did not change but, the ways in which I talked to each person shifted. People who did not know who our station was, I would inform them, and then explain to them about the upcoming Wiil Rock Fest celebration. People who already knew about the station, I would simply go straight into promoting Wiil Rock Fest, and emphasize why they have to be there if they love Rock n Roll. I would then explain what they would miss out on and regret if they miss it. I promoted the show as the concert of the year.Yer Flys Open Annual Golf Outing for the Sponsors</p> <p>**(From left to right): A picture our internship supervisor took of Toni and I at the table checking people in for the event, the table I set up with prize sponsors could win from the organized contests of the day, the speech podium where the live broadcast took placeYer Flys Open Annual Golf Outing for the SponsorsThis remote broadcasting was organized by the station to not only thank their sponsors on an annual basis, but also to show them a good time.Tasks Included: Assist with set up of tables , signs, banners, and organizing the display of the prize table. We also had to check peoples names in upon their arrival, collecting money from the extra guests, and conversing with the sponsors to ensure they were having a good time. This was an appreciation event , so we also had to thank each of them for all of their support.Identity: While it was a laid back environment, Toni and I were able to laugh and chat with people expressing our own unique personalities. We communicated with the people around us, and showed them why we were all going to have a great time at the event. Toni and I got people exited about enjoying their day, and reminded them to just have fun. This was an event catered to the sponsors, and an event where they were there to leave work behind and just have fun. Toni and my enthusiastic personalities definitely were able to introduce to them a fun greeting and invite them in to have fun.(Quote taken from my Report 6, Friday July 27, 2012).</p> <p>Wiil Rock Fest!20 bands, 20 bucks, 20 years and still rockin!This is the major event all summer led up to. As an intern, I promoted this event all summer, and at every event I help participate in this summer.Tasks Included: help with equipping meet and greet tent with any supplies needed, applying banners with the 95.1 Wiil Rock logo all around the festival grounds, putting up schedules of the lineup in numerous areas over the festival grounds, talking with listeners and answering questions, and assisting in making sure everything things went smoothly.Contexts: Considering my wide range of responsibilities I had to take part in, and the amount of different people I spoke and conversed with, I had to practice many different roles in an organized setting. Both the role of being a fan and the role of being an employee of the station. I also could not allow myself to become star struck from all of the amazing bands I had the chance to meet.</p> <p>**The advertisement to the right is a scanned copy of the promotional flier that was given to the public for promoting the concert. I did not create the design.</p>