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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 Chili Cook Off Entry Form</p><p> 1/2</p><p>CottageGroveAreaChamberofCommerce</p><p>700EGibbs,SuiteC</p><p>CottageGrove,O</p><p>R97424</p><p>AddressCorrectionR</p><p>equested</p><p>Isyourchilireadytocompete?</p><p>2 0 1 2 Ma i n St r e e t2 0 1 2 Ma i n St r e e t2 0 1 2 Ma in St r e e t </p><p>Ch il i Co o k o f fCh i l i Co o k o f fCh il i Co o k o f f and</p><p>KNNDSR ock,</p><p>Roll n Rumble</p><p>Schedule</p><p>7-10am Cook-Off Booth Set up</p><p>11:00am Chili ready for tasting</p><p>Noon 1 pint of Chili collected</p><p>12:30pm Judging begins</p><p>3:00pm Peoples Choice ballots</p><p>collected</p><p>3:30pm Awards Presentation</p><p>8am-3:30pm CAR SHOW</p><p>6-8:30pm CRUISE</p><p>8:30-11pm DOWNTOWN DANCE</p><p>Br o ug h t t o y o u By :</p><p>wit h Presenting</p><p>Sponsor</p><p>and Support ing Sponsor</p><p>Isyourchilireadytocompete?</p><p>Ch il i Co o k o f fCh il i Co o k o f fCh il i Co o k o f f Questions: 541-942-2411</p><p>KNNDSR ock, Roll n Rumble</p><p>Questions: 541-942-2468</p><p>2 0 1 22 0 1 22 0 1 2 </p><p>Ma in St r e e tMa in St r e e tMa in St r e e t </p><p>Ch il i Co o k o f fCh il i Co o k o f fCh il i Co o k o f f in</p><p>Historic DowntownCot tage Grove</p><p>July 28, 2012</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Chili Cook Off Entry Form</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Chili Cook offTrophies and Awards!</p><p>Come one, come all, place yoursecret ingredients against yourfriends and neighbors in this</p><p>year s Chil i Cook-off !</p><p>Awards will be given, at the dis-cretion of t he judges, for t he</p><p>BEST CHILI</p><p>The public gets a chance to havea say in the PEOPLE'S CHOICECHILI with awards being given</p><p>for their favorites</p><p>And don t forget the</p><p>decorations!The MOST FESTIVE BOOTHwill also receive an award!</p><p>Tast ing Kit s (3 sampli ng cups)$2.00 each</p><p>RulesTHE MOST IMPORTANT RULE</p><p>HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!</p><p>The secrets under the hat!</p><p>Signature</p><p>MasterCardVisa</p><p>Credit Card # Exp. date</p><p>Check</p><p>Head Cook</p><p>Address</p><p>Team Name</p><p>Phone</p><p>Booth Space Application</p><p>Method of Payment</p><p>I understand that t he preparati on of f ood/ product</p><p>and presentat ion of same to t he publi c is the sole</p><p>responsibil it y of t he person submit ti ng t his entry</p><p>and that I wit h my signat ure hold harmless the</p><p>Cot t age Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and all</p><p>of i t s sponsors, members and support ers fr om any</p><p>liabilit y, claims or acti ons that might r esult fr om</p><p>my participation in this event.</p><p>FEESChili participants receive a $10.00 discountfor applications submitted with payment by noon onFriday, July 13. (See fee schedule below)</p><p>Chamber members</p><p>Registration &amp; Payment By 7/13 After 7/13</p><p>10 x 10 Booth Space10 x 20 Booth Space</p><p>Non-Chamber Members</p><p>Registration &amp; Payment By 7/13 After 7/1310 x 10 Booth Space10 x 20 Booth Space</p><p>Craft/Retail Booth SpaceCanopy Rental</p><p>$20$40 $30$60</p><p>$30$60</p><p>$50$10</p><p>$40$80</p><p>$50$10</p><p>Chili CAN BE prepared off sit e</p><p>All entrants must have at least 5 gallons of prepared</p><p>Chili for each team entered. No open fires. Only pro-</p><p>pane or camp stoves are allowed.All booths/ cooking stat ions must have approved cano-pies or tables with umbrellas.</p><p>Food handlers must wear f ood approved gloves</p><p>Cooksmust wear hats while preparing food.</p><p>All food must have temperature maintained at +140</p><p>degrees for prepared food and + 40 degrees for unpre-</p><p>pared food.</p><p>All entrants must have 3 wash containers: soapy water,</p><p>bleach water, and clean rinse water.</p><p>Food areas must have a neat, clean appearance.</p><p>Each team must have one head cook, who is responsi-</p><p>ble for the behavior of all team members.</p><p>Participant behavior should be appropriate for a family</p><p>oriented event.</p><p>Music levels should not interfere wit h other partici-</p><p>pants.</p><p>Electricity wil l not be provided. Please do not use gen-</p><p>erators.</p><p>One pint of chili wi ll be picked up fr om each team by</p><p>an official around 12:00 PM.</p><p>Teamsmust be registered and entry fee must be paid</p><p>prior to the event.</p><p>Entrants must supply their own trash containers. All</p><p>tr ash must be bagged and removed to t he dumpster at</p><p>the end of t he event.</p><p>All cook shacks and materi als must be removed by 5PM.</p><p>Booth area and event sit e should be cl eaner than you</p><p>found them.Set up is from 7:00AM9:00AM on Saturday Jul y 28.Chili must be ready for t asti ng by 11:00 noon.</p><p>Have a Great Time!</p></li></ul>


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